Gutsy Part Two: Hillary and Chelsea’s Hate Brunch

Gutsy Part Two: Hillary and Chelsea’s Hate Brunch

Gutsy Part Two: Hillary and Chelsea’s Hate Brunch

Pass the Pepto-STAT as we continue another review of Gutsy, the Apple TV Series starring and produced by Hillary and Chelsea Clinton. So much for clown college.

In this episode, Hillary and Chelsea make the pilgrimage back to Orange Beach, Alabama, where they “eat hate for brunch with a side of Chimichanga”. “Franzia-cul-de-sac-Day-drinker”, Shannon Watts of Moms Demand Action, every-voter-for-Trump-is racist, Jemelle Hill and Muslim Comedienne, Negin -When-They-Go-Low-We-Go-Emoji-Farsad.

Damn, you should have invited First Lady, Jill Biden, for some tacos, Hillary!

After some key talking points on gun lobbies sprinkled in with a few cackles, the duo take a trip to visit the oh-so-gutsy, Megan Thee Stallion. And, the setting is more bougie than ratchet, with Hillary and Chelsea painting on canvases poolside at Megan’s mansion.

“I came to awareness of you with Cardi B and WAP”, Hillary says.

Now, there’s a song that rejects hate sooo much! (Note, language NSFW):

Whores in this house
There’s some whores in this house
There’s some whores in this house
There’s some whores in this house (hol’ up)
I said certified freak, seven days a week
Wet a$$ p*ssy, make that pullout game weak, woo! (Ah)”-WAP, Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion

Unapologetic. That hate coming in hot fuels some mean creativity, doesn’t it, Chelsea? Gutsy.

“Fierce,” says Chelsea sitting up straight in her prim-and-proper, tight-ass, Harvard-elite demeanor with a perfect touch of vocal fry. “It’s great to hear women being soooo fierce.”

Mmmm. Hmmmm. Savage. Classy. Bougie. Ratchet. Gutsy. Yeah. Pass me the hot salsa. Oh wait-Hillary? Hillary…you there? Don’t you have hot sauce in your purse?

But who, tell us, who, of all of these gutsy women, was Chelsea Clinton looking forward to meeting? None other than ContraPoints’, Natalie Wynn.

(Ahem)…did you say you wanted a taco or a chimichanga, Ms. Clinton? Because, I’m seeing a chimichanga on my ticket, here…

Stay with me here as I point something out. The-(ahem)-woman Chelsea really wanted to meet for this episode is, indeed a man. A white man, who was brought up in a well-to-do household in Arlington, Virginia. A white man who attended Berklee, Georgetown and Northwestern University to obtain a PhD in philosophy. A white man who now identifies as a trans woman and a lesbian is on Hillary and Chelsea’s list of “gutsy” women!

Natalie has been deemed “gutsy” by the Clintons for the political commentary that refuses hate. Let’s dissect this a bit: they love Natalie Wynn because Natalie Wynn is a passive-aggressive, pseudo-intellectual. This is how you refuse hate in Leftist Hell. You dress it up in Gucci, get thousands upon thousands of dollars of plastic surgery (because Mommy and Daddy can afford to get you that nose job from that top plastic surgeon), you pepper in a few complicated words, throw around your educational pedigree and BAM! You’re a super YouTube star “combatting hate“.

Say, Hillary, rumor has it that Natalie is a self-proclaimed socialist (who has a penchant for designer duds because all good elitist socialists believe they deserve to wear them) and stumped for Bernie in 2016. It’s all good, though. Hillzzzz will let bygones be bygones here and do some tea-toadling with Natalie because theeee Natalie Wynn fits in with the political narrative Gutsy is trying to portray.

The conversation goes to accountability. Yep. Hillary went there, too. Probably the funniest line I’ve heard so far.

The series bounces back and forth between Shannon and Samantha taking Hillary and Chelsea canoeing down a river. I know, I was hoping for an alligator to scare the crap out of one of them. Shannon and Samantha also appear to have gone through some trauma and abuse in their past. There is also a segment that features two moms who lost their children to bullying and hate crimes. Gutsy cherry picks the narratives here, as you can imagine, but I am not going to tear into innocent, American women who were abused and/or who have lost their children. These women in this series honestly seemed to not care about political agendas and had the desire to love and make the world a better place. Can’t say the same for the Clinton ladies because they clearly don’t give a river rat’s ass.

Hillary: We can have big conversations and pass laws but, at the end of the day, it’s the personal relationship that really matters, as to whether somebody trusts enough to make amends and start a new life.

Chelsea: We need both.

Hillary: We need both. The women that we’ve met left me very hopeful. Women who deal with really hard issues but who themselves are hopeful or they wouldn’t get up every day. Speaking up, standing up and making a difference like they are.”

Nothing says Gutsy and instills hope like rapping about your most intimate female parts to combat hate. Or talking with rich men who think they are women who refuse hate and wax pretentious and philosophic on YouTube.

They’re “speaking up, standing up and making a difference”.

Come again, what difference does it make?

Hey, pass me the hate chips and the homemade hate salsa and a shot of hate tequila. I’m feeling’ gutsy! One tequila, two tequila, three tequila…floor.

Photo Credit: Original Artwork by VG Darleen Click

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