Marcotte Has Aneurysm About Republicans Again

Marcotte Has Aneurysm About Republicans Again

Marcotte Has Aneurysm About Republicans Again

We all know how much Salon‘s Amanda Marcotte hates anything associated with Republicans, the GOP and Christians. But man, oh, man, this unhinged screed on Salon is one for the books.

Marcotte starts out her rant saying she grows “weary” of “Republicans are hypocrites” discourse. (Is that what she promotes? Discourse? Moving on.) But, she includes the word “hypocrisy” in the title of her latest masterpiece, anyway, calling GOP hypocrisy a “demonstrable truth”.

The party of ‘family values’ is in the thrall of a thrice-divorced chronic adulterer who bragged about how he likes to ‘grab them by the pussy.’ Clearly, being seen as hypocrites doesn’t bother the vast majority of Republican politicians or voters. If anything, they probably like how their bad faith ‘triggers’ the liberals.”-Amanda Marcotte, Salon

Sounds like they are in the thrall of the “thrice-divorced chronic adulterer who grabs ’em by the p*ssy”. Donald Trump has lived rent-free in Marcotte’s head for years. Demonstrable truth right there.

Why are Republicans hypocrites? Read on:

I can’t quite blow off two recent stories about the depraved depths of Republican hypocrisy: Right wing reality TV star Jessa Duggar Seewald terminating a pregnancy, and photos surfacing of anti-drag Republican politicians wearing women’s clothes. In both cases, it’s not just that the people involved are massive hypocrites. Republicans love to make noble claims about their intentions as if they care about ‘protecting life’ or ‘protecting children.’ In reality, as these stories show, their main goal is policing people’s personal lives and self-expression based on gender.”-Amanda Marcotte, Salon

Amanda Marcotte, self-proclaimed queen of projection.

Marcotte is annoyed by this hypocrisy. And she thinks readers should be terrified. Let’s dial this up to eleven. Her keyboard is on fire here. Amanda Marcotte wants Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee to acknowledge that he dressed in drag because how dare he sign a bill restricting drag performances in front of children.

Funny, I do not see him wearing a sign in the photo reading, “It’s not gonna lick itself“.

Amanda Marcotte also wants Jessa Duggar and the Conservative following to call her miscarriage what it was=an abortion.

Any individual with a brain can distinguish between Bill Lee’s brand of drag and Jessa Duggar’s D&C. Lee’s drag photo from years ago was most likely a stupid high school prank. While it may now be considered in bad taste by the current political climate, he was not reading a storybook in front of five year-olds and throwing in innuendo. My guess was that he actually used the men’s restroom as well, despite wearing a dress. Jessa Duggar’s child was already not thriving. Most sensible individuals can distinguish between a woman carrying a dead fetus and a woman carrying a viable life having elective procedure because she wants to “live her best life“. Yet, Marcotte calls this gaslighting and says “none of these arguments make sense”:

Oh, none of the arguments make a lick of sense. Because, after all, it ain’t gonna lick itself.

If you’ve ever seen an episode of ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ — or seen any drag queen, ever — you would know that “lighthearted” and “theater project” are qualities of most, if not all, drag performances.”-Amanda Marcotte, Salon

Because games with thongs, pulling cards from someone’s crotch, talking about STDs, foul language. Sure, wholesome family entertainment, Amanda. Doesn’t every kid need to know about tucking? I suppose a potential trans male-to-female Kindergartener can file this away for future use.

But Republicans want to police gender, apparently. They are all about doing this. Cue in the histrionics from Amanda Marcotte’s Brooklyn flat:

These situations are interesting from a legal perspective, because it shows the limitations of using the law the way Republicans want to, which is to force their narrow cultural prescriptions about gender onto everyone else. But these cases also do a great job in exposing the very intentions conservatives are trying to hide. The concern is never ‘life’ or ‘children’s innocence.’ It’s always about restricting the ability of other people, mostly other adults, who want to make personal choices that Republicans don’t like, from how they dress to how they identify to even when they give birth.”-Amanda Marcotte, Salon

They call it gaslighting. They call it hypocrisy. But we can look at the other side and see, in our schools alone, how the Democrats, the progressive liberals, want to force their cultural prescriptions about gender onto everyone else, to include our kids?

