ICE ICE Libby: Oakland Mayor snitches about Immigration Raids

ICE ICE Libby: Oakland Mayor snitches about Immigration Raids

ICE ICE Libby: Oakland Mayor snitches about Immigration Raids

ICE is Immigration and Customs Enforcement and part of their job is rounding up illegals. Which Oakland’s mayor is doing her best to obstruct.

Now I am not as smart as Libby Schaaf nor do I have Resistance Credibility points. But I do know what obstruction of justice looks like. Hey look: so does the Department of Justice, per the Mercury News article. And somehow I think Mayor Libby will not like the results. Because when you speak for the city, you are not just a citizen. You are an elected official. And guess what: the Kim Davis ruling also impacts the Resistance.

The 150 Northern Californians rounded up this week by immigration agents aren’t the only ones facing serious legal challenges from the federal government.

Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf, who issued a public and controversial warning last weekend that the feds were closing in on suspected undocumented migrants, could also be in hot water as the Department of Justice is reportedly looking into whether obstruction-of-justice charges against the mayor could be filed.

Publicly warning felons that ICE is coming is kind of a bad idea. It is sort of like warning the crack or meth dealer the cops are on their way. Which does not work unless you are in Charming warning Jax Teller and SAMCRO. But this is real life, not Sons of Anarchy. Now before anyone decides to tell sad sad stories, these are not sweet, innocent cherubim and student body presidents. Nope; these are convicted felons. Which means ICE is doing its job. And makes Oakland a safer place to live.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials announced on Tuesday that its agents had made the arrests in a three-day sweep starting Sunday and covering cities that included Sacramento and Stockton in the Central Valley. About half of those arrested for being in the country illegally had criminal convictions, the agency said.

Immigration policy is a hot mess. I agree with that, but not with protecting and coddling criminals. My friends who legally immigrated had a hellacious time getting into the country thanks to inhumane and, frankly, stupid policies, but they persevered. And if the mayor gave a rat’s furry behind about these illegal aliens, she would help them work towards legal status. Unless she actually wants this population to work under the table without the basic legal protections green card-holders enjoy. But she is getting air time for acting the fool and can resist from the comforts of her hilltop home. Unlike the illegals living 12 to a one-bedroom apartment. Twitter had more than a few comments. This is perfect:

Why do you hate the children Libby?

And not all of her citizens like her much…..

In fact, her behavior, if you will, is akin to being a county clerk who refuses to issue a marriage license to a gay couple. And like Kim Davis before her, she is, at best, misusing her office. At worst, she will get to recap Orange is the New Black. Sorry, the Resistance does not impress me much.

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  • GWB says:

    The 150 Northern Californians rounded up
    Ummm, no they aren’t. They’re from somewhere else, living in northern CA. “Northern Californians” implies they belong there, which they most certainly do not.

    As to her obstructing justice – I doubt it would be successfully prosecuted. She didn’t give specific information, nor give it to specific targeted persons.
    Now, *morally* it’s obstruction of justice. But not legally. If the feds want to prosecute her it will need a lot more than her warning to do so.

    The real problem is the people in Oakland elected her. They don’t want to live in America – they want to live in Mexico, where they are part of the ruling class. Until hearts and minds change there, it’s unlikely they’ll elect anyone who isn’t as big a douchebag as Schaaf.

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