Marianne Williamson More Googled Than Kamala

Marianne Williamson More Googled Than Kamala

Marianne Williamson More Googled Than Kamala

The media are telling us that Kamala Harris is the Democrat It Girl, but after Thursday’s debate, Marianne Williamson was the most googled. Why? Because people like to watch freak shows, and Williamson is more whack than Bernie Sanders. At least Bernie has a worldview, Communist though it may be. Williamson is all New Age and incense. I can smell the patchouli even now.

What’s more, Marianne Williamson had the third shortest speaking time on the Democrat stage. Only Andrew Yang and Eric Swalwell (thankfully!) had less time to speak. So how did she manage to attract so much attention? By saying stuff like this:

“My first call is to the prime minister of New Zealand, who said her goal was to make New Zealand the place where it’s the best place in the world for a child to grow up. And I will tell her, “Girlfriend, you are so on.” Because the United States of America is going to be the best place in the world for a child to grow up.”

Dissing the prime minister of New Zealand. Yeah, that’d be a great way to start off a presidency.

And as for the border problems, she seemed to be channeling AOC:

“If you forcibly take a child from their parents’ arms, you are kidnapping them. If you take a lot of children and you put them in a detainment center, thus inflicting trauma upon them, that’s called child abuse. This is collective child abuse. … Both of those things are a crime. If your government does it, that doesn’t make it less of a crime. These are state-sponsored crimes.”

Child Protective Services does that daily in cases of parental child abuse, but you be you, Marianne.

“And the Democratic Party should be on the side of reparations for slavery for this very reason. I do not believe, I do not believe, that the average American is a racist, but the average American is woefully undereducated about the history of race in the United States.”

Way to go, Marianne. Insult a whole lotta white folks in America — at least the ones who aren’t woke. And as for reparations? Not only no, but hell, no!

She also declared that:

“. . . .we don’t have a health care system in the United States, we have a sickness care system in the United States. We just wait until somebody gets sick and then we talk about who is going pay for the treatment and how they’re going to be treated.”

Well, she’s got a point there. But her solution is to change “chemical policies, environmental policies. . . drug policies.” Oh, and “it has to do with food,” too.

Translation: I’ll tell you what you can and can’t eat, dammit!

Bette Midler thinks Marianne Williamson is a genius:

And I’ll bet that Bette (see what I did there?) is just the person to hold the “poisoners feet to the fire.”

Marianne Williamson

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But most importantly, Marianne Williamson wants to defeat Donald Trump. Now how will she do that? Love, baby, love!

So who is Marianne Williamson?

In short, she’s a self-help guru whom the New Age-y Oprah Winfrey launched into the spotlight. As a result she has lots of celebrity friends, like Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian, and Laura Dern.

Oh, and she also calls herself “a bitch for God.” Could you imagine the late Mother Teresa saying that? Eh, neither can I.

However, the leftwing New Republic warns us to “Take Marianne Williamson Seriously.” Why? Well. . .

“And while it is fun to scoff at her hokey spiritual woo and self-help bromides, it is easy to forget that hokey spiritual woo and self-help bromides are extremely powerful and popular among a massive subset of Americans, many of whom represent the exact sort of voters who decide Democratic primaries.”

Yeah, no. Marianne Williamson won’t be the next Democratic nominee for President. She won’t even last long enough for Saturday Night Live to do parodies of her. But could you imagine her on a debate stage with Donald Trump?

How fun would that be to watch Williamson try to defeat Trump with love.


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  • GWB says:

    Based on the tweets I’ve seen dug up from her, you really should tie this post to today’s “100 Word Challenge” picture. VW buses (running on renewable electricity, of course), tie dye (organic, natch!), and opening your mind to the cosmos, FTW, baby!

  • rbj1 says:

    that subset of Hollywood elites who fall for her self-help bromides is not that massive.

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