Knives Out At #DemDebate Yelling Match

Knives Out At #DemDebate Yelling Match

Knives Out At #DemDebate Yelling Match

If you thought the earlier debates were demure little debate club parties where no one really wanted to harm the other person, well, tonight is your night. The knives are out and the bloodletting has begun on the debate stage.

Each candidate came with knives sharpened and prepared to stab everyone on the debate stage if necessary, but everyone was agreed on one particular target: Mike Bloomberg. The former mayor of New York had finally qualified to be on the debate stage, and everyone knew that it was going to be a big moment.

Then the Bloomberg campaign drew a big fat target on themselves by suggesting that Pete Buttigieg, Joe Biden, and Amy Klobuchar should “clear the field” so that Mike Bloomberg could consolidate the “moderate” wing of the party in order to take out Bernie Sanders, legitimate communist. Yeah, that was a big red flag to the other candidates on the stage.

Elizabeth Warren is not going to be president. Her numbers have tanked, and she has shown herself to be highly disingenious and unlikeable. Knowing that, Warren decided to become a hand grenade for the evening. She’s going to self-destruct on stage, but she’s going to frag Bloomberg on the way out.

Warren was definitely pulling her best Chris Christie circa 2016 impersonation, going out in a blaze of glory while she clocked Bloomberg. Pete Buttigieg added to the body slam by whacking both Bloomberg and Bernie at one go.

And he’s not wrong. The problem is that no one on that debate stage is willing to move off the stage for the good of the party. The knives are going to keep stabbing until there is a nominee, and at the rate that we’re going, it will end up being Bernie Sanders. Warren came prepared to end Bloomberg, and she wasted no time in taking him to the cleaners.

Bloomberg has thrown millions and millions of dollars into this campaign. My kids are now strongly anti-Bloomberg because they are tired of his ads that keep interrupting their favorite YouTube videos. But up until now, Bloomberg has been off the stage, and off the ballot, focusing only on ads and Super Tuesday. That strategy was working for him. But Bloomberg just got badly smacked around and is going to be slinking off the stage tonight with more than a few knives stuck in his back. The first hour of the debate certainly did not go as he had planned, and the Democrat party is probably moving that much closer to a brokered convention and Bernie Sanders, the elderly communist who just had a heart attack, walking away with the nomination.

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  • Joe in PNG says:

    It’s like playing Risk. Mini Mike is that one guy nobody likes, but everyone knows he’s a threat, so everyone is going to make sure that he goes down first.
    This may be the moment that it becomes clear he’s going down and hard. Will he be able to quit while he still has a little bit of a positive national reputation, or will he continue until the bitter end, with his name in tatters and fortune gone?

    • Scott says:

      I vote for the second option Joe!.. that’d make that authoritarian puke less of a threat.

      • Joe in PNG says:

        Bloomie reminds me of a spoiled kid- the one who has a bunch of cool toys & games. But, when he invites you over to play, he wants to play by his rules, throws a fit if he doesn’t get his way, and quits via violent temper tantrum if it looks like he’s going to lose.

        We may see a Uuuuuge screaming fit from him in a short amount of time.

  • Never imagine that individuals obsessed with their own power, perquisites, and status will concern themselves with “the good of the party”…or anything else. The current aspirants for the Democrats’ presidential nod come from the bottom of the political barrel. Each of them believes himself fit for unlimited power over all things. Yet except for Bloomberg, none of them has even one real-world accomplishment. They are specimens of the lowest political species.

    The sole reason the DNC has permitted this farce to continue is that it has already resigned itself to a second Trump term, and is concentrating on down-ticket races and preserving the party’s viability in future elections. Toward that end, it hopes to “rent” the nomination to Bloomberg in exchange for financial assistance in Congressional, state, and local races. Remember that you read it here first.

    • Joe in PNG says:

      I do wonder. While Mini Mike has the money to drive a lot of ad buys, he’d also be the type to make the Bernie Bros mad enough to stay home in November, or just vote 3rd party. Hillary had tons of cash and ad buys, but it didn’t exactly help her, either.
      After all, “Nothing Kills a Bad Product Faster than Good Advertising”, as Jerry Della Farina once said.
      If it becomes obvious that Mike is a loser, they’ll happily dump him in a heartbeat (if he doesn’t ragequit first)

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