Kamala Chameleon Tells Kwanzaa Tales

Kamala Chameleon Tells Kwanzaa Tales

Kamala Chameleon Tells Kwanzaa Tales

What won’t this woman lie about? When it comes to Kamala Harris, the answer is likely “nothing.”

Kamala Harris will do anything, say anything, and giggle about anything to get ahead. She’s already proven her flip-flop bona fides are on par with John Kerry. Her laugh is just as cringe-inducing (and stalling for time) as Hillary Clinton’s. And we know she would call her own running mate a racist, then backtrack on that, just to make sure she won the intersectional lottery to become vice-president.

Now, only days after gushingly talking about how much she LOVES Hanukkah with her husband – which made many people wince at just how painfully inaccurate the story Kamala was retelling was…

… now we are being treated to Kamala Harris’s childhood memories of Kwanzaa. No joke.

This is even more cringe-inducing than her Hanukkah story, or Barack Obama’s Kwanzaa message from years past. Kamala Harris is half-Indian (her mother emigrated from India to attend Berkeley) and half-Jamaican (her father came to the United States from Jamaica to go to Berkeley) and spent her teenage years living with her mother and sister in Canada. Kamala’s parents divorced when she was seven, and her father openly admits that he did not have custody – which is why Kamala’s mother was able to move to Canada with her daughters. Kamala Harris graduated from high school in Montreal, where I’m sure her Hindu mother was very invested in celebrating Kwanzaa and sitting down with “the elders” to “discuss the seven principals” every single year.

I believe the phrase “pictures or it didn’t happen” was specifically created for a moment like this. While her parents may have been involved in the college movement to make Kwanzaa A Thing, the general consensus is that no one is buying Kamala Harris’s Kwanzaa cred AT ALL, including people actually from Africa who are finding themselves highly amused by Kwanzaa itself.

So, shall we see if Kamala Harris can produce an old picture of her family celebrating Kwanzaa? I’m sure we’re all waiting with bated breath for that one. And let’s remember, again, that the African American community is not completely sanguine about Kamala being one of them.
She’s Indian! She’s Asian! She’s Jamaican! She’s black! She’s a woman! Woooooo, she is EVERYTHING!

Which is exactly why Biden picked her. She has zero other qualifications than her intersectionality. And she is just waiting in the wings for Grandpa Joe to keel over so she can be president – a position that she could never have been elected to on her own, but Kamala Harris has never been shy about using men to get more power for herself.

And now she’s using Kwanzaa to boost her own chameleon-like image. What a joke.

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  • Scott says:

    What’s truly sad is all the idiots that support her and her lies. She’s even less qualified that obama was… That is truly what shows the decline in our once great nation, that the public school indoctrination system has been so completely taken over by leftists that people even pay attention to a whore like this…

    • GWB says:

      A great many of those people, Scott, are not really even looking at the President, s/he/itself, but at the ability for their team to get in and control things. Then they can enact their horrid little utopia as the ruling class.

  • George_Banner says:

    Every collectivist ever was and is an attempted joke on rationality and decency.
    The problem lies in their success in imposing their joke on others.

    There have been enough collectivist tyrants in history to make the joke one on humanity.
    During the 20th century collectivists got away with their joke in nazi germany, soviet russia, commie china, the killing fields of cambodia, Armenia, rwanda, the sad story of South-America and the list goes on.
    And things haven’t changed all that much.
    And the current macabre situation in America is not encouraging, is it?
    I would pose they have been and continue to be quite successful.

    And now the joke is on us.

    They don’t want America to flourish.
    They don’t want Americans to be happy and prosperous.
    They don’t want Americans to be free.
    They don’t want humanity to succeed.
    They want to rule like feudal lords.
    They want dystopia and to rule over the survivors.
    They want to rule like ancient tyrants.
    They want to be like the Persian emperors of old.
    And they are getting away with it, right freaking here!!

    Yes The Steal is real.
    Yes it was fraud.
    Yes they are a joke.
    But they are shoving the joke up on the remains of America, no Vaseline.

    So, who’s the real joke, here?

    They are maggots.

    Why do we allow maggots crawling on us?

    Who’s the joke, here?!

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  • Quentin Q Quill says:

    Funny, I can’t recall anybody complaining about a male politician’s laugh. Maybe it’s true that women can be very vicious to other women. It’s fair to question Harris’ statements about Kwanzaa, but when you are so nitpicky that you criticize Harris’ laugh and throw in Hilllary Clinton’s laugh to boot, it hurts your credibility. As Melania might say about Harris’ laugh, “I really don’t care do U?”

  • MarkInKansas says:

    If a man laughed the way Hillary Clinton laughs or the way Kamala Harris laughs, they would be just as quickly judged to be insincere. You’re looking for a “sexism” angle here, but it isn’t here. Their laughs are a “tell”. Particularly evil was Hillary Clinton when she laughed after her statement about Khadafy, “We came, we saw, and he died”. Pure evil, and then she laughed.

  • Taylor says:

    I have fond memories when I was a little boy in Brooklyn back in the late 1950’s my family had some wonderful Festivus celebrations.

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