Inflation Is Why No One Cares About January 6th

Inflation Is Why No One Cares About January 6th

Inflation Is Why No One Cares About January 6th

The inflation numbers came out this morning, and Joe Biden is once again a record-setting president!

However, these are records that we all could have lived without breaking. After setting a 40 year inflation record at the end of May, the country then promptly set a new record in June.

These numbers are just beyond hideous, especially when you consider the actual loss in real earnings. That’s less money in the pockets of Americans, and something that the average person feels acutely every single time they purchase something. But hey, no mean tweets, right?

Instead, we have Joe Biden saying “hey man, those numbers can’t be right, because gas prices came down! FAKE NEWS!”

Yeah, gas prices have decreased after hitting an all-time high. Way to go, Joe! You did it! Meanwhile, the American people are feeling real financial pain, and are feeling really angry about it. The price of every single basic good has gone up thanks to this skyrocketing, supposedly “transitory” inflation, and the only people who are failing to realize it are the ones who are too wealthy to feel the pinch. Unfortunately for us, too many of those are in government. And what does the chairman of the Federal Reserve, Jerome Powell, have to say about it?

The comments were made during a European Central Bank forum that was moderated by Bloomberg Editor at Large Francine Lacqua.”

“I think we now understand better how little we understand about inflation,” Powell said.”

“That sounds very reassuring,” Lacqua responded.”

“No, honestly, this was unpredictable,” Powell replied.”

Top men, people. TOP. MEN. Jerome Powell should be very, very glad that Joe Biden lacks the brains or the balls to fire anyone, because that means he’s going to get to keep his job.

Meanwhile, the Democrats are wondering just what it will take to get the general public to participate in their particular brand of pants-wetting hysteria over the “revelations” of the January 6th committee. After all, they are attempting to GET THE BAD ORANGE MAN.

In the one-sided hearing on extremism brought to you by the US taxpayer, the committee focused on a tweet by former President Trump in which he told people to come to Washington DC on January 6, saying “Be there, will be wild!” Of course, the committee exhaustively played semantics over the word wild. Another highlighted event was a December 18 meeting with lawyers and advisors with one aide describing it as being “unhinged” in a text message. The panel of committee members would continue to reference this as the “unhinged meeting” throughout the hearing.”

One witness the committee presented was an anonymous former Twitter employee who had their voice obscured as their testimony played. The recording revealed this person expressing their “concerns” about how Trump used Twitter and speculating as to if he was an average user of Twitter instead of the President and whether or not his account would have been suspended sooner. Yes, that’s anonymous conjecture that proves… nothing.”

Then came the main event: the extremists. Or, one guy who used to work with the leader of the Oath Keepers, Stewart Rhodes, who is currently facing seditious conspiracy charges. Rhodes offered to waive his Fifth Amendment rights and testify before the committee, on the condition his testimony would be taken in a live on-air hearing. Instead, we are offered the testimony of Jason Van Tatenhove, the former spokesperson/graphic artist for the Oath Keepers.”

Well, with such riveting testimony, it’s little wonder that the American people are tuning out. Democrats are hoping to beat the riot of January 6th like a dead horse until November 2022 and beyond. The problem is that PEOPLE DO NOT CARE. Donald Trump is not the president, and the House (who is running the January 6th committee show) already rammed a second impeachment vote through just a week before he left office. The trial in the Senate was held AFTER Biden was inaugurated. The acquittal was contentious, but a done deal. Constitutionally, Congress has had their shot at Donald Trump. The January 6th committee is nothing more than an attempt to poison the pool against Trump being a viable candidate in the future. Even if they succeed in that goal, the Democrats are clearly hanging a lot of their future political hopes on being able to smear Republicans with the baggage of January 6th. Let’s face it, they can’t exactly hitch their wagons to the massive personal charisma of Joe Biden or Kamala Harris, can they? Their only hope of NOT being absolutely wiped out in November is to keep dragging up as many witnesses as possible and stretching the committee’s time – and the taxpayer dollars involved – in rehashing January 6th.

But their biggest problem is that Americans are staring at their paychecks, staring at their wallets, staring at the gas pump, and staring at the empty shelves at the grocery stores. Inflation reality is staring Americans hard in the face, not this fantasy world that the Democrats are trying to relive endlessly about how Congress was at the center of some kind of movie thriller plot coup d’etat. The November midterm elections are going to be the biggest reality check that the Democrats can get, and they will have earned every single bit of it.

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  • jbspry says:

    “Inflation Is Why No One Cares About January 6th”

    No, it isn’t.
    The reason no one cares about January 6th is that it is a total fraud.


  • Larry Brasfield says:

    It is not quite true that nobody cares about “January 6th”. Nobody in possession of the facts about the incident cares about it except for Libtards and the Dims who imagine they can get their sheeple excited about it. The sheeple, of course, care about what the DimMedia tell them to care about. Ordinary people who care about real problems have little difficulty seeing the Dims’ “investigation” of the incident as yet another fraud and an attempt to distract attention away from the ongoing disaster of Xiden’s residency.

  • Sam L. says:

    I will never, ever, NEVER trust what a Democrat says.

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