Is An Investigation Of Loretta Lynch Coming? [VIDEO]

Is An Investigation Of Loretta Lynch Coming? [VIDEO]

Is An Investigation Of Loretta Lynch Coming? [VIDEO]

When former FBI director James Comey testified on Thursday, the real “bombshell” that no one was expecting was his story of how former Obama attorney general Loretta Lynch had obstructed the Hillary Clinton email investigation.

Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch
And Comey’s story of Lynch’s interference is damning enough that even loyal Democrats are having to take notice.
When someone like Dianne Feinstein is saying on a Sunday morning show that an investigation is needed on whether Lynch pressured Comey on the Clinton email investigation, it means that even the Democrats have reached the end of their rope over Hillary’s emails.

Will there be an investigation of Lynch’s actions? There should be – and it should have happened a long time ago. Can you imagine Lynch, under oath, being asked if she was instructed to help the Clinton email problems “go away” by anyone? Would Lynch plead the Fifth (she wouldn’t be the first to do so over Hillary’s emails), would she take the fall (“Bill asked me to do it as a favor”), or does she throw someone else under the bus?

Saying there should be an investigation doesn’t mean that there is actually one happening. Senator Feinstein gave you the opening, Republicans (and I’m looking at you, Ted Cruz, Ben Sasse, and Mike Lee). Make this happen.

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  • ejism says:

    Corrupt Democrat party… Corrupt media… Both condoned over the years by a silent Republican party…
    Don’t hold your breath.

  • George V says:

    Sen. Feinstein, on occasion, has shown a streak of integrity. While on policies I disagree with her almost completely, there have been times when I have to respect her as a politician. This is one of those times.

    Disagreements over policies are something we will always have, and there will always be (and always have been) claims of corruption in the other party. But I find it great to see a Democrat who, when confronted with possible corruption in her own party, will actually want it investigated.

    The odds of this actually being investigated are not great, but props to the Senator for stating her opinion in a public forum.

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