Good To Be King: Fauci’s $350K Per Year Golden Parachute

Good To Be King: Fauci’s $350K Per Year Golden Parachute

Good To Be King: Fauci’s $350K Per Year Golden Parachute

Fauci’s golden parachute is one for the record books. As a government employee, Fauci has won the lottery. Upon his retirement, whenever that happens, he’ll rake in a cool $350K or more per year.

It is good to be king isn’t it? Via Forbes we discover how lucrative Fauci’s mishandling of Covid and the AIDS Crisis has truly been. 

Our auditors at estimate Dr. Fauci’s annual retirement would exceed $350,000. Thereafter, his pension and benefits would continue to increase through annual cost-of-living adjustments. Fauci has 55 years of service as a federal employee.

For the second year in a row, Fauci was the most highly compensated federal employee and out earned the president, four star generals, and roughly 4.3 million of his colleagues. As director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), Fauci earned $434,312 in 2020, the latest year available, up from $417,608 in 2019.

That is QUITE the golden parachute! Keep in mind, this is a person who has been swimming under the radar for about fifteen or so years now since the AIDS Crisis has been on the wane. Keep in mind, THIS is the guy who wrote an hideous op-ed at the beginning of the AIDS Crisis in which he fear-mongered that heterosexuals or anyone in routine contact would get AIDS by just standing near someone who has it!

One early alarmist was Anthony Fauci, who made national news in 1983 with an editorial in the Journal of the American Medical Association warning that AIDS could infect even children because of “the possibility that routine close contact, as within a family household, can spread the disease.” After criticism that he had inspired a wave of hysterical homophobia, Dr. Fauci (who in 1984 began his current job, as director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases), promptly pivoted 180 degrees, declaring less than two months after his piece appeared that it was “absolutely preposterous” to suggest AIDS could be spread by normal social contact. But other supposed experts went on warning erroneously that AIDS could spread widely via toilet seats, mosquito bites and kissing.

Yes, he really wrote that editorial. Yes, he is responsible for the massive fear-mongering and shaming that ensued from the likes of media pundits, Oprah, and many many more. Doesn’t that sound remarkably like what Fauci has been spouting since February 2020? It should, he’s been running the same damned playbook for the last two years, with much greater success than before! 

You see, no one called Fauci, or Collins, or Redfield out for their fear-mongering and fake science at that time. Those who did were very few and even then the media was complicit in sweeping the naysayers under the rug. Not only that, but Fauci was given multiple raises instead of being disciplined and fired. 

His job track as a government employee is such that, he’s too big to fire. I kid you not. There’s no recourse for firing for Fauci. 

Thus, it’s good to be king. And this particular Troll King is raking in well over $420,000 per year and whenever he retires, he’ll be getting 80% of that for the rest of his life. I know, he’s 81, so how many years can that be? Even if he retires in 2022 and lives for another ten, that is a cool $3.5 million handed to a guy who is responsible for the fear and chaos we are now dealing with regarding Covid. That’s one helluva golden parachute!

We here at Victory Girls have pointed out Fauci’s failings multiple times. So has Senator Rand Paul.

Fauci has informed us all that he’ll retire when we get the Covid virus kicked to the curb. Yet, his track record regarding AIDS is dismal. It’s been forty years now and only just this month has a vaccine been announced. Forty years of Zip. Nada. Zilch from Fauci and his team. Yet we are supposed to believe this same guy who keeps telling us to believe HIS SCIENCE? 

I say NO. 

You know, in 2004 President Bush gave Fauci a pay raise. Can we take that back now? Oh wait, how about we make Fauci give up his 2008 Presidential Medal of Freedom Award for his NON-WORK on AIDS relief? 

Right now, Fauci and the CDC have once again changed their minds on Covid guidelines. The left isn’t happy with the Troll King. 

And the left’s responses are so laughable!

I love how they are working hard to blame capitalism. They’d rather do that than admit to themselves that the Troll King is largely responsible for how badly the pandemic has been handled. 

What happens when they realize how much cash Fauci is raking in now and how much he’ll get once he, eventually, retires? 

We need a LOT more popcorn to watch that show!

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