Mark Cuban Shines Spotlight On Elizabeth Warren’s Wealth Hypocrisy

Mark Cuban Shines Spotlight On Elizabeth Warren’s Wealth Hypocrisy

Mark Cuban Shines Spotlight On Elizabeth Warren’s Wealth Hypocrisy

Mark Cuban decimated Elizabeth Warren’s hypocrisy and billionaire envy. In just a few tweets on Saturday he turned a very bright spotlight onto her desperate deflection from her own wealth.

Oh it gets even better. Cuban points out that Lizzie Lies A Lot’s tax filings show that she made $900K in 2018, and that her actual net worth is north of $12 million.

Wait a minute, the woman who ran an awkward beer drinking video from her kitchen and trots around to various diners and campaign stops in slacks and granny cardigans is…RICH? The woman who wants to shut down Wall Street and tax the hell out of all the wealthy people in the country, especially all those stinking billionaires is a millionaire herself?

Well, I’ll be hornswoggled.

Tax Grab Lizzie is demanding that rich people, billionaires specifically, should pay more because it is “fair.” 

“In a post on Medium, she said she was simply asking “those who have done really well in the last few decades to pay their fair share.””

How much more is “fair” according to Warren? “six cents on each dollar.” Supposedly this plan of hers will make wealth circulate more. Wait a minute. So if we tax those billionaires and millionaires more, then those riches will magically show up in the account balances of those less fortunate? I don’t think so.

The government, per Lizzie’s magical plans, will be the decision maker as to where those tax dollars will be spent. Will using tax dollars to pay for key portions of her grandiose pie in the sky Medicare 4 All plan circulate wealth? Not when that particular plan involves levying taxes against every business, repealing Trump’s tax cuts, and penalizing drug companies and hospitals for paying administrators too much.

Oh well, that doesn’t matter to Liz. Plus, it’s ok for her to be envious of billionaires such as Bill Gates because they are just indulging in self pity. 

“It must be springtime—or summer, autumn, or winter—because the voice of the billionaire has been heard in the land, and the voice of the billionaire is weepy with self-pity that if the nice lady with plans wins, he might be a slightly smaller billionaire and that some in the world’s wealthiest nation think a little redistribution would mean that, say, thirteen million children don’t have to go hungry anymore. Just for the record the number of billionaires in the USA is about 600; they are a very, very tiny special interest group.”

According to the writer, those six hundred billionaires are diseased and even worse, they are white…therefore BAD! Those super rich folks have been destroying this country because of their YUUUGE impact upon politics.

Wait…it wasn’t the Russians who swung the 2016 election to Trump, it was those nasty rich billionaire white dudes? Alrighty then!

Back to Lizzie’s ‘I hate anyone richer than me’ Plan.

  • It includes taxing investments every year, instead of just when they are sold
  • Higher capital gains taxes
  • Ramping up inheritance taxes
  • Two to six percent annual tax on jewelry, stocks, homes, cars and more

Which could, according to her plan, mean that some years rich folks could end up owing the government MORE than they bring in because the tax rate could hike up to 100% across the board.

Here, starting at 18 minutes in, Cuban discusses investing and wealth generation along with politics.

Oof …Joe Biden has a good chance. But not Lizzie. Given that this interview aired on November 8 and his tweet slam on Lizzie’s plan went out on November 9. It’s fair to say that he won’t be voting for Liz next fall.

Lizzie Warren is running a campaign based upon envy and greed. The rich are bad! Life isn’t fair because of those billionaires! When she is President she will take all their money so…vote for MEEEEE!!

Mark Cuban pointing out her wealth hypocrisy is a thing of beauty.

Awww. Did you get your headdress feathers ruffled? No, Mark isn’t complaining. What he IS doing is pointing out the problems with your tax plan and your own hypocrisy.

Exit question for Tax Grab Lizzie: Will you adhere to the rules of your own tax plan? Or will you insert exceptions in order to protect your $12 million net worth?

Feature Photo Credit: Donkey Hotey via Flickr, cropped and modified

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  • Mike-in-Keller says:

    We might live to see the day when Mark Cuban votes for a Republican.

  • Wfjag says:

    Lizzie knows that there are too many $Millionaires in Congress for her plan to be passed into law. It’s all about fooling people for votes – like the SJWs who want wealth redistribution and cancellation of student loan debt so they can move out of their parents’ basements, But in reality, she knows that her stash will be safe, and so will Obama’s.

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