Georgia Needs To Run Off Ossoff

Georgia Needs To Run Off Ossoff

Georgia Needs To Run Off Ossoff

Jon Ossoff has become a left-wing darling for losing every single one of his political races in Georgia over the last couple of election cycles.

Despite huge Hollywood support, Ossoff has never managed to actually win an election. He tried running for a Congressional seat in 2017 in a special election – and lost. He has now tried to win a Senate seat – and lost that, too. However, because David Perdue did not win over 50 percent, the election law in Georgia demands a runoff. So, we’re getting a do-over election with the eyes of the nation – and control of the Senate – now in the balance.

And this is the schmuck who wants to represent Georgia for the Democrats – a Bernie Sanders fanboy. Apparently Bernie is doing his part to flip the Senate.

And Jon Ossoff expressed his appreciation for Bernie’s support on CNN.

Uhhh, does Ossoff really think that Bernie Sanders’ socialist fever dreams are going to sell well in a Georgia runoff election? Is this a mistake of small proportions, or is this a mistake of epic proportions? Medicare For All? A $15 per hour minimum wage? Is this what the voter base in Georgia wants from a Senate candidate, or is this what the Senate candidate says when he needs the Democrats to cough up as much PAC money as possible for this special election?

You see, Ossoff was out praising small businesses on Saturday.

And then he went on CNN to say that if the CDC says we need another lockdown, then there should definitely be another lockdown. And all the small businesses said WHAT.

“The White House coronavirus task force said that Georgia, your state, is, quote, in the early stages of full resurgence and that this is the moment to dramatically increase mitigation,” said guest anchor Dana Bash. “So, would you support harsher restrictions in Georgia like closing restaurants and businesses temporarily?”

“If the CDC and its leadership gave a strong indication that those kinds of stronger mitigation measures are necessary to save lives and contain the spread of the virus, it would be malpractice for politicians to ignore that advice,” Ossoff said. “There are more than 2,000 Americans dying per day. The spread is out of control. And the problem is we have ignored the public health experts. So I will be listening to them and not to political consultants, pollsters, or folks who are looking out for their own financial interests like my opponent.”

How very nice that his support of small business ends where the CDC’s opinions begin.

So, who does support this guy? Well, we know D-list celebrities like Alyssa Milano loved him, so that should tell you something right away. Ossoff lost to Representative Karen Handel in 2017, 47% to 53%. In his statewide race, Ossoff got 47% of the vote against David Perdue. Is 47% the guy’s ceiling? Who knows. The circumstances at hand – and Georgia election law’s weird runoff rules – make this a much more intense situation. There are very few polls being done for this Georgia runoff, but Perdue looks to have a slim lead over Ossoff (while Warnock and Loeffler are essentially tied). Get out the vote efforts are going to be crucial for this election, and while the attention continues to be on the Trump campaign’s challenges in court, the GOP effort may seem a little more stymied than the Democrat efforts.

However, the electoral college will be settled long before this Georgia runoff takes place on January 5th, and the Republicans are very aware that Georgia is the key to keeping a potential Biden administration from running amok.

Ossoff is little more than a leftist blank slate who will do what Bernie Sanders tells him to do. Pay attention, Georgia – is this spineless dweeb who you want in the Senate, potentially allowing Kamala Harris to be the tiebreaker vote?

Featured image: Jon Ossoff via John Ramspott on Flickr, cropped, Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

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