Kamala Campaign Pulls A Hillary Blunder

Kamala Campaign Pulls A Hillary Blunder

Kamala Campaign Pulls A Hillary Blunder

The Kamala Harris campaign just committed a blunder, and it wasn’t getting involved in a land war in Asia.

While Kamala Harris keeps slipping in the polls (seriously, she is polling behind Pete Buttigieg at this point, which means she has exactly zero chance of winning the Democrat nomination), her campaign still thinks that they are running a real winner here. That is the only explanation for something quite this dumb being broadcasted on Twitter today, on Kamala Harris’s birthday.

Does this seem familiar? Why yes, yes it does. We have seen something like this before on another candidate’s birthday.

Twitter wasted no time in drawing the comparison.

This epically monumental failure by the Kamala campaign should be a wake-up call. By all accounts, Kamala Harris should have a viable shot at the Democrat nomination. She has the intersectionality the Democrats crave along with progressive bona fides. So, what’s going wrong here?

What’s going wrong is that Kamala Harris is, quite simply, a bad candidate. We here at Victory Girls have covered how she has continually changed positions on issues depending on which audience she’s talking to, how her record as California attorney general has been something she’s been running from, and her nervous giggles cover up her desire to be dictator-in-chief. She really is the current primary field’s version of Hillary Clinton (right down to the fake laugh), but the odds are good that she won’t even be able to win the primary in her own home state.

So why is Harris still in the race? Well, for one thing, I think she really does believe her own press. She’s just so intersectionally awesome, of course the field is going to realize that and fall in line behind Empress Kamala and her plans for all the executive orders… any minute now.

I also think that the reason she’s still in this race is for the same reason that others with even less of a shot are still in it. The Democrat field, though still too large, is extraordinarily weak. Biden has innumerable age-related and ethical issues. Bernie just had a heart attack. Warren keeps getting caught in a web of her own lies. Beto is either standing on tables or promising to take away guns. Buttigieg, though undoubtedly progressive, has decided to play it safe in hopes of making the vice-presidential slot. Booker is Spartacus. Everyone else has no chance or even less name recognition. All of this should be good news for Donald Trump, if he could just play up his successes instead of going to Twitter to yell at his opponents.

Kamala Harris is in this race to the bitter end. And just like her role model Hillary Clinton, the end looks like it will be bitter indeed, with this tweet destined to live forever.

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  • Joe in PNG says:

    Who knows? She may get to be the next candidate selected by the media for a “comeback” story, with manufactured positive polling, which could lead to an early lead in Iowa or New Hampshire.

    At this point in the Presidential Silly Season, the poll numbers work pretty much like the points awarded on ‘QI’.

  • Wozzup says:

    Oh isn’t that sweet, Hillary and Kamela. Queen and Vice Queen of Bizarro World USA.

  • Joe in PNG says:

    To be fair, there’s a long tradition of announcing candidates as “the next President of the United States” during events and rallies.

  • Steve H says:

    Don’t assume Hillary isn’t running! She is planning to jump in at the last minute, so as to avoid those silly debates.

    • Joe in PNG says:

      I wonder.
      For one, she does like to stack the deck in her favor. But since she has no real political chops, it inevitably backfires.
      It backfired in ’08 when the guy supposed to take the dive and VP slot wound up winning the election.
      It almost backfired in ’16 when the senile old radical kook almost made it a close race.
      It did backfire later in ’16 when the guy supposed to take the dive wound up winning the election.
      If she really was planning on another run, I suspect that nobody would be allowed to run as a Democrat to preclude any chance of someone else taking her spot.
      She burned up a whole lot of personal favors and political good will during her two previous runs. Should she try, she’d get trounced out pretty quick.

      • John Casteel says:

        As difficult it is to accomplish, Kammy is actually a worse candidate than the Hildebeast. Can’t believe any candidate would actually even consider her for VP. But we are talking about Democrats so who knows.

  • Tom says:

    But she’s so experienced and beautiful..like Hillary used to be.

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