Maloney Awkwardly Grovels After Debate

Maloney Awkwardly Grovels After Debate

Maloney Awkwardly Grovels After Debate

New York’s newly drawn Congressional map has become a huge headache for Democrats, and nowhere is that more obvious than in their new 12th Congressional District.

After the census count of 2020 came in (where they infamously lost a Congressional seat due to population movement, and the likely deaths of so many older citizens from COVID-19), the state of New York had to draw up new district maps. However, the end result was a naked gerrymandering attempt by Democrats (also apparently known as the “Hochulmander” after Governor Kathy Hochul) that ended up getting tossed out in court, and new boundaries drawn by a court-appointed special master. This situation promptly bit the New York Democrats squarely on the ass, as prominent Democrats were stuck facing off with each other in new districts. And two of those prominent Democrats were Jerry Nadler and Carolyn Maloney.

At this point, Republicans got the popcorn and sat down to enjoy the show, because Nadler and Maloney don’t like each other and were apparently both very upset that the other DARED CHALLENGE THEIR AUTHORITAH.

The Democratic primary, which includes a viable two-time contender in Suraj Patel, came about after the state’s highest court shot down Democratic-drawn districts that would have preserved the East Side–West Side divide. A court- appointed special master drew new maps that, in one day, radically reordered the New York political universe. In Manhattan and Brooklyn, two entirely new districts emerged, the 10th and the 12th. Both Nadler and Maloney live in the new 12th, a fattened rectangle running from the top of Greenwich Village to West 113th Street, from the East River to the Hudson.”

About 60 percent of Maloney’s old district is in the new one, but it was Nadler who announced his campaign first and outright refused to run in the 10th, which included the downtown turf that he has represented for decades. He said he wasn’t willing to be the congressman for a district he didn’t live in — though he was more than willing, according to Maloney, to tell her to move downtown. She refused. “He said, ‘Step aside, I’m running.’ And I said, ‘Well, I’m running too. I’m not leaving,’” Maloney says. “He said, ‘I’m gonna win.’ I said, ‘I’m gonna win.’ We haven’t spoken since.”

The race is currently marked as a toss-up between the two, though Suraj Patel, who has tried running against Maloney before, could definitely play spoiler in this primary.

And as for not speaking to each other… well, they sort of did, after a fashion, during a debate on Tuesday night. The problem is that all three candidates (and this being New York City, the Republican candidate has no real shot at winning, so this IS the election) are just varying shades of bright progressive blue. So instead of being a debate on actual policy (because they will all toe the Democrat line), it becomes a personality contest. But Maloney then answered a little too honestly for the Democrat audience on the issue of Joe Biden running for re-election.

One political area of disagreement: Whether President Joe Biden should run again in 2024.”

Patel was the only candidate to declare he would back Biden. Nadler said it is “too early to say” and Maloney said she “doesn’t believe he’s running for reelection” — although Biden himself has indicated he will.”

“The first rule of any debate is do no harm to yourself. The second rule in a Democratic debate in a deep-blue seat is don’t do anything that the Republicans will use to harm your president and his Democratic agenda,” said consultant Stu Loeser, who represented former Mayor Mike Bloomberg and is not working for anyone in this race. “The answers about Joe Biden tonight from some rather experienced Democrats were astounding on that count.”

Nadler’s response was the most cagey – after all, the obvious growing chorus from Democrats is that Biden is too old to run again – but that’s not something that should be talked about until AFTER the Democrats see just how big the expected “red wave” will be in November. Maloney was just honest about the situation at hand.

But we can’t have honesty, because that would contradict the lies the Biden administration is trying to tell, with the media’s willing assistance, that Biden is healthy and competent and isn’t losing his faculties right before our eyes. Which means that Carolyn Maloney must be made to apologize for her insufficient loyalty to Biden. And she did so on CNN this morning.

There’s a reason why several people on Twitter were calling this a “hostage video.” Does Maloney look like she’s happy about being on CNN to apologize to Biden?

Did her campaign give the woman a cue card to read off of? I mean, this “apology” by Maloney is the most awkward groveling I’ve seen in a while. She really should have stuck to her answer, because in a virtual tie (as she is in with Nadler), Maloney has to differentiate herself. Does her campaign assume that Democrats don’t want the truth about Biden? Regardless of the rationale, Maloney looks weak and sniveling here.

Honestly, it’s too bad that Nadler and Maloney can’t both lose. But with this forced “apology,” Maloney may have well conceded the race to Nadler. The primary is on August 23rd, so we will have to wait and see.

Featured image: Representative Carolyn Maloney (D-NY), cropped, official portrait, public domain

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  • I would have answered that with “Why are you asking me? I can’t make such decisions for other people – if it were so, Mr. Nadler would not be here today.”

  • Big Balinese Wheel Money says:

    Even in politics, strewn as they are from end-to-end with the worthless and the useless, nothing is more devoid of weight and impact than the public apology. Indeed, this is true of every public apology ever.

  • 370H55V says:

    The new district as constituted is deep blue, but once upon a time the East Side was labeled the “silk stocking” district and was represented for decades by Republicans including John Lindsay, Bill Green, and Ted Kupferman.

    While the rest of NY was always deep blue, when I was growing up there it had a GOP redoubt neighborhood in each borough. Beside the Upper East Side, there was Bay Ridge/Dyker Heights in Brooklyn, Queens Village and Bayside in Queens, the northeast Bronx, and most of Staten Island.

    Today the city has but ONE US Rep, the squishy Nicole Malliotakis from Staten Island, ONE state senator in Albany, and two assembly members. I got out long ago

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