Kamala Harris: Work in Progress Or Piece Of Work?

Kamala Harris: Work in Progress Or Piece Of Work?

Kamala Harris: Work in Progress Or Piece Of Work?

Rumor has it there’s a new book ready to drop that details Joe Biden’s frustrations with Vice President, Kamala Harris.

This, according to Politico’s West Wing Playbook. The book, entitled “The Fight of His Life“, by Chris Whipple, claims Biden called the Vice President, “a work in progress“.

What progress, exactly? And what work has Kamala Harris done? Well, perhaps we are not seeing “progress” or “work” due to the policy portfolio she was given by old Joe. Hell, even the second gentleman, Doug Emhoff, complained about the portfolio of work. When hearing about this complaint, the crotchety old coot in The White House was “annoyed”, according to Chris Whipple:

Biden was annoyed. He hadn’t asked Harris to do anything he hadn’t done as vice president — and she’d begged him for the voting rights assignment.”-Chris Whipple, The Fight of His Life

Because there’s a job Kamala Harris would do oh-so-well! Because she is the highest-ranking, black-Indian woman of Indian background in office, am I right?

He hadn’t asked Harris to do anything he hadn’t done as Vice President, eh? Well, I guess that’s a good thing considering she’s pretty much done nothing to control or improve the situation at the U.S. Souther Border. And, admittedly, she had not done much work there as people continue to cross rivers, and climb through holes in fences illegally, every day.

But, Joe Biden also asked Kamala Harris to chair the National Space Council. And, uh, she seems to be doing some “work” there…

Ahhh yes, Kamala Harris is a “diamond in the rough”, a “work in progress”. She was such a strong prospect to begin with to complement President Poopy Pants. A master in letting criminals off with a slap on the wrist in her heyday while she was sleeping her way up the ladder. A master at the Venn diagram. A master of meandering words. When we think Kamala Harris, we think: work in progress.

Coupled with Kamala Harris being called a “work in progress”, Chris Whipple desperately tries to build up Joe Biden like he actually has an ounce of competency:

I think Biden’s presidency is the most consequential of my lifetime. His legislative record is comparable to LBJ’s and he’s been underestimated every step of the way. But it’s also been a tale of two presidencies –- the first year and the second year.”-Chris Whipple

Underestimated every step of the way?! Really? The only thing we underestimated Joe Biden for was his ability to really screw things up. We should have listened to Barack Obama when he said to not underestimate his former Vice President. There was some big time truth to those words right there.

And, c’mon, man! A tale of two presidencies? The first year and the second year? I don’t know about you, but it’s hard for me to wrap my head around it being almost two years with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris dragging this country through the mud. It feels like it’s been ten, to be truthful. Year one: sucky. Year two: suckier. Year three? Suckiest. But according to the delusional world of Chris Whipple, the Biden/Harris administration really turned it all around!

What makes this such a great story is that Joe Biden and his team really turned it all around, I think.”-Chris Whipple


A great story? And, what exactly did they turn around? Glad you asked. Whipple was referring to the administration’s response to Russia’s war against Ukraine (snort) and the resuscitation of the Build Back Better package (double snort).

That “dream team”, in Whipple’s eyes, of course, includes Kamala Harris who is still a “work in progress”. But at least she knows “Ukraine is a country in Europe that exists next to another bigger country named Russia”. We’re sure her geographical knowledge aided in our response to Russia’s war against Ukraine. According to her fans, this is a win. Many fails, however. Like her Kamala cookies that did not go over too well and her trip to France? Le Flop.

If we look at all of Kamala’s doings since taking helm as Veep, and I mean really look at the track record, the “work in progress”, Kamala Harris has not done much work, if any at all, over the past two years. Let’s be real. There is no work, There is progress. Is she a piece of work? Yes. That’s about the extent of things. Perhaps we are bitter and Kamala is a bit of a late bloomer and will launch, eventually. If she “launches” anywhere, perhaps we could launch her into a Venn diagram orbit in space.

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