Liz Cheney Censured By WY GOP Over Impeachment Vote

Liz Cheney Censured By WY GOP Over Impeachment Vote

Liz Cheney Censured By WY GOP Over Impeachment Vote

The WY GOP censured Liz Cheney yesterday afternoon. It was a clear signal that many of her constituents were not thrilled with her vote to impeach former President Trump.

“The Wyoming Republican Party voted overwhelmingly to censure Rep. Liz Cheney (R., Wyo.) for voting to impeach President Trump for his role in the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol.

Only eight of the 74-member state GOP’s central committee stood to oppose censure on Saturday in a vote that didn’t proceed to a formal count. The censure document accused Ms. Cheney of voting to impeach even though the House didn’t offer Mr. Trump “formal hearing or due process.””

As the reports note, Cheney was invited to the WY GOP meeting, and declined to attend. 

What does the censure vote tell you? Wyoming voters are seriously unhappy with Liz’s choice. As I wrote here, she went merrily down the impeachment road without even stopping to consider taking time to do some due diligence. At the time of her vote, it was glaringly apparent that President Trump did NOT issue any call for any of those cretins to  storm the capitol.

But that didn’t matter to Liz. She issued a statement saying she’d fight for Wyoming values and the Wyoming way of life. 

Liz Cheney and ALL elected officials are there to represent their constituents. But Liz Cheney didn’t do that, and thus the WY GOP censured her. 

But she is still going to fight for Wyoming values and our western way of life! First, Biden’s executive orders are well on their way to killing the oil, coal, and gas industries, all three of which are major contributors to the economy, including well over $150 million in royalties to the school districts each year. With the Biden EO’s, that will come to a screeching halt. Secondly, western values are about the government staying out of our business and staying out of our way. Liz seems to have forgotten that.

Wyoming voters KNEW that Biden was planning to kill their economy and voted for President Trump instead. Liz Cheney, with her impeachment vote sent a strong signal to WY that their preferences don’t matter to her.

However, it’s becoming more evident that Liz is not as engaged with her Wyoming constituency as she should be. Otherwise she wouldn’t have said this during the GOP House conference last week. 

“I have to tell you I am really, deeply, deeply concerned about where we are as a party. I am very concerned about the extent to which we are spending all of our time on these issues and these battles and not on the battles that really matter, the battles over substance, the battles over ensuring that we don’t watch the Biden administration go down the path where they have an open runway to absolutely eliminate our freedom. I’m also concerned we have to stand up. I owe you the truth, I owe my constituents the truth, you owe us the truth, we all owe each other that, and the truth is: We cannot become the party of QAnon, we cannot become the party of Holocaust denial, we cannot become the party of white supremacy. We all watched in horror on what happened on January 6. We had a memorial service this morning for Officer Sicknick, one of the things that we saw on January 6 were members of the mob attempting to break into this building and breaking into this building wearing badges of Neo-Nazis, wearing the symbols of white supremacy—that can never be us. If we ever want to win another election, if we ever want to get back to the point where we are fighting and battling and convincing people that they ought to support us, we have to do it on ideals. We are the party of Lincoln. We are the party of Reagan. We believe in honor and courage, limited government and low taxes. We believe in a stronger national defense and, mostly, we believe in fidelity to the Constitution of the United States.”

Hold it right there Liz. First, the first part of your statement is absolutely where you should’ve stopped. All of Congress is wasting their time over this impeachment crap. The focus SHOULD be on Biden. But noooo… let’s continue to piss and moan over a speech that President Trump made that was not a call for violence. 

Yes, we absolutely are and have been the party of Lincoln and Reagan, and we do believe in this Republic and our Constitution is our lodestar.

Remember this speech from last year?

You should’ve revisited that speech before your hasty vote this January. Furthermore, you decided to lecture your constituents about fringe lunatics like QAnon (whatever the hell that is – I still don’t have a clue), white supremacists, and inferred that too many Republicans are engaging in Holocaust denial. What a classless irresponsible statement!

Liz Cheney just called her constituents Deplorables while ignoring members of the Squad who ARE Holocaust deniers!

Do YOU want to win another election Liz? Then you’d better start paying attention and LISTENING to the people who elected you instead of the political elite in Washington D.C. Why? Because those political elites gamed the system for Biden. Wyomingites need a fighter in Congress. One who does NOT side with the political elites nor uses Democrat talking points. Right now, Liz Cheney isn’t that fighter. 

Feature Photo Credit: Liz Cheney in Buffalo, WY 2013, via Wikimedia Commons, cropped and modified

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  • Bucky says:

    The real test will come in 2022 when the voters make their choice, unless Lizzie enlists the help of big tech to win the election.

    Remember Ashli Babbitt

  • Matthew w says:

    Let’s hope the Wyoming GOP can stay on task and primary her ass out.

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  • Cameron says:

    Liz, you and your kind are the Republicans who want us to be perpetually gracious losers. You don’t want Republicans to have any kind of power again and you worry more about being oh so polite to the cretins that spit on us.

    I’m sorry that it’s more important to you that we behave like battered spouses. I decline to go along with the suggestion.

  • Inigo Montoya says:

    Representative Cheney’s career as a Wyoming politician is over. She knew this when she voted to impeach. This was no vote of conscience. This was calculated abandonment of the party of Trump and an embarrassingly obvious move to rejoin the Beltway elite as a “…good Republican…” With her path to a Wyoming Senate seat blocked for the foreseeable future, there is no long term benefit for Ms. Cheney to remain in Wyoming. A simple cost-benefit analysis told Ms. Cheney that Wyoming was played out for her and that it was time to move on. Ms. Cheney will be packing her carpetbag and heading home. Home is where the speaking fees, lobbyist jobs, occasional guest commentator gigs are. And that home sure as heck isn’t in Wyoming.

    (Good article BTW.)

  • Aussie Supporter says:

    A few points that should be asked by Lawyers that are much more informed than me about impeachment rules and evidence.

    The way i see it there is no rules, as it should not be happening.

    1.Has Trump’s legal team had access under evidence rules?

    2. Will the Impeachment be televised?

    3.Will the rules of perjury also be applied?

    Many many questions over all this, and expect many Republicans rats to help the Democrats.

  • Quentin Q Quill says:

    I thought the GOP was the big tent party capable of tolerating and welcoming diverse viewpoints. Oh wait, now that’s it’s become the party of conspiracies and assorted loons, maybe it should be renamed the GOPQ. The big tent is made of tinfoil.

    • American Human says:

      Mr. Quill,
      Well speaking of Big Tents, isn’t the modern democrat party the very most intolerant of parties? Try supporting unborn children. Or maybe even a simple thing such as due process, that would be nice. How about the Rule of Law. I believe it would be nice to see some member of the democrat party support the rule of law. Perhaps, most of all, they could stop being such flaming hypocrites. A summer of destruction caused by the left/democrats in cities throughout the country are “peaceful protests” but it appears that the broken glass in the Capitol is supremely more important to democrats than the broken glass in Kenosha or Portland or Seattle or even DC and NYC. Or did you forget the riots that took place there last summer? And finally, the ultimate act of hypocrisy is Nancy “Rules for The but Not for Me” Pelosi who bypassed her own security measures to enter the house chamber with no fine such as the others were assessed. Democrats always believe that history started yesterday and with the support of 99% of the media, it seems as if that is always the case. Winston Smith would be proud of today’s media.

    • Kevin says:

      Quentin, you’re too logical for this group.

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