Lower Your Expectations And Ignore Those Empty Grocery Shelves

Lower Your Expectations And Ignore Those Empty Grocery Shelves

Lower Your Expectations And Ignore Those Empty Grocery Shelves

We are supposed to quit worrying about empty shelves. Instead, we are being told to lower our expectations. Yes indeed, the Washington Post strikes again.

American consumers, their expectations pampered and catered to for decades, are not accustomed to inconvenience.

“For generations, American shoppers have been trained to be nightmares,” Amanda Mull wrote in August in the Atlantic, before the supply chain problem turned truly ugly. “The pandemic has shown just how desperately the consumer class clings to the feeling of being served.”

Customers’ persistent whine, “Why don’t they just hire more people?,” sounds feeble in this era of the Great Resignation, especially in industries, such as food service, with reputations for being tough places to work.

Rather than living constantly on the verge of throwing a fit, and risking taking it out on overwhelmed servers, struggling shop owners or late-arriving delivery people, we’d do ourselves a favor by consciously lowering expectations.

We have very real supply chain shortages. We are seeing the impact of those shortages in our stores. ALL our stores, not just the grocery chains. Yet here is Micheline lecturing us about lowering our expectations. In other words, as Stephen Green puts it, we are supposed to embrace the economic suck and quit bitching about it. 

You know what? I’m going to say a big fat NOPE to Micheline’s little lecture. The supply chain issues we have right now are the fault of politicians from the state to the federal level. It isn’t just the arbitrary Covid lockdowns that are the cause of it. Let’s look at California. 

In other words, even as the ports start moving to 24/7 operations, if there aren’t enough truckers who are driving the “right kind of GREEN NEW DEAL” trucks, the product STILL WON’T MOVE. Secondly, companies cannot hire independent truckers to go to California to gather up product. Why? Because of California’s idiotic AB-5 legislation! So again, there will still be a supply chain backlog across the country. 

Furthermore, California has had some of the most asinine arbitrary Covid lockdowns ever, which has and still is contributing to the supply chain backlog.

More likely, officials will respond with even more shortsighted and politically driven mandates, such as “Buy American” restrictions, or with expensive subsidies to create alternative supply chains to those they are mostly responsible for breaking in the first place. The American people will pick up the tab on these costly measures.

In the end, every development that adds a government-imposed obstacle somewhere in the supply chain and economic activity makes the U.S. economy less dynamic and undermines America’s economic freedom, rendering Americans’ lives harder and less prosperous.

Never mind that and quit your worries about those empty shelves. We must lower those expectations peeps! Build back better to Jimmy Carter’s sweater wearing “malaise” is the ticket!

Yep! Joe built this and Kamala’s response the other day was a cringe-inducing Santa Clause bit. 

Was this before or after her illegal campaign appearance at the Black churches in Virginia?

We are supposed to lower our expectations. Empty shelves? No big deal guys. We aren’t supposed to point out the fallacies of political overreach that has been a major contributor to what we are dealing with.

Instead, we are supposed to sit on our hands and let our political betters giggle about Santa Clause, go on paid vacation leaving no one in charge of the Dept of Transportation, and putting someone in charge of shipping who has exactly ZERO experience!

The supply chain issues aren’t going to magically disappear before Christmas. In fact, there are many indicators that it is going to get worse. Such as this news from Proctor & Gamble.

Procter and Gamble said Tuesday it is raising prices on a variety of popular home goods due to a sharp increase in freight transportation and raw materials costs.

The company behind Tide detergent and Gillette razors announced it would increase prices for beauty, oral care and grooming products, like razors, according to The Wall Street Journal. Procter and Gamble (P&G) announced in July that it would charge more for consumer staples like diapers and toilet paper.

Guess what Micheline? You know who that price increase is going to affect? Anyone living on a fixed income. That’s seniors and the disabled who will be directly affected by the price increases and the empty shelves due to the supply chain blockage. But we aren’t supposed to point any of that out. Instead we are supposed to take responsibility for our part in this. Evidently we shouldn’t be buying anything let alone basic food, household supplies, or medicine. And no, Jen Psaki, treadmill or not, the concerns about the supply chain are real and NOT a laughing matter.

Micheline can lecture all she wants about lowering her OWN expectations, but leave the rest of us out of it. 

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  • Scott says:

    Welcome to communism…

  • F.D.R. in Hell says:

    Enjoy The Great Depression 2,0
    A World War won’t pull you out of this one.

  • Martin Knight says:

    What else did we expect?

    These are folks who think America is a racist, sexist, rapist, genocidal nation, and they are now in charge at the Department of Justice, Treasury, State, Transport, Energy, Defense and Homeland Security. Not just Biden’s appointees, but actual career staff.

    Consider the behavior of this Administration and the bureaucracy. Given a choice between a decision that would harm the United States as a nation and immiserate Americans, or a decision that would be in America and Americans’ interests, the Biden Administration inevitably chooses the former.

    It’s as consistent as clockwork.

    Now think, how could you possibly love a country that you think is fundamentally evil, corrupt and illegitimate? Can you actually expect a military staffed and led by an officer corps that hold these beliefs to actually defend the nation when called to do so?

    The Biden Administration calls the catastrophic Afghanistan pull-out a “success.” And it certainly is, for people who sincerely believe such a rapist, sexist, white supremacist nation needs to be taken down a peg.

    Do you really expect a diplomatic corps that espouses these beliefs to negotiate in America’s best interests? Do you expect treasury officials who believe America and capitalism is evil to actually safeguard the American economy? Do you expect a Department of Justice led by people who despise the Constitution to abide by it and protect your rights?

    Do you expect a Transportation Secretary who holds these beliefs to be concerned about empty shelves?

  • Johann Amadeus Metesky says:

    The main problem with the supply chain is not that selfish consumers won’t be able to buy more Chinese junk for Christmas, it’s that American manufacturing companies can’t get supplies. Ford had to shut down assembly lines for the F-150 pickup because of chip shortages. That’s the best selling vehicle in America and may be the most profitable vehicle in the world. I make an electric harmonica called the Harmonicaster and I’m developing a model with active electronics onboard. I’ve made arrangements to buy assembled circuit boards from a company and they were supposed to arrive from their vendor two months ago. The guy who owns the company told me that transistors are coming in out of specifications. An amplifier builder that I know says that he’s having trouble getting plain old electrolytic capacitors.
    Of course, someone writing for the Washington Post has no clue about any of that.

  • SDN says:

    And please note that these idiotic CA regulations can and should be overruled by the Executive under both the Commerce Clause AND the “Post Roads” Clause.

  • EA says:

    I’m still trying to lower my expectations regarding the type of citizen produced by the American Public system and the abandonment of any semblance of journalism and now this comes along.

  • Linda S Fox says:

    I hadn’t read this before blogging about my recent shopping trip – http://www.libertystorch.info/2021/10/20/thoughts-rising-from-a-grocery-trip/

    I remember the RAGE that accompanied the shortages and escalating prices of the Carter years. This will NOT be pretty.

  • Wfjag says:


    Carl Perkins and Friends had the answer long ago. Presidents Reagan and Trump listened.

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