Liz Cheney Schools Bernie And Nancy On Socialism And Strong Women

Liz Cheney Schools Bernie And Nancy On Socialism And Strong Women

Liz Cheney Schools Bernie And Nancy On Socialism And Strong Women

Bernie Sanders is an avowed socialist. He’s made that clear time and time again. Nancy Pelosi is all about the gavel and her supposed equal power to the Presidency. Border and national security? Not something that either of them care about. Congresswoman Liz Cheney (R-WY) schooled them both.

Seems that the Bernster got a tab bit upset that Liz called out the socialist agenda that we are seeing in Congress.

“I think it’s very important that we actually do have very aggressive and clear policy debates. We got to make sure that we understand the grave national security threat that’s out there, as well as the threat that we’re facing from the perspective of our debt,” the Wyoming congresswoman continued. “The socialist set of agendas and set of issues, which I think Leader Pelosi is probably going to be compelled to have to push forward, are ones that are going to be disastrous for the nation.”

Liz is not wrong. Nancy has already shown she’s willing to back down or give a pass to what some of the incoming freshmen socialists are doing. Rashida Tlaib’s Palestine map and potty mouth are key examples.

But Bernie threw a temper tantrum.

The thing is, socialism in theory AND in practice IS a very huge fraud that leaves a very few with money to burn and far too many others starving or dead. Liz’s response was spot on.

Venezuela is the most recent and horrific example of socialism gone bad. Unfortunately, the majority who have been responding to Liz’s tweet haven’t bothered to research facts about socialism, Venezuela, nor the history of regarding Iraq and weapons of mass destruction. I won’t rehash it here, but suffice it to say, the responses are …off base in a YUUUGE way.

Bernie wasn’t the only one who got a smackdown from Liz. You see, Nancy gavel/hammer Pelosi snarked about how Trump can’t deal with strong women in politics.

Liz decided to help Nancy understand what strong women really want.

The hateful rhetoric, name calling, proceeding with innuendo instead of facts, and idiotic ‘Spartacus’ moments have been ramping up since the Kavanaugh hearings. Liz Cheney shone a light on that. She is correct that the sewage level of rhetoric the Democrats are bringing to the debate are harming us all. They’d rather sling poo and keep the government shut down instead of focusing on doing what is best for WE THE PEOPLE.

Liz is correct. Strong women DO want border and national security.

“You had Speaker Pelosi say … the president doesn’t know how to deal with strong women,” she said. “Let me just say that in my experience, strong women want national security. Strong women want to know that we’re going to protect the border of this nation.”

You know what this strong woman wants?

Border security that includes whatever kind/type of barrier will work across the varied terrain

Increased funding for our stretched mega thin Border Patrol

Additional resources to assist in working with the women and children that have been drug through majorly dangerous terrain for weeks and months

A realistic focus on our national security because there are far too many bad actors out there


The Medicare For All idea needs to disappear altogether

Keep your grubby mitts off our 2nd Amendment!

Get my drift Nancy? The above is WHAT I want and what so many other strong women want. We don’t want the government all up in our grill. We want the government OUT of our way. That is how our Republic was designed.

Oh, and one other thing San Fran Nan. You want a recent example of a strong woman in the Trump Administration? Nikki Haley.

Kudos to Liz Cheney for schooling Bernie and Nancy. They needed it and will likely need it again.

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  • windbag says:

    The year-to-year inflation rate for Venezuela in November 2018 was 1,300,000%. I know lefties can’t do math, and it’s probably an impossible expectation for them to comprehend numbers higher than 20, let alone a million, but a child could probably see how broken an economic system must be to produce those numbers.

    Cheney’s tweet was brutal, especially the “…son of Eli…” part. Of course, lefties don’t believe in objective truths or generally acceptable definitions of words, but strong women isn’t the same thing as ignorantly obstinate women. Subservient victimhood appealing to governmental powers for salvation isn’t the same thing as strong women. Screeching harpies aren’t the same thing as thoughtful analysts.

    Citing Nikki Haley is spot on. I think we’ll hear from here plenty in the future. Perhaps replacing Pence in 2020? There are few Dem women with the abilities and credentials of Rep women, yet they will never be championed for their accomplishments by the MSM. Breitbart said it over and over again. It’s the narrative.

  • Skillyboo says:

    Notice how comrade Bernie doesn’t challenge Liz Cheney’s comment but instead brings up the totally unrelated Iraq war. Surprised he didn’t use the racist charge.

  • Jackie says:

    I searched for this article, after several pages I found this. I am a man who agrees with every word written by Nina Bookout. I’ll watch for others from your organization.

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