CDC Changes Quarantine Guidelines, Did Anyone Tell Biden or Fauci?

CDC Changes Quarantine Guidelines, Did Anyone Tell Biden or Fauci?

CDC Changes Quarantine Guidelines, Did Anyone Tell Biden or Fauci?

Monday, the CDC changed quarantine guidelines for those testing positive for COVID but are asymptomatic. It seems that no one told the Joe Biden or Anthony Fauci.

Biden misspoke (or did he?) during the COVID-19 Response Team Call with the National Governors Association,  livestreamed first thing in the morning. For those who want to be entertained, let’s watch the video.

Don’t you love livefeeds where the first several minutes are dead air? Has the White House video department not figured out when to hit “start” when someone is in front of the mic?

As you’re watching the dead air, at the 1:54 mark, Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of NIAID, and Dr. Rochelle Walensky, Director of the CDC, walk into the room, look curiously at the empty chair the President clearly should be seated in and walk out. Literally and figuratively, as you’ll see—Joe is absent.

Second thing to take note of, this livestream was at around 9 AM. Dr. Fauci and Dr. Walensky were clearly involved in this call and were within earshot of what he discusses with the governors starting moments later.

Gov. Asa Hutchinson, (Ark-R), starts the meeting by completely embarrassing himself by gushing about the great success of the federal response to COVID. What’s more nauseating is watching Joe’s face as he soaks in the faux flattery from Gov. Hutchinson.

First words out of Joe’s mouth at the 4:44 mark,

“Asa — thank you very much, Asa.  Look, there is no federal solution.”

Wait. What?

He goes on to describe, in only the way Joe can, how the solution will be at the state level and the federal government will have their back.

Apparently Fauci didn’t hear what Joe said to the governors, or how the response will be handled by states. Just like he does daily, he got himself in front of a camera and spewed gloom. The New Year will be difficult because testing is limited, no large parties for Americans, and the surge. Oh my, the surge!

Fauci finding a camera to put his face in front of is nothing new. However, the final straw of federal COVID response dumb-assery happened when the CDC dropped their little press release mid-afternoon Monday stating,

“U.S. health officials on Monday cut isolation restrictions for Americans who catch the coronavirus from 10 to five days…”

That sounds simple. It’s not. Read the link. Did anyone tell Joe the CDC guidelines changed? Did anyone tell Fauci the CDC guidelines for COVID changed?

To sum up, the federal government, and its agencies in charge of handling COVID and its alphabet soup of variants, have not a clue what the heck they are doing.

Citizens have one of two choices when the CDC guidelines change. Do your darndest to follow the ever-changing, mind-numbing, fear-mongering federal (yes, Joe, federal) guidelines. This results in a lot of vaccines, boosters, masks, and guilt. Check out this snowflake. She tested positive for COVID after following all the government’s guidelines and now, apparently, feels shame and guilt.

“’I feel very embarrassed and dumb,’ she [the snowflake] says, and upset that she’s causing her family stress. ‘It’s eye-opening that I feel so much shame from it. I’m realizing how much judgment I was secretly harboring against people who got it before.’”

Oh my dear. Let me open your eyes for you. The vaccines, mandates and government policies don’t work. The guilt isn’t yours, poor snowflake, it’s theirs. The only guilt you should feel is for believing Biden’s dog and pony show for two years now. Wake up!

Or you can take the route others chose and ignore the talking heads and government officials who clearly have nothing better to do than contradict each other. After reading the CDC’s quarantine guidelines, take a moment to ridicule…

Then live your life…

The yo-yo-ing, ineffective and flaccid policies coming out of Capital Hill are having an effect. Whether you’re a guilt-ridden snowflake wanting the government to pay for your therapist, or the Ben Shapiro-type who has given the finger to COVID policies and went about life—you have one thing in common. You’re sick of Joe.

The approval ratings are in, and a scant few like Joe these days, mainly because of his crazed response to COVID.

“Biden’s latest presidential approval rating hovers around 43 percent—not exactly a Nixonian number, but a far cry from the 60 percent or more who gave him high marks at the start of his term.”

Here’s a thought, after Monday’s whiplash of contradictory COVID crap—if there isn’t a federal solution to this dumpster fire known as COVID—hey Joe, rescind OSHA’s federal mandates for vaccines. Afterall, there is no “federal solution.” Your words.

Feature Photo Credit: Joe Biden and Anthony Fauci caricature by Donkeyhotey via Flickr, Attribution 2.0 Generic, cropped and modified

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