Won’t Someone Please Red-Flag Amanda Marcotte?

Won’t Someone Please Red-Flag Amanda Marcotte?

Won’t Someone Please Red-Flag Amanda Marcotte?

Oh dear, another day at Salon and another unhinged whinge-fest from the Mother Inferior of the Sisterhood of Indulgent Objurgation.

Believe us, we’d love to ignore the morally-bereft, white-bread mean girl who has turned her resentment at not making Prom Queen into a semi-career. We’re sure her fans among the emo-beta set lick her ankles sufficiently to keep her writing, but the rest of us just point and giggle.

And Mandy sure does deliver in her latest exercise in gratuitous vomitus.

Republicans love to talk up “mental health” after mass shootings, but, as most everyone understands, they don’t mean it.

Ooo…”everyone knows that” … outside of the usual gaslighting and incessant flogging of strawman, the Alleged Certainty Fallacy is one of red-flag Maoists’ faves.

It’s just a deflection from talking about gun control, because they know full well their radical “guns everywhere” views aren’t exactly popular with the public. In the real world, as often as they can.


… our situation is even darker than that. Republicans don’t want to address the psychology that fuels mass shootings — alienation, irrational grievance, racism, and toxic masculinity — because those same mentalities are also what fuel the GOP base.

Ah! The usual Othering of anyone outside of toxic Leftist diktats that irrational Mandy lives by.

It doesn’t matter that her shrill sermonizing on “mass shootings” is bogus, or her claims that all non-lefties are unconcerned with violence. Indeed, this little bon mot will have you rolling on the floor with laughter.

The same social maladies that fuel mass shootings also motivate the GOP base. The party has no reason to want cultural ills like bigotry or disaffection addressed because a more well-adjusted society won’t produce enough GOP voters for them to win elections.

Sweet baby Jaysus, the Left — HER PEOPLE — have marched through, captured and controlled the major cultural institutions of this country for over 60 years but it is Republicans responsible for the cultural ills of illiterate students, sexualization/sex trafficking of minors, and rampant crime? It is Conservatives responsible for absent fathers, the rise in suicide in young men, the sexual grooming of pre-pubescent children, and the insidious, divisive and racist pedagogy that wipes out individual talent and condemns people to being judged by their melanin levels?


Someone throw the red-flag on this chick. 5150 her genetic-dead-end carcass. We know truth isn’t a Leftwing value, but her total disconnect from reality calls for family intervention.

What’s conspicuous by its absence in Mandy’s delusional rant are all the shootings and murder that don’t fit her All Republicans Are Bastards lens. No Darrell Brooks, Frank James, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, James T. Hodgkinson, or Floyd Corkins. No mention of every weekend in Chicago, or 8 months of burning cities and murder in 2020. Not a thing about the sharp rise in smash-and-grab robberies in cities like San Francisco and deadly follow-home robberies in cities like Los Angeles.

Exactly what Republican culture caused those, eh, girlfriend?

Mandy rants today that people should not be allowed to protect themselves when her masters yesterday called for defunding the police. Mandy rants today about “toxic masculinity” when we saw, starkly, what the absence of masculinity, honor and courage leads to in Uvalde. Mandy rants (today & always) about any restrictions on abortion through 40th week of gestation but has nothing to say about the erasure of women and targeting of children by Trans-advocates.

Shorter: Mandy rants

American, AMERICAN culture, based on Judeo-Christian values of self-responsibility, self-sufficiency, charity, duty, honor and humility has always been hated by the Left. Their 60+ years of toxic influence on American culture has severely damaged it.

Feature, not bug.

Marcotte part of the cult. Judge her accordingly.

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  • ElectricSheep says:

    I presume she is just as outraged the gov is sending millions of guns and rockets and such to Ukraine? Right?

  • Cameron says:

    “Republicans love to talk up “mental health” after mass shootings, but, as most everyone understands, they don’t mean it.”

    Really, Ms. Marcotte? I shall point out that you and your kind screech when mental health gets discussed and solutions provided.

    Bring back two parent homes and provide stability? “PATRIARCHY!”
    Actually treat mental illness? “STIGMATIZING!”
    Focus on the criminal? “PROFILING!”

    Honest to God, you could find private nightclubs to cater to your need to be humiliated without the rest of us knowing about it.

  • GWB says:

    because those same mentalities are also what fuel the GOP base
    Ahhh, the projection is strong, once again!

    BTW, I think it is dumb for Republicans to talk about “mental health”. Because that’s not what’s wrong with this country. No, it’s the lack of “moral health”. Abandon all the progressivism – which is primarily about destroying morality so they can achieve some sort of evolutionary step to nirvana through hedonism – and return to Christian morals, and you could cut back on the ‘insanity’ drastically.

    a more well-adjusted society
    Except Progressive therapeutic approaches will NOT deliver a more well-adjusted society. Just one founded on self and more self. Except for all the charity the gov’t will force you to cough up.

    it is Republicans responsible for …
    Here I’m going to say “Yes”. Because they became Progressives. They weren’t soft, they were actually on the other side.
    (Your response will probably be “But not my kind of Republican!” But the national leadership has been progressive for a long time, and we kept labeling them “conservatives”.)

    based on Judeo-Christian values
    Absolutely correct.
    And stop calling them “the Left”. It avoids where the real conflict lies – Progressivism is a religion, and now the dominant one in America, and it’s values are why we are where we now are and sliding rapidly further down the slope.

  • NTSOG says:

    GWB: ” Progressivism is a religion, and now the dominant one in America, …”

    And the ‘missionaries’ of the Progressives in the US federal government are doing all they can to impose their Woke religion on other countries as though no other national cultural and value set has any worth. This appears, according to local political commentators in Australia, to have caused considerable irritation amongst people and governments in the South Pacific where China is trying to establish its own version of Japan’s C20 Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere, e.g. the Solomon Islands.

    • GWB says:

      It’s simply evangelism, dear NTSOG. The same thing the Brits did with their empire, turning the wogs* to Christianity.

      Except, of course, that Progressivism is a destructive religion because it ignores human nature and reality. So it has that going for it.

      And, yes, it’s turning off people who have to actually maintain at least one foot in reality.

      (* Yes, I know that’s offensive. Hear it with a nice condescending nose-in-the-air accent and it will make sense.)

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