Harris Adopts The “America Was Never Great” Strategy

Harris Adopts The “America Was Never Great” Strategy

Harris Adopts The “America Was Never Great” Strategy

Kamala Harris is hopping on-board the Buttigieg-Cuomo-Clinton train with-just in time for Independence Day-the “America Was Never Great” strategy. Too bad neither Harris nor Buttigieg weren’t the first to utter this:

We can see the hashtags now before and on July 4th from liberals and Democrats. #Americawasnevergreat. Not even the least bit original, guys. Actually, the strategy is a bit overplayed, don’t you think?

Before schools were integrated? Before the Voting Rights Act? Before the Civil Rights Act or Roe v. Wade? Correct me if I am wrong but when exactly did Trump say he wanted to roll America back to before these pivotal moments in American history? CNN? Can you throw me a bone here? When did he say we were going back there?

Harris, in South Carolina yesterday, defended her position as the “best person to “prosecute” the case against Donald Trump and defend against him in a general election:

I know how to take on predators. (I) took on the big banks and won, took on for profit college and put them out of business, took on oil companies who were polluting our environment and took on transnational criminal organization who were praying on women and children. I know how to get that job done. And I did it for the people! For the people. So, let me tell you, we need somebody on our stage when it comes time for the general election who knows how to recognize a rap sheet when they see it and prosecute the case so let’s read that rap sheet, shall we.”-Kamala Harris

Right, Kamala. You know how to take on those predators, don’t you? Let’s take for “exhibit one” the “evidence”. Remember when Ms. Harris talked up reporters about how Justice Brett Kavanaugh held a highly improper conversation about the Russia investigation with someone at the law firm President Trump had hired? She had no evidence. Takes a predator bully to spin and deflect, deflect and deflect, doesn’t it?

Kamala Harris wants to talk about predators (a-hem, actually, just Donald Trump in this case) and she wants to talk about what a craphole country it is that we live in. Once upon a time, Ms. Harris was DA in a city we know well for its filth, its crime and rampant drug addiction and homelessness, San Francisco. She had a dismal record then but she and her supporters actually think her leadership is going to make this country a better place? It’s truly amazing to me how some of these career politicians have the colossal egos to actually believe that despite their lackluster leadership and performance in municipalities, in cities and at the state level in lesser positions, they are somehow qualified to be at the helm of our country. In reality, they are not any more qualified than the man who is in office at present time. They are not qualified, they are plagued by a personal affliction that a great deal of humans in our country suffer from-entitlement. Have we not seen enough of this?

Kamala Harris harkened back to dark periods in the history of our great country in her speech yesterday. While uttering the words “we’re not going back”, she neglects to open her eyes enough to see that her OWN party supporters want to actually go back and segregate schools again. And, has she as much as walked into a public school as of late to see kids self-segregating? (Yes, I’ve seen it and yes, sadly, they do.)

Harris insinuating that America was a dismal swamp before Roe v. Wade is laughable. Are we to venture that we were so corrupt for believing that killing a child was (and still isn’t) a viable form of birth control? Are we to venture that the intentions of Planned Parenthood’s founder, Margaret Sanger, were not for self-serving, elitist, “purification” of a more affluent, less “undesirable” gene pool? Yet, we who value life are the sinister ones?

Okay, so let’s go with your “America sucks” model and let’s make America great, shall we, Kamala? Here are some suggestions. You can start by valuing hard-working Americans of all backgrounds and move on to working together with your fellow Democrats in California big-city cesspools to clean them up and get our homeless the medical care they need and off the streets and into perhaps a vocation. You can start with partnering with organizations that offer the pregnant, single moms other alternatives to ending a potential child’s life and putting ALL Americans first. Oh yeah, and quit the race-baiting BS and divisive rhetoric already. It is not for the people as you like to say-it is unoriginal and way overplayed.

