Reverend Billy Graham A Servant and Leader

Reverend Billy Graham A Servant and Leader

Reverend Billy Graham A Servant and Leader

The Earthly remains of the Reverend Billy Graham lie-in-honor in the Rotunda of the United States Capitol building. This is an honor accorded to only four other people. As a humble servant of the Lord, Billy Graham has got to have a wry smile on his face as he watches.

What an odd word “servant” must seem to so many people today. Everybody is a star in his/her own show. It might hurt one’s self esteem to think of yourself as a servant. Don’t disrespect me, bro. The people in power throw hissy fits if they aren’t recognized and don’t come between those in power and the power structure. Heaven forbid. When was the last time anyone with a modicum of power thought of himself as a servant. Oof.

An Honor Guard carries the remains of the Reverend Billy Graham up the Capitol steps.

It was while I was watching the honor guard carry the body of Reverend Graham up the steps of the Capitol building that I thought of the word servant. And, then my Facebook friend Jamie (I know her through Rachel, a fellow Citadel and Army mom) posted the following:

But he who is greatest among you shall be your servant.
Matthew 23:11

Not only has each member of the Honor Guard signed a contract that might require them to give up their lives in service to this Country, they are part of the Honor Guard. Do you have any idea how long it takes to put a service dress uniform together? Then, the Honor Guard has to rehearse. One just doesn’t show up and the funeral fairies sprinkle performance dust over one. And, then there is the weight of the body and coffin and the angle of the steps they have to climb.

Watch this video, it’s short:

It takes a humble heart to perform Honor Guard duties. They may be all nasty in their private lives. They all may be atheists. Being a saint in real life or being a person of faith is not my point.

My point is that while most of those inside the Capitol building consider themselves superior human beings and look down on service and servants, they cannot and never will be a Servant of the Lord like the Reverend Billy Graham. They will never have the humble heart or discipline to be a member of an Honor Guard. Pity.

The Reverend Billy Graham never thought of himself as a leader. Reverend Graham always thought of himself as a servant. That, his service to the Lord, is what made him greater among us.

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  • GWB says:

    A servant, indeed.
    And I think he would remind us all not to think that we can’t be what he was or do what he did. He would tell us that he isn’t some super-saintly man, but just another simultaneous-sinner-and-saint who let God direct his life. Which brings us right back to that word “servant”.
    May God grant us all a bit more humility and draw our eyes constantly to Him so that we might follow in the same path Rev. Graham did – humble service to the Almighty.

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