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Maureen Dowd v. Trump; Crazy Is As Crazy Does

Maureen Dowd v. Trump; Crazy Is As Crazy Does

Maureen Dowd v. Trump; Crazy Is As Crazy Does

Maureen Dowd, of the New York Times, is at it again. Her latest column about Donald Trump, “Crazy Is As Crazy Does”, tells us way more about Dowd’s Trump Derangement Syndrome than it does about Donald Trump’s mental state. Like I said, Dowd is at it again.

For twenty-four years, Miss Dowd has written predictable columns interrupted here and there by a few witticisms. You can always rely on the fact “Mo Do” is going to be a condescending, manipulative bully in every column. She’s like a red-headed Regina George from “Mean Girls” with a national megaphone.

In “Crazy Is As Crazy Does”, Maureen Dowd treats us to her morning musings as the light comes in her Washington D.C. bedroom window. Mo doesn’t stress over her advancing age and creaking bones, as most of us do. No, for Mo, it’s mostly vapid television programs. And, then Donald Trump invades her brain:

But once I’m completely awake, a gravitational pull takes hold and I am once more bedeviled by our preposterous president.

I flip on the TV and gird for the endless stream of vitriol coming from the White House, bracing for another day of overflowing, overlapping, overwrought news stories about Trump. I’m sapped before I rise.

More like her brain has snapped before she rises, right? I survived eight years each of Bill Clinton and Barack Obama without losing any of my (questionable) sanity. While Maureen Dowd wrote, occasionally, negative columns about Clinton and Obama, her Trump Derangement Syndrome is virulent. Here’s more:

My head hurts, puzzling over whether Trump is just a big blowhard who’s flailing around, or a sinister genius laying traps to get himself impeached to animate the base ahead of the election.

A minute ago, we were fixated on the half of the Mueller report that vividly details how Trump tried to shut down and hinder the Mueller investigation. But now the president has triggered the media’s shock collar, so everyone is fixated on how he gave William Barr vast new powers to use the intelligence agencies to investigate the investigators.

First, Trump didn’t start the impeachment talk circus. Second, Maureen Dowd’s lack of intellectual curiosity about how this rigged sideshow got started is staggering.

Then, Mo Do shows her swamp-bred hypocrisy:

Just as Trump once wore out contractors, bankers, lawyers and businesspeople in New York with his combative, insulting and wayward ways, now he’s wearing out the political crowd, as he tries to beat everybody here into submission with his daily, even hourly, onslaught of outrage piled upon outrage.

It’s called gamesmanship, Mo. Trump just changed the rules. If you want to win, sometimes you have to change the rules. And, then she quotes a Trump “biographer””:

“He does outrageous, nasty, destructive things, knowing full well he’s crossing a line, and then he pretends he didn’t,” said Trump biographer Tim O’Brien. “He has spent five decades going to gossip columnists, radio shows, TV interviews and newspapers to stick a knife into almost anybody who crosses his path that he doesn’t like and he revels in it. There is something amazing in the Energizer Bunny aspect of his nastiness and his ignorance. He doesn’t care what people think about how mean or dumb he is. He just keeps going.”

Again, Mo, that’s part of the game. That’s how reporters and columnists in D.C., New York, L.A. and just about every town with more than one stoplight get the information for their columns. That’s how reporters form their narrative and opinions get changed. Think of James Comey and little Adam Schiff. You know that I am right.

In this video, from CBS Sunday Morning, two years ago, Maureen Dowd plays amateur psychiatrist:

Donald Trump lacks empathy? I loved watching him in the Rose Garden a few weeks ago with the religious leaders. At the ceremony for the National Day of Prayer, he urged the Rabbi from the Poway Synagogue shooting to come up. Trump’s face reflected pride watching the Rabbi speak. Or, Trump and the lawnmower kid from very early in his Presidency. That’s empathy, Maureen.

Swamp critters like Maureen Dowd are wrapped up in the D.C. game. If you don’t play by Swamp Rules, you don’t get to eat out at the right restaurants and you won’t get invited to the right cocktail parties. Your kids won’t get into the right schools or get that high paying, no show gig when they graduate. Trump doesn’t care.

The frantic antics of the Trump Derangement Syndrome infected makes me think of the words “Monkey” and “Football”. And, Maureen, you are the monkey. Get some sleep.

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  • Scott says:

    “The frantic antics of the Trump Derangement Syndrome infected makes me think of the words “Monkey” and “Football”. And, Maureen, you are the monkey. Get some sleep.”.. Are you sure Toni? sometimes I think she’s the football, and the President is the monkey.. lol

  • CaptDMO says:

    Redirect the conversation.
    I believe it began when Mr. Barr said “Oh, we ARE looking into the origins of that.”
    Commonly refereed to as “UH OH mode”.
    I heard rumors that SOMEBODY said
    ” I lose, we all go down and that Fascist Fuck will have us swinging from nooses!”

  • Deimos says:

    That top picture. Has been bobbing for apples in the vasoline tub again?

  • GWB says:

    Wow, that picture is wonderfully grotesque. *shudder*

    Trump is a classic clinical narcissist
    Duh. And? 0bama was too. Except 0bama didn’t have a patriotic bone in his body. Trump loves America.
    That makes all the difference in the world.

    said Trump biographer Tim O’Brien
    Well, Trump IS a New Yorker. And that’s the way moguls in NYC work.

    I don’t like Trump. I wish we had a man with manners and my preferred morals, but with a strong libertarian streak (but not entirely a libertarian), a solid fighting stance, a strong patriotism, and the overwhelming drive to return us to a constitutional federalism.
    I *did* get a guy with a solid fighting stance and a strong patriotism, and more conservative policies than a lot of Republicans. Given the alternatives, I am ok with that, and will vote for him again – unless that other guy finally comes along.

  • Fred Ward says:

    We had a polite, well mannered, patriotic guy in the White House. He gave us the Patriot Act, which enables spying on American citizens. Give me a guy with balls instead.

    • GWB says:

      Yeah, well he didn’t have those other qualities (you know, the ones I mention after the “but”), except the patriotism.

  • Brian Brandt says:

    It’s amazing how he manages to live rent-free in so many heads at once.

  • Anchovy says:

    That people have complete freedom to write things like this without fear of retaliation by the most powerful man in the world, disproves their hypothesis about Trump.

  • Jerry says:

    Dowd is no journalist. She is a lemming. She thinks if she just echos the sentiments of the left and the Hollywood elites, it will make her look smart. It is like our folks used to tell us, “If your friends go jump off a bridge, are you going to do it too?” Well, Dowd jumped and is falling at a rapid rate. Sorry Dowd, there is no recovery from your lunacy.

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