Terror in the UK is Now Even Worse Than You Thought [VIDEO]

Terror in the UK is Now Even Worse Than You Thought [VIDEO]

Terror in the UK is Now Even Worse Than You Thought [VIDEO]

UK police released the last photograph of Salman Abedi, the Manchester bomber. Surveillance cameras captured his image before he blew himself up and took 22 innocent lives with him.

Credit: foxnews.com

Now British police have a new concern — they’re worried that the rest of the bomber’s terror network may have slipped away. Worse yet, they may have fled to small towns that lack armed police. Moreover, they may still have access to bomb-making materials.

But, oh well. There’s more where that came from. Like 23,000 more terrorists roaming Britain.

Twenty. Three. Thousand. Let that sink in.

Furthermore, MI5, the British domestic intelligence service, can only investigate 3000 persons at one time. This means that when more dangerous threats are added to a list of 3000, investigations of others are closed. They now belong to a “former subjects of interest” group, in a “residual risk” category. Problem is, this “residual” group has swelled to 20,000 since 2001. And the Manchester bomber, Salman Abedi? Yep, he was part of the “former subjects of interest” group. MI5 was no longer investigating him. Likewise, Khalid Masood, who rammed a truck into pedestrians on Westminster Bridge in March, was also in that pool, and was no longer investigated.

Masood and his handiwork. Credit: cnn.com

Ordinary Brits, understandably, are panicking. Yet they’re given the same short shrift that Americans get from media and government elites. Watch how Col. Richard Kemp, former head of Cobra — a British national emergency group — is treated when he suggests tough anti-terror measures. The two anchors on the British morning program clearly drip with contempt:

Oh, but we’re not sure Ahmedi went to Syria. He went to Libya! Yes, I’m sure he went on holiday to visit a dear grandmother in the old country. And he used taxpayer-funded student loans to fund his trips, too. But by Jingo, we can’t anger these people, either! They might do something harmful — you know, like blow up teenagers at a concert.

The lunacy in Britain doesn’t stop with the media. There’s Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour Party Leader who’s running against Prime Minister Theresa May in a general election next month. Corbyn blames the terror attacks on British foreign policy. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

Many experts, including professionals in our intelligence and security services, have pointed to the connections between wars our government has supported or fought in other countries, such as Libya, and terrorism here at home.

So let me get this straight. British actions which have sought to eradicate Islamic terror are to blame. Don’t defend your country, you warmongering sods!

Jeremy Corbyn. Credit: Business Insider.

Oh, but not to worry. If Corbyn wins in the June 8 election (which polls show are tightening), he says that all those British terrorists will bring 1000 new spy jobs to the UK! There’ll be a need for more security personnel, firefighters, prison officers, and border guards, too. And there will be more resources for schools and colleges so they can identify and prevent radicalization. Yeah, that’s a great idea! And if that doesn’t work, he promised more ambulance drivers — you know, to get victims of terror attacks quickly to hospital. So it’s all good!

But if all else fails, there are always Twitter hashtag campaigns and changing avatars on Facebook. They don’t work at all, of course, but they sure make everybody feel better, don’t they?

Everybody, that is, except the families of the dead terror victims.

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