Marjorie Taylor Greene Makes HUGE Mistake on Kwanzaa

Marjorie Taylor Greene Makes HUGE Mistake on Kwanzaa

Marjorie Taylor Greene Makes HUGE Mistake on Kwanzaa

Republicans in leadership positions seem incapable of learning something very important. That is, when your opponent is floundering, keep your pie hole shut. The Democrats are screwing over the nation with crime, mandates, and bad policies. Don’t give the Democrats any ammunition and don’t take the media focus off of the Democrats’ mistakes. Marjorie Taylor Greene did herself and our party no favors when she recently called out Kwanzaa as a fake religion.

The national group, College Republicans sent out a tweet wishing those who celebrate a happy Kwanzaa. Taylor Greene (MTG) felt the mistaken need to answer the tweet:

In this case, MTG is an idiot. Unfortunately, she is a Republican idiot. Kwanzaa was brewed by an imprisoned felon in a rusting cauldron using racial anger and 60’s Marxism for ingredients. Dr. Maulana Karenga (Ron Everett) was an FBI snitch and woman torturer. Kate wrote about this twat eleven years ago for Victory Girls. Last year, the famous Jamaican-Indian Kamala Harris tweeted about her memories of her childhood Kwanzaa celebrations. Keep in mind that Harris was two when Kwanzaa was invented and she was living in Canada before it gained any publicity. So, this is not bloody likely.

Most people have a nose for phonies like Maulana Karenga and Kamala Harris. The twenty percent who don’t smell what the Crock is cooking aren’t going to thank you for pointing the phonies out. Trust.

MTG could have a bright future in the Republican Party as a great street fighter, if she thinks before she tweets. Elizabeth Pleck at JSTOR:


I love The Daily Wire explanation of Kwanzaa:

Now I know why Hanukkah was so popular in Cincinnati when I was growing up. Hanukkah as a celebration was invented in Cincinnati:

In the decades after the Civil War, Rabbi Isaac M. Wise of Plum Street Temple and Rabbi Max Lilienthal of Mound Street Temple introduced Hanukkah festivals to their congregations and promoted them in their publications to Jews across the nation.

“Through their efforts, special Hanukkah events for children became standard in American synagogues,” Ashton wrote.

Hanukkah, with its many variant spellings, is the Hebrew word for “dedication.”

The holiday commemorates the rededication of the Jewish holy temple in Jerusalem after the Maccabees, a group of Jewish rebel warriors led by Judah, liberated the temple from the Seleucid Empire in 165 B.C.

I remember walking a school friend to Hebrew school at Wise of Plum Street Temple with other school friends. I know exactly where it is from the bus stop.

Hanukkah came out of a biblical story. Kwanzaa came out of the FBI and a Marxist psychopath. And, as the Daily Wire explained, the First Fruits word is from Western Africa and the Eastern Africans enslaved by the Western Africans wouldn’t understand it. Can you say irony? Sure you can.

My point in all of this is that Republicans don’t need any self-owns. The Democrats are screwing things up. Republicans like MTG and Mitch McConnell just need to bide their time and keep their powder dry. Keep your pie holes shut and let us get back to winning.

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  • George V says:

    I am not shocked that MTG’s mouth has all the control of a 1966 GTO with the tie-rods removed.
    I am not shocked that Kamela Harris thinks she celebrated Kwanzaa before it was a thing.

    I am shocked that I’ve been reading Victory Girls so long that articles are referenced from 11 years ago. OK, I feel old now.

  • Lloyd says:

    Say what you want…MTG is one of us. If she makes a mistake now and then….she is still one of ours, and we/I will continue to support her. She is a warrior…not afraid to stand up for America. I wish we had more like her..!!

  • Uh, no.

    Keeping our “pieholes” shut is a big part of how our society got into the sorry state it is today.

    Should we also keep our “pieholes” shut about the New York Gestapo terrorizing a woman and her son in a restaurant?

    Should we also keep our “pieholes” shut about the concentration camps in Australia?

    Should we also keep our “pieholes” shut about the Soviet style internal passports that they want us to have in order to visit our sibling in Poughkeepsie?

    Actually, HELL NO!

  • ontoiran says:

    she’s right. we are tired of pandering cucks. “reaching across the aisle” is why we are where we are.

  • David B says:

    Good for MTG. I wish a lot more of us would refuse to keep our “pieholes” shut.

  • No, Miss Williams: MTG is NOT “an idiot here.” She is absolutely correct — and commendably fearless about it. If your own timidity makes you resent her, that’s no fault of hers!

  • Cameron says:

    We need people who fight. Yes, some idiots will escape but so what? The Democrats always close ranks around their extremists. Time we start doing the same.

  • Joe R. says:

    Greene’s right. The rest of ya are stoopid. Next you’ll be re-promoting calypso-louie’s satinic-communism in the spirit of inclusiveness.

    There’s tons of shi7 out there that the silent M A S S I V E MAJORITY out there ain’t coming anywhere near buying. No need to hear the full sales pitch on KWANSISH, no one’s adding it to their shopping cart. Silence just gets this shi7 federal funding.

    Here’s a clue. Don’t listen to political advice from people who aren’t with you anyway. It’s kinda like having a cr*pload of Jewish t.v. producers try to tell you “the true meaning of Christmas”, every year.

    • GWB says:

      I do think a lot of calypso singers had smooth voices, but I never thought of it as idolatrous before.

  • GWB says:

    In this case, MTG is an idiot.
    I don’t see why, when she was calling out the College Republicans for trying to pander (never a good idea – it makes you look pathetic), and she said basically what you said about the holiday.

    Hanukkah as a celebration was invented in Cincinnati:
    Ummm, no. It was not invented in the 19th century in Cincinnati. Perhaps adapting some Christmas items to the celebration was invented there, or the attempt to make it the Jewish Christmas, but the celebration itself goes WAY BACK (arguably further back than Christmas as a holiday).

    No, we, as conservatives (or radicals, like me) should not support made-up “holidays” that are based on racism. If you want to celebrate a Somali or Nigerian or Libyan or whatever holiday, cool. If there’s no worship involved, I might even like an invite. But we shouldn’t support in any way, shape, or form, a “holiday” based on a racial group.

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