Fauci The Puppy Killer, Explain Yourself

Fauci The Puppy Killer, Explain Yourself

Fauci The Puppy Killer, Explain Yourself

Puppy Killer. That is what Fauci’s organization has been thoroughly involved in. Multiple labs around the world conducted animal experiments, CRUEL animal experiments with Fauci’s direct knowledge.

Documents from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) obtained by a taxpayer watchdog organization reveal that the National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), led by Dr. Anthony Fauci, spent $1.68 million on unnecessary research that killed dozens of beagle puppies.

Between October 2018 and February 2019, NIAID-funded research at SRI International involved force-feeding or injecting 44 beagle puppies aged 6-8 months old with an experimental drug before killing and dissecting them, according to documents obtained by White Coat Waste Project (WCW), a taxpayer watchdog organization with a focus on scientific research. The research, deemed unnecessary by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), cost taxpayers $1.68 million. [Emphasis added]

The additional details as to what these labs did to the dogs is just sickening. Most especially since this type of research was totally unnecessary!! 

And no, do NOT tell me that Fauci didn’t know about this so-called “research. He’s the head of the damned agency and as such EVERY single research conducted has to be approved by him. Every single dime spent on any research has to get his final approval. The puppy killer buck stops right at his desk. Period. 

This is the second such major story showing how Fauci has lied about everything. A few days ago the story broke of what we already knew and specifically what Rand Paul knew. Per Deanna’s excellent post, Fauci lied UNDER OATH about funding Gain of Function research directly tied to Wuhan Labs. 

Now, just days later we find out that the ugly little troll is totally fine with puppy killing in the name of “research.” 

Members of Congress, Republicans AND Democrats, are demanding answers. 

House members, most of whom are Republicans, want Fauci to explain himself in response to allegations brought on by the White Coat Waste Project that involve drugging puppies.


Leading the effort is Rep. Nancy Mace (R-S.C.), writing a letter to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) saying the cordectomies are “cruel” and a “reprehensible misuse of taxpayer funds.”

Indeed, over $400K of our taxpayer dollars funded this animal cruelty, and puppies were killed for no reason.  What, exactly, is a cordectomie? THIS:

“Of particular concern is the fact that the invoice to NIAID included a line item for ‘cordectomy.’ As you are likely aware, a cordectomy, also known as ‘devocalization,’ involves slitting a dog’s vocal cords in order to prevent them from barking, howling, or crying,” the letter went on.

Honestly, everyone who participated in that horrific research should be fired. Now, is the media asking questions of Fauci? No, but they should be. ABC’s George Stephanopolous had a significant amount of time to question Fauci on this. 

Starting at 4:20, Fauci is asked about the Gain of Function research. Fauci then carefully chose the words of his response and all George did was shrug and move on. Was Fauci asked about his puppy killer research? NO. Big journalism fail George, HUGE.

Fauci is a career government hack. 

In other words, neither Fauci OR his wife should keep their jobs. Animal cruelty and lying under oath are completely unethical on every level. 

Agreed, the sheer evil of what Fauci’s lab did to those puppies. What else has his agency been doing? I shudder to think.

Fauci should be fired for lying under oath to Congress regarding Gain of Function research, as well as fired for puppy killing. And, while they are at it, once he’s fired, yank his pension. 

Fauci really really needs to go. His credibility has been in the toilet since April 2020. Now we find out he’s a puppy killer. How many lies and how many unethical things he’s done will it take someone to finally say ENOUGH?

Feature Photo Credit: Beagle puppy via Pixabay, cropped and modified

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  • kim says:

    if this is what it takes to nail his filthy , lying hide to the door – i am all in

  • F.D.R. in Hell says:

    Dr. Anthony Faustus sold his Soul to Satan when he was appointed Director of NIAID in 1984. He’s been experimenting with diseases from A to Z (Aids to Zika) since then. It’s about time this contemporary Mengele came down here for a reunion with his Soul.
    He and Josef will spend Eternity comparing notes.

  • Scott says:

    Where are all the animal rights groups on this? Ooh, that’s right this evil little troll is a leftist, so they’ll give him a pass. His death should be slow and painful for what he allowed to be done to those puppies, and to the country during his reign…

  • john moore says:

    The Mengele is strong in this one.

  • Chris says:

    We are about to see something very interesting. imo.

    We’ll see How this Plays out once the Wordsmiffs and Lawyers and Publicity Specialists (for just THIS sorta thing) get done “workin there magic” on this..hiccup( thats really all it is to them)

    Annnnd maybe some other “Top News Stories” appear.

    POOF, all Forgotten.


    Back to GW, WS, Reperations, Raaayyyyy-Cism, The Rainbow…
    Hey ? Whatever happened to Ol’Jesssssayyyy Jak-sone??

    Vast Rightwing Conspiracy, Womens Rights in Afghanistan and Chopping up Babies is a Right. (We need material for The Jab, to Help You), Defund Police, No Vaxx No Job, My Body My Choice (more parts MORE Vaxx!)

    MADNESS. Pure Madness.
    Truely….. A National Psychosis.

    Zombies Are Real

  • Diane says:

    Are not animal experiments done all the time in the name of science and medicine to insure health and safety for humans?
    I hope animals were used to determine if the cv jab is safe for humans. Oh wait, there were no trials. We are the puppies.

  • Stone Krafter says:

    Somehow this will all be President Trump’s fault. This should bring Fauci down but not in this day and age.In California they would eat beagle puppies if it causes you to lose weight and/or make you look younger

    • ROP says:

      Yes there are saying well Trump hired him. But was at the direction of Traitor Pence. Who Trump put in charge of the pandemic. That Trump knew ( like most of us ) that it was fraudulent but didn’t think it would get this out of crazy.
      Yes the fake pandemic that people that died were from the flu, heart, stroke, cancer all listed as covid by cooking the books.
      They got rid of Trump stole the election and got to power and the rest of the Nefarious wicked evil, world leaders following suit.

  • ROP says:

    This guy has lied, done GOF research ( probably developed the virus). Told Trump that there will be a pandemic in 2019 ( in 2017)
    This is the false prophet.
    Anyone who would do this to an animal. Do you think for one moment he would have any qualms about releasing a rather benign virus on the world, Then blow it out of proportion for his own means. Then push a “vaxx” of dubious value to the populace ( MRNA) to see what the effects are. (The control group are the ones who refuse)
    This vaxx goes way beyond conspiracy theory. It is something much more nefarious than that !
    This and the world leaders are the Criminals against humanity.

    • Stone Krafter says:

      But people don’t want to hear it! The truth isn’t as easy to handle as an authority figure telling you what to do. Fauci needs to be charged with cruelty to animals at the very least. At this very moment he is working on a counter plea. #firefauci is trending at this very moment. The majority of Americans are angry regarding the treatment of these animals. Maybe he won’t survive this and we can be free of his lies.

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  • FenelonSpoke says:

    Not only did Fauci connected group do grotesque experimentation on puppies and primates, they did it on orphans in NYC to test AIDS vaccines.


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