Hope Hicks Bolts White House And You Should Care

Hope Hicks Bolts White House And You Should Care

Hope Hicks Bolts White House And You Should Care

White House Communications Director Hope Hicks has resigned from the Trump Administration the day after she testified before the (cue threatening music) House Intelligence Committee. You know, the slimy slugs investigating the Russian interference in the 2006 Presidential election (cue evil laugh from Russian President Vladimir Putin). This kind of idiocy is one of the problems destroying our Country from within.

You should care because why on Earth would anyone with two brain cells and a modest amount of self worth want to work in a Republican administration. Unless you enjoy being disemboweled with a grapefruit spoon and having your entrails set ablaze for public enjoyment, then by all means take the job.

Hope Hicks deplanes from Air Force One.

Just who is Hope Hicks? From Town & Country magazine:

Hicks swam at Greenwich Country Club, was co­-captain of the lacrosse team at Greenwich High School, and played lacrosse all four years in college.


At 11, she and her sister were hired for a Ralph Lauren campaign. She appeared on the cover of a Gossip Girl series offshoot and was also tapped as the face of the Hourglass Adventures, a set of novels about a time-traveling 10­-year-­old. (Hicks is still featured in the books’ online portal.)

Not a party princess-

Hicks attended Southern Methodist University, where, one of her lacrosse coaches said, she was one of the only players to abide by the no-alcohol policy.

Two years after graduating from SMU-

Hiltzik Strategies, her employer at the time, worked with Ivanka Trump and the Trump Organization (its founder, Mathew Hiltzik, is known as a Democratic insider and has worked Hillary Clinton). In August 2014, the Trump organization brought her in-house.

When Donald Trump began his Presidential campaign, Hicks was one of the few full time employees. It’s not been all gold and glitter for her though. Remember in Japan, Miss Hicks wore that tuxedo and the press swooned and said she was trying to upstage the First Lady (as if). The Daily Mail wrote:

Although the first lady looked glamorous, she was upstaged in the style stakes by Hope Hicks, the 29-year-old White House communications director, who wore a much more unique tuxedo for the affair.

Today, NY Magazine Daily Intelligencer reports:

Life at Trump’s side was always complicated for Hicks, but her decision came at an unusually riotous time, after the Russia investigations coaxed her into view throughout the fall and winter, and the destruction of her new relationship collided with the country’s national security in the most public way, inviting questions about her personal and professional judgement. A silly tabloid story about Hicks dating another member of the White House staff, Rob Porter, quickly transformed into a serious tabloid story about allegations of physical abuse against Porter from both of his ex-wives. As the White House struggled to get its story straight (an ongoing struggle), Hicks was quickly identified as the reason for initial statements that leapt to Porter’s defense.

Ouch. (Cue Soap Opera music.)

Finally, she gets called before those sub-human, barely sentient cretins at the House Intelligence Committee and admits that she has told “white lies” for President Trump but not about anything to do with Russia.

Oh, like, no one working for those low-life, brain eating amoeba has ever told a “white lie” for them. If you have never told a “white lie”, you have never held a job. And, the left went wild.

You just knew that the Reprehensible Reptile Adam Schiff would run for the nearest camera (sure, he called them first) and spin like a whirling dervish. Hope Hicks answered questions for nine hours. The New York Post called it a nine hour grilling.

Republican Rep. Tom Rooney of Florida, a member of the intelligence panel who was in the interview, said Hicks’ answer was completely unrelated to the Russia investigation.

“When specifically asked whether or not she was instructed to lie by the president, or the candidate, with regard to Russia, the investigation or our investigation, the answer to that question was no,” Rooney said. “And that’s our jurisdiction. Not whether or not he asked her to cancel a meeting for him, or something like that.”

The 411 is that Hope Hicks was wanting to bolt the White House for the last couple of months and who can blame her. New York City is a tough town. Washington, D.C. is a “sh*thole”.

I don’t think anyone should feel too sorry for Hope Hicks. Her future is bright and she’ll land on her feet in a top paying job. In a few months, Miss Hicks will even get invited to all the right parties again (cue clinking champagne glasses).

Like I said, though, who wants to work like this. Most of us don’t have Greenwich, CT or Ralph Lauren in our background. Most of us would be ground into hamburger by an experience like this. That’s why you should care.

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