Maureen Dowd’s Trump Derangement Syndrome Box of Chocolates

Maureen Dowd’s Trump Derangement Syndrome Box of Chocolates

Maureen Dowd’s Trump Derangement Syndrome Box of Chocolates

Maureen Dowd, of the New York Times, made her reputation with her venomous attacks and playground bully attitude towards those in power. The aging writer has not grown up in her writing style in her forty plus years of writing. This week, her jumping off point for her column was Speaker Nancy Pelosi and a box of chocolates. Turned out it was a box of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Dowd interviewed San Fran Nan in her hometown several weeks ago. The two ate omelets and Dowd mentioned a box of chocolates:

She regarded the little box of chocolates I brought her with delight and said, “Now we’re talking,” popping one in her mouth as I asked about something less sweet.

While discussing moderates and the border, Maureen also mentioned Pelosi’s purple pumps:

The trim speaker, wearing white pants and a purple cardigan to match her purple Manolo heels, stabbed her fork into one of my home fries.

This week, Dowd is seeing red over the purple pumps and box of chocolates. She began this week’s column:

After I interviewed Nancy Pelosi a few weeks ago, The HuffPost huffed that we were Dreaded Elites because we were eating chocolates and — horror of horrors — the speaker had on some good pumps.

Girlfriend, a little hint, it doesn’t matter if you are the daughter of a cop. If you are sitting in a restaurant by the Bay, interviewing the Speaker of the House, you are an elite. And, by the way, you brought up the box of chocolates that you gave the Speaker, calling attention to your goodness, and you brought up the Blahnik pumps too. If you don’t want judgy comments, adopt a more adult writing style. Don’t call attention to yourself or what you are eating or what your subject is wearing. You are sliding hard into 68 years old; grow up.

While kvetching about the purity of thought required by the Democrat party, Maureen Dowd’s Trump Derangement Syndrome’s freak flag flies. She discusses the recent, unfortunate Mueller Hearing. Just in case you were in a coma this week, Victory Girls’ Nina wrote about the sad event. You can read it here. Maureen saw an entirely different show than what I saw. From the article:

The argument about whether Trump is impeachable is the wrong argument. Mueller settled that. We know Trump did things worthy of impeachment. That is not the question we should be asking. The question is: Should he be impeached?

The progressive Puritans think we must honor the Constitution and go for it because it’s the right thing to do.

You can argue that impeachment, morally and constitutionally, is the right thing to do. But you also have to recognize that, historically and politically, it is not the right thing to do because it will lead to disaster.

The attempt to impeach Trump is one of the rare cases in which something obviously justified is obviously stupid.

What impeachable things did Trump do? Dowd doesn’t list one thing because it is an article of faith, among the Elite: Trump exists, therefore, he must have committed impeachable offenses. And, all Republicans are bad, bad, bad. Again, from the article:

The Republicans were impressively craven and hypocritical. They are sticking with Trump, and no pallid reminder of his turpitude, his trellis of obstructions and his unpatriotic embrace of foreign interference in our elections, will change that.

The always blockheaded Louie Gohmert shouldn’t even be allowed to hold the coat of Mueller, a war hero and respected public official. But Gohmert yelled such crazy stuff at the former special counsel that he appeared to be auditioning for a spot on Fox News’s “The Five.”

Um, Maureen. Trump didn’t embrace, unpatriotically, any foreign interference. Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein said so nearly a year and a half ago. Spare me, the Mueller war hero blather. We know. We all know. But, I cannot allow the attack on Representative Louie Gohmert go unchallenged. Here is the video of Gohmert versus Mueller:

I heart Louie Gohmert.

As Forrest Gump said, “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.” This time, Maureen Dowd gave us an entire box of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

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