Jan 6 Twitter Whistleblower Bravely Outs Herself

Jan 6 Twitter Whistleblower Bravely Outs Herself

Jan 6 Twitter Whistleblower Bravely Outs Herself

Suddenly it’s ok for the Jan 6 Twitter whistleblower to go public. There’s evidently no longer a need to remain anonymous. So now we are supposed to read her story and cheer her bravery.

Now, in an exclusive interview with The Washington Post, the whistleblower, Anika Collier Navaroli, reveals the terror she felt about coming forward and how eventually that fear was overcome by her worry that extremism and political disinformation on social media pose an “imminent threat not just to American democracy, but to the societal fabric of our planet.”

“I realize that by being who I am and doing what I’m doing, I’m opening myself and my family to extreme risk,” Navaroli said. “It’s terrifying. This has been one of the most isolating times of my life.”

“I wouldn’t be doing this if I didn’t believe the truth matters,” she said.

What “truth” is that according to Anika? ORANGEMANBAD!! And so, the January 6 committee is applauding her brave self while also insisting that ‘we aren’t partisan! We don’t plan to have any hearings that would cause “noise” in October that could potentially interfere with the midterm election cycle.’

State of play: Members told Axios that while their final report will likely come after the election, plenty of news could be made before — and that the election is not a big factor in their scheduling.

Thompson told Axios the panel does not want to be “perceived as a partisan committee … we’ve been fairly free of those kind of complaints, and we would not want to interfere with the election.”

But he said the time between an expected Sept. 28 hearing and the election “won’t be a quiet period.” He also said that “the goal is to have … some information pushed out, obviously, before the November election.” The panel may release its interim report in that window.

The J6 panel shouldn’t be “perceived as a partisan committee”?? That’s rich given the fact that the entire committee is made up of Democrats. It’s even more laughable when you consider the fact that every witness called has been equally partisan and their so-called “gotcha” testimony has been riddled with holes. 

Including now, it seems, Anika who has bravely stepped forward to let the world know that SHE was on the front lines at Twitter and SHE was the one who wanted Trump stopped at all costs. 

So stunning. Much brave. Of course, now that the January 6 committee is scheduled for hearings next week and are gleefully celebrating the fact that they MADE Ginni Thomas cave and agree to testify, Anika, the Twitter whistleblower no longer needs to hide in the shadows. 

Did you catch that? Fresh on the heels of the Axios report linked above, wherein the Jan 6 committee members INSIST that their efforts are non-partisan and there’s zero politics involved, Jamie Raskin claims the Sept 28 hearing is all about “loose ends.” 

Back to Anika bravely stepping forward to letting us know the why, how, and reasons she blew the whistle. Evidently, the online discourse has had her very concerned about how to manage free speech on social media platforms. 

“Regulating speech is hard, and we need to come in with more nuanced ideas and proposals. There’s got to be a balance of free expression and safety,” she said. “But we also have to ask: Whose speech are we protecting at the expense of whose safety? And whose safety are we protecting at the expense of whose speech?”

Therefore, she’s now at Stanford working on ways to figure out how to ensure that only the right and best speech will be allowed. Except that the majority of Jan 6 defendants have only been convicted of misdemeanors and parading. Meanwhile the 2020 rioters and looters along with far too many criminals this year have faced ZERO consequences. 

Meanwhile, one if not more FBI agents are blowing the whistle on the extreme partisanship of the FBI regarding folks who may or may not have been involved in the Jan 6 events and ignoring highly important cases such as child trafficking. 

In his whistleblower complaint to DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz, obtained by The Post, Friend lays out multiple violations of FBI policy involving J6 investigations in which he was involved.

He says he was removed from active investigations into child sexual exploitation and human trafficking to work on J6 cases sent from DC. He was told “domestic terrorism was a higher priority” than child pornography. As a result, he believes his child exploitation investigations were harmed.

He also has reported his concerns about a politicized FBI to Republican members of Congress, among 20 whistleblowers from the bureau who have come forward with similar complaints.

Is the FBI’s partisanship one of those “loose ends” that Raskin spoke of last night to CBS News? I bet not. The FBI and the Jan 6 committee are both highly politicized and highly partisan. 

Do you want to know Anika, who are the ones who are destroying this Republic? Look at Hillary, look at Kamala, and then look at this from Biden just a few weeks ago. 

She won’t though. You see, there’s a reason why Anika, the Jan 6 Twitter whistleblower has so bravely outed herself. It is leftist politics, pure and simple. 

Feature Photo Credit: Trump Twitter by Geralt via Pixabay, cropped and modified

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