Amanda Marcotte needs to renew her meds. She says “it’s always about restricting adults” and has never once thought about a “script being force-fed to other adults and their kids”. What about our personal choices to parent and educate our children? What about our personal choices to not throw gender identity out to our kids and confuse them before they can count to ten? Again, with these overgrown children, it is all about them, “from how they dress to how they identify to even when they give birth?” How about how they dress or how they identify when they give birth? Because, can’t men have periods and abortions? We couldn’t possibly restrict those things, now can we?

Wanna know the truth, Ms. Marcotte? This is not about hypocrisy. This is about protecting our kids.Your argument does not make sense. Your arguments are selling fiction to our children and spinning lies. Kids are confused, suicidal and unable to cope with reality. This is, in large part, thanks to the brand of fantasy and the over-sexualized agenda progressives are selling. I would point this chick to the Truth but she might spontaneously combust if she opened that Book.

In that case, bring it on.

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  • Yeah-Me-Neither says:

    On the one hand, I want to ignore the festering cesspool that is the Left. On the other hand, I recognize that to do so only allows it grow larger and become even more infected. So, perhaps it is best to continue to monitor what they are doing, if for no other reason than that we be aware of where they are and prepared to lance the boil when it becomes too overgrown.

  • 370H55V I/me/mine says:

    I wonder how many kids Amanda has.

  • Robin H says:

    The left pushes and pushes and pushes and when we finally push back just a little we’re instantly labeled bigots. I have one Facebook acquaintance that is gay and I always watch what she posts. As soon as the Tennessee law was passed she posted that “Drag Queens aren’t illegal.” That’s the left’s talking point now. It’s immensely tiring.

  • opus says:

    Having Aman-duh on the payroll tells you Salon ain’t long for the world. Twenty years ago it at least had non juice-box liberals at the helm. I used to read stuff like The Atlantic and Harpers and there was evidence of actual intelligence involved 30 years ago. The left has absolutely zero intellectuals left that make reasonably intelligent arguements. about anything, none of them even think. Just hysterical screeching all the time.

  • PubliusII says:

    Amada Marcotte’s still alive?

  • Babs says:

    DJT was not “thrice-divorced.”
    He was thrice-married.

  • GWB says:

    bragged about how he likes to ‘grab them by the pussy.’
    So, lied in the very first sentence. Standard for Amanda.

    Clearly, being seen as hypocrites doesn’t bother the vast majority of Republican politicians or voters.
    Actually, Amanda, most of us just simply don’t try to live up to the false standards you set nor worry when your delusions are used to try and smear us. We have the strength of our integrity to fall back upon, rather than your lies.

    Jessa Duggar Seewald terminating a pregnancy
    Once again, her claims of hypocrisy are based on lies.

    anti-drag Republican politicians wearing women’s clothes
    Which is not the same as “drag”. And also entailed no sexualizing of children.

    their main goal is policing people’s personal lives
    Since your main goal is hedonism, I think I see why you complain so much about this.
    “The Lord saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every intention of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.”

    to call her miscarriage what it was=an abortion.
    Oops, Lisa, a typo changing the meaning of your sentence, there.

    Jessa Duggar’s child was already not thriving.
    That seems an understatement. It was dead. And leaving a dead baby in the womb can lead to all kinds of health issues for the woman. So, the baby was removed from the womb. It was not aborted. This one pisses me off, because it’s so obvious a lie, and it’s told with such viciousness toward a woman who just lost her baby. It certainly removes any buffer I might have had about granting Marcotte any semblance of grace.

    their narrow cultural prescriptions about gender
    No, that’s not really it at all. It’s about preventing your wacky definitions intended to break down all morality and reality to subject it to your un-godly desires. This has never been about men wearing dresses. It has always been about breaking every taboo and every real limitation in order to bring about your weird utopia where every human is a hedonist and can be whatever they want through the power of their own mind. You want to sexualize kids, pervert.

    Amanda Marcotte needs to renew her meds.
    More likely she needs to stop taking them. Psychotropics can mess up your view of reality.
    Of course, it’s more likely her Progressivism.

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