Libertarian Javier Milei Is Argentina’s New President

Libertarian Javier Milei Is Argentina’s New President

Libertarian Javier Milei Is Argentina’s New President

Javier Milei is Argentina’s new President, and the U.S. media hates him with the passion of 1,000 suns. Just check out these headlines.

Here’s another.

Think that’s bad? Here’s how the Washington Post started off their report on the election. 

A radical libertarian and admirer of Donald Trump rode a wave of voter rage to win Argentina’s presidency on Sunday, crushing the political establishment and bringing the sharpest turn to the right in four decades of democracy in the country.

Javier Milei, a 53-year-old far-right economist and former television pundit with no governing experience, claimed nearly 56 percent of the vote in a stunning upset over Sergio Massa, the center-left economy minister who has struggled to resolve the country’s worst economic crisis in two decades. Even before the official results had been announced Sunday night, Massa acknowledged defeat and congratulated Milei on his win.

Wow. How dare Argentinians go against the mandated norms and elect someone who won’t toe all the party lines??!! 

Now WHY would Javier Milei be elected instead of the re-electing one of the party elites? Oh, maybe this is the reason for this so-called Trumpish voter rage.

Inflation is running at 143%, more than 40% of the population is living in poverty, and factories have been forced to halt production because of a shortage of dollars to pay for imports. Argentina’s crisis is considered by economists to be the worst since a $100 billion debt default in 2001 that led to a revolving door for five presidents in two weeks and riots that resulted in more than 30 deaths.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I’d be pissed off also seeing my country happily dive off the cliff by doing the same thing over and over again, with the result always ending up in bankruptcy. Now, Argentinians have elected someone new who has vowed to stop the out of control spending and cut the government in half. 

Mr. Milei has pledged to slash spending and taxes, close Argentina’s central bank and replace the nation’s currency with the U.S. dollar. He has also proposed banning abortion, loosening regulations on guns and considering only countries that want to “fight against socialism” as Argentina’s allies, often naming the United States and Israel as examples.

Currently there are 18 government entities, Milei wants to cut those down to 8. I’d LOVE that if we could do that here! I’d start with the EPA, Dept of Education, and continue from there. 

That said, while Milei is a very interesting character, who is in the process of converting to Judaism, he has a tough road ahead to make good on his promises. 

It’s telling that the U.S. media abhors Milei’s election. Everything he is promising to do is everything they hate. They are part of the Deep State and they like it that way. To have some upstart get elected who dares to kick the preferred narrative to the curb has them all clutching pearls and labeling him as a Trump clone!

So what if he carted around a chainsaw? Visuals are everything in politics and the chainsaw was a literal representation of his vow to slash taxes and government spending, and work to get inflation under control. Argentina has defaulted time and again on their debt.

It seems that Argentinians, 40% of whom are living in poverty, are tired of losing and want someone in place who wants to win for all of them. 

“This is the change that us young people want. I am not afraid of Milei, I am afraid my dad won’t be able to pay his rent. The Argentine peso isn’t worth a thing,” said Juan Ignacio Gomez, 17.


“We are tired of Peronism. Milei is an unknown, but better a madman than a thief,” said 50-year-old writer Nacho Larranaga, wearing the blue-and-white Argentina flag as a cape.

In other words, the voters finally kicked the Peron-style of government to the curb, and the media plus world pundits are apoplectic. 

However, it’s up to Javier Milei to build up a coalition within the government to put these proposals in place. Will the Deep State work WITH him or against him?  

Javier Milei, from my research, has been blunt to the point of brutal in describing the socialistic rot that has driven Argentina to the brink. Will he be able to sweep all the rot out? Not immediately I don’t think, but over time he may prevail. 

He’s a man worth watching for sure. 

Feature Photo Credit: Javier Milei by Vox España, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons, cropped and modified

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  • John Shh says:

    There is a lot of political projection going on with Milei. If he really is a Libertarian then he is ok with globalism. He might admire Donald Trump but that doesn’t make him a Populist. Peronists are the Populists.

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