Man Buys Movie Ticket To Women-Only Screening Of Wonder Woman, Internet Flips It’s Wig [VIDEO]

Man Buys Movie Ticket To Women-Only Screening Of Wonder Woman, Internet Flips It’s Wig [VIDEO]

Man Buys Movie Ticket To Women-Only Screening Of Wonder Woman, Internet Flips It’s Wig [VIDEO]

How many of our readers watched at least one episode of Wonder Woman? I mean seriously, it was pretty darn cool. Wonder Woman had an invisible plane, a golden lasso, and gold cuffs as part of her Super Power tool kit.

Strong, confident, and kicked butt every week. Good prevailed and evil lost every single time.

Fast forward to this year. A new Wonder Woman movie is coming to a theatre near you.

However, the movie has not been without some controversy. Weird, intolerant, and stupid controversy at that.

Wonder Woman doesn’t even come out until June, but people are already complaining that the movie is not feminist enough, because the superhero is conforming to unrealistic, patriarchal beauty standards by not having visible armpit hair.

Yes, you read that correctly. Then we have the intolerance at the United Nations. Lynda Carter was named as an Honorary Ambassador to the UN in order to help empower women and girls. However, there were complaints from UN staffers. A lot of them. They took issue with her costume and deemed it sexual exploitation. They also took issue with the fact that she is white. Lynda fired back at her critics and well…Oops. 

Women do have breasts and women can defend themselves and fight back. Wonder Woman is about telling the truth.”

As for the protesters complaining about Wonder Woman being a “white woman,” Carter pointed out how silly that rationale is: “I’m half Hispanic and [Gal Gadot] is Israeli.”

Well, just the other day, Alamo Drafthouse gleefully announced that they would hold Women Only! screenings of Wonder Woman in Brooklyn, NY.

Wonder Woman (2017)
Gal Gadot

Setting aside New York City’s laws regarding discrimination for a moment, let’s look at what happened next:

I kid you not, the internet took one look at this innocent posting from Stephen Miller and flipped it’s wig BIGLY. Here’s a sampling of the reaction.

This next tweet is just unreal.

Yes, Jordan – who looks like quite the “stellar” individual – really went there. Meanwhile, Miller continues to calmly insist that he just wants to see the movie. And the city of New York might need to decide how strongly they want to enforce their gender discrimination laws.

The reaction to this is stupidly over-the-top and incredibly disturbing. Suddenly the Social Justice Warriors, the lefties, and those who are easily offended grew a conscience or something! They who bravely shut down cake bakers, demanded open bathrooms for all, and threw harpy screaming fits on college campuses because ideas and speakers proposed didn’t fit their narrative decided to break the internet because a MAN wants to see a movie! A MOVIE for Pete’s sake!

We are in a brave new world folks. And it ain’t pretty.

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  • Ralph says:

    Thankfully, there are more of us who are center right, than those who are center left in this country. Sadly, that can’t be said for California.

  • GWB says:

    “Yes, you read that correctly.” That really should be its own paragraph. Just standing all alone after the quote. Because… damn. (I remember that bit a month or so ago. *smdh* )

    Yes but you are also barging into a space you’ve been asked not to enter, and doing it for lulz. This is a rapist’s mentality.

    As Instapundit said, “so Gianforte body-slammed a rapist?”

    I have to admit I fall on the side that says “Why did you do that? Just let them have a day of this.” I know that leftists do it, and it’s “use their own rules against them” and all. But, really, why shouldn’t there be a woman-only showing? It’s not like there’s not lots of other theaters, times, and days to see the movie.

    But, I sure as heck ain’t wailing about it like he’s done some awful thing to all women, bringing the patriarchal hammer down on the womyns or something.

    If I were the theater owner, I would stop him to talk on the way in. I would pleasantly offer him some incentive to come back a different day, just to keep in the spirit of the showings. Then, if he refused, I wouldn’t make an issue of it. (And I would pitch out on their ear any SJWs that made the showing awful by making it about this rather than the movie.)

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