Maureen Dowd Can’t Quit Trump

Maureen Dowd Can’t Quit Trump

Maureen Dowd Can’t Quit Trump

Maureen Dowd and her Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) was on full display with her latest column. The title gives it away. “Trump’s Taste For Blood.”

According to Maureen, during the two interviews she had with Trump he racheted up the violent rhetoric because he enjoyed the reactions. According to Maureen he was “cool with being called authoritarian.”

““We need strength in this country,” he told me Friday morning, speaking from his Fifth Avenue office. “We have weak leadership. Hillary is pathetically weak.

“She got us into Libya and she got us into Benghazi and she’s probably got 40 eggheads sitting around a table telling her what to do, and then she was sleeping when the phone call came in from the ambassador begging for help. You know, the 3 a.m. phone call?””

Per Maureen, saying that Hillary is weak and calling for stronger leadership is…authoritarian if you are Trump. That’s some violent rhetoric isn’t it? Maureen is of the firm belief that every rally President Trump spoke at ended in violence. She infers multiple times through her columns that Trump is the only one who has orchestrated violence in this country. 

“After the country was rocked to its soul by the sight of a handcuffed black man dying while being held down by a police officer as those around begged for mercy, Trump could hardly summon a shred of empathy. His only move was to grab a can of kerosene and cry “Domination!”

Turning the American military against Americans was a scalding tableau that was a nadir even for the former military school bully. The creepy William Barr, who gets to be called “General,” had troops clear out mostly peaceful protesters so Trump could walk through Lafayette Park, preening as a fake tough guy, and pose in front of St. John’s. Ivanka went into her luxe purse to hand him his prop, a Bible, which he held up awkwardly. It’s a wonder his hand did not burst into flames.”

Did she comment at all regarding the violence in Minneapolis? The months of continued violence and destruction in Portland? The CHOP crap in Seattle? The police officers injured by the looting rioting thugs? Not that I could find, and I ran a search through all her columns. Instead, it’s a continuation of TDS. 

Maureen is here to tell us that the Democrats put on an excellent case and Trump should and will be impeached. She’s so certain of that because Trump did incite the mobs and it was a miracle more people weren’t killed. 

“Trump never cared about law and order or the cops. He was thrilled that he could unleash his mob on the Capitol and its guardians, with rioters smearing blood and feces and yelling Trump’s words and going after his targets — Nancy Pelosi and Mike Pence.

It was Manson family-chilling to watch the House impeachment managers’ video with a rioter hunting for the House speaker, calling out: “Where are you, Nancy? We’re looking for you, Na-a-ncy. Oh, Na-a-ncy.””

Maureen? Get a freaking grip. While you are at it, tell your pal Dana Milbank at The Washington Post to do the same. 

“It has been five years since Trump marveled at his own ability to incite. “I bring rage out,” he told The Post’s Bob Woodward and Robert Costa. “I always have.” And, as Raskin and his colleagues outlined, Trump brought rage on a grand scale.”

President Trump was correct in his assertion that he brings the rage out. But who are those raging? People like Maureen Dowd and Dana Milbank, Brian Stelter, and the vast majority of Democrats and media. 

But Dana’s inference is that the rage Trump brings about led directly to events at the Capitol on January 6th. That this is the culmination of all the so-called rage fests we’ve seen across the country from the day that President Trump announced his campaign until now. 

Here’s some questions for Maureen and Dana. 

  1. How many Trump rallies ended with riots, looting, and people injured?
  2. How many Trump rallies ended with businesses destroyed and/or burned down?
  3. How many of those at the US Capitol on January 6th spray painted ugly crap on the walls?
  4. Did any of those who got into the Capitol fire a gun?
  5. Did any of the Capitol Police confiscate any guns from the protestors?
  6. Were any priceless paintings or statues vandalized or destroyed?
  7. Was anything set on fire?
  8. How many of those who got into the Capitol were genuine Trump supporters? 

Neither Maureen Dowd nor Dana are asking these questions. Instead, they are fully invested in their Trump Derangement Syndrome. To the extent that they ignore information like this:

How many others who got into the Capitol are similar to Sullivan? More than we know I think. But you see, the Democrats along with Dana and Maureen just can’t quit Trump. They will continue to provide cover for Joe Biden while blaming everything bad that happens on Trump. 

He broke them. We know it, they know it and yet they persist.

Feature Photo Credit: United States Flag, Donald Trump by Victoria_Borodinova via Pixabay, cropped and modified

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