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  • GWB says:

    (I) took on the big banks and won
    Actually, you used the power of the state to coerce banks into changing their contracts with their customers because they didn’t like the terms when their notes came due. The one bank that likely did violate actual laws (where Mnuchin worked, no less) you failed to prosecute. Bang up job there, Kamala!
    (Ooh, wait, should I say “bang up” for her? That might be considered gauche….)

    took on for profit college and put them out of business
    That doesn’t sound so much like a prosecutor going after predators, so much as someone wielding the power of the state to eliminate the competition (of state funded schools).

    took on oil companies who were polluting our environment
    Had to look this one up. She did have a successful prosecution against a polluter (she didn’t actually prosecute it, since the conviction was actually obtained after she became a Senator). That polluter was… a pipeline company.

    praying on women and children
    Somebody at CNN is missing an editor……..

    I did it for the people!
    So, you laid back and thought of “the people”? Glad I’m not a California resident.

    She had a dismal record then but she and her supporters actually think her leadership is going to make this country a better place?
    Mayor Pete, too.

    Harris insinuating that America was a dismal swamp before
    This is a standard tactic for those who would destroy the country in order to rule over it: Talk as if the entire country and everything about it was totally tainted by darkness in one area. (I don’t consider pre-Roe abortion laws to be a “dark” anything.) It’s an evil tactic, designed to put you on the defensive and to shut you down. The fact is that America was – even with segregation – a pretty damn good place. The best, even. And we were working our way toward a decent resolution – until the race baiters managed to grab enough power.
    (I had to set someone straight yesterday, that the 70s and 80s were NOT hotbeds of racism and awfulness. But they were the genesis of a lot of our current problems, as the left gained traction.)

    Here are some suggestions.
    Nailed it.

    • GWB says:

      because they didn’t like the terms
      “they” = “customers”
      Pronoun problems with that sentence – aching antecedents.

  • Andrew X says:

    Had an interesting shower thought, if you will, about a potential Kamala candidacy.

    So, given all the current and vagaries of modern politics, how do YOU all feel about have a PROSECUTOR as your President? One who certainly sees that role as a primary staging role for the office. A PROSECUTOR?

    How do you all feel about “prosecutors”? Just haven’t had enough of them of late? Bring on a bunch more? Ya fully trust them to do the right thing, with the appropriate amount of dedication? To prosecute to the letter of the law, without any bias whatsoever? Uh huh. It’s not like you might feel…. threatened…. by one who happens to have the ultimate power of the office…. and is the head of a party for whom PERsecution is the order of the day right now, done joyfully and with glittery-eyed malice, would you?

    Oh, yeah, I’m ALL about having a 2020 Democrat… a CALIFORNIA Democrat… acting as a PROSECUTOR-in-Chief, being given the full powers of the office of President of the United States, oh, yep, yessiree.

    As the kids would abbreve – WCGW?

  • John Reece says:

    If Kamala Harris doesn’t think America is great perhaps she should reconsider her parents decision to move here and leave.

  • Gigi says:

    First thing I heard was her exaggerated fake southern accent. Where’d that come from ? Hillary ?

  • Juan says:

    It was that great, everyone of your complains were address and taken care of. Look at you your parents busted their rear to get you where you are today. You are so appreciated that you bite the hand that feeds you. America was great and will be great again in 2020 with Trump at the helm. I feel sorry for the people that voted for you

  • Don says:

    This woman is a pure Catholic Hater from the git go. Hates the Knights of Columbus also.

  • Richard Hennessy says:

    The US certainly was much better in some ways before the Supreme Court started inventing constitutional “rights” that actually have no basis in a factual reading of the Constitution.

  • Thomas Blackwell says:

    A vote for Harris is a vote for “ONE WORLD” remember who is her financial supporter, somebody that I am not allowed to speak the truth about however he is called George $$$$$.

  • Thomas Blackwell says:


  • Denny Mitchell says:

    Isn’t it fairly obvious by now that most leftists do not like our country very much? In fact, I think that millions of Progressives downright hate this country. I honorably served in the Air Force and I love this country. So does President Trump. The bottom line is this: Do YOU want to support a party whose members hate this country so much that they want it to become socialist or communist, or do YOU want to vote for a president who loves this country and provides evidence of this virtually every day by what he stands for and by putting American citizens FIRST?

  • ERWIN KANTER says:

    what made America great was the fear of god and the word of god not ecomnoics or ecomony so to think otherwise is totally nonsense

  • Ken says:

    Is she suggesting that the hundreds of so called non-profit universities with their billion dollar endowment funds are really not for profit enterprises? Ivy league, anybody?

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