Four Lessons Hollywood Still Hasn’t Learned And Won’t

Four Lessons Hollywood Still Hasn’t Learned And Won’t

Four Lessons Hollywood Still Hasn’t Learned And Won’t

The Academy Awards aired last night. Odds are you didn’t watch it. Hollywood has problems, and while they are good about lecturing everyone else, they can’t fix themselves.

Here are four lessons that Hollywood should learn, but they can’t seem to because they’re too busy trying to remove the splinter from the eye of the American public instead of taking the log out of their own.

1) The show is too long.
Let’s not even talk about the hours of “red carpet coverage” that watches the rich and famous walk in wearing their fancy dress-up clothes before the actual show begins. The Academy Awards – again – ran over three hours long. That’s longer than most of the movies that are being recognized. The Academy tried to shorten up the show by moving some of the more technical awards to commercial breaks, but that prompted a backlash, so they scrapped that idea. So even when Hollywood knows they need to shorten the show… they just can’t do it. And this year, they didn’t even have a host monologue! No one wants to invest over three hours watching the Hollywood prom and speechifying. Just get to awarding! (Full disclosure: I didn’t invest three hours in the show, either. That’s what Twitter is for. It should tell you something that in less than 45 minutes on Twitter, I can get the highlights and the winners, and then move on.)

2) Harvey Weinstein is the demon they cannot exorcise.
While Weinstein himself is now persona non grata in Hollywood, his stench remains everywhere. Weinstein had his hand in the making of too many careers, and Hollywood still can’t come to grips with how they continued to enable him for so many years. THEY. ALL. KNEW.

And those who are still running the show are some who benefited from Weinstein’s power. Including Academy Award co-producer Donna Gigliotti, who was highligted in a particularly damning Twitter thread by reporter Yashar Ali. She won an Oscar with Harvey Weinstein – and turned a blind eye to his victims.
With Weinstein now out of the way, Hollywood is hoping the public forgets their sins. But those sins keep coming back.

3) Best Editing: Bryan Singer
The film “Bohemian Rhapsody” about the band Queen won a few Oscars last night, including Best Actor for Rami Malek, who played Freddie Mercury.

You know what you didn’t hear last night? The name “Bryan Singer.”

Bryan Singer is currently also persona non grata after The Atlantic broke the story of his raping and harassing teenage boys who worked with him. Singer was a well-known director, and it’s like he didn’t even exist tonight. Not one word about him or his victims was ever brought up. If Hollywood is ever going to get rid of the rot that didn’t begin or end with the exposure of Harvey Weinstein, it needs to throw some harsh sunlight on the continuing abuses. And after what we saw tonight, they just can’t do it. Let’s just pretend that it never happened and never speak the names. And yet these are our “moral betters” who feel free to lecture the public about being tolerant and loving and voting against Donald Trump.

4) Social Justice Hollywood can never be satisfied.
Initially, it was a good night for SJW intersectional Hollywood. Both best supporting actor and best supporting actress were won by African American actors, “Black Panther” won best costuming, best production design, and best original score, and Spike Lee won an Oscar for best adapted screenplay. But then the best picture award was given to “Green Book,” and no one was happy.

I’ve looked all around Twitter and found that very few people actually liked this movie, but it was written as Oscar bait – a spin on “Driving Miss Daisy” with the white guy driving the black musician around. And yet, in a crowded best picture field full of virtue signaling (there were 8 movies up for the award), it won thanks to a “preferential ballot” system. Those on Twitter who were hoping for a “Moonlight” moment were disappointed.

This is Hollywood’s own fault. They’ve created a monster that can never be satisfied, and when the “wrong” movie gets the award, well… Twitter implodes. The overcrowded field kind of reminds me of an overcrowded primary… but I digress. Maybe they should just nominate popular movies that people like, and then people would pay attention to the awards? How insane would that be? But a comic book movie might win – *gasp!* – and we can’t have that! We must only have movies that are provoking and political and artistic, not POPULAR.

Which is why Hollywood will never learn. They won’t shorten the show, they can’t get rid of the perverts and criminals they still celebrate, and they will never accept that they are in a money-making business whose job it is to entertain people, not lecture them on how imperfect or racist or unwoke they are. Because, after all, they are the “beautiful people” who dress up and give themselves awards. Therefore, they are BETTER than the rest of us who merely pay to see them work – and not even declining revenue will convince them otherwise. But if the viewers don’t tune in to see them congratulate themselves, THAT hurts. After all, if the viewership numbers continue to drop, Hollywood might have to change their ways. And they’ve already proved they can’t do that.

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  • CaptDMO says:

    Oh, that was on LAST night?
    What were the award winning commercials?

  • windbag says:

    I like a good movie, but if not already extinct, it’s on the endangered species list.

    • GWB says:

      These aren’t current year movies (since I saw them on Hulu), but I’ll suggest:
      Last Knights – essentially a retelling of the story of the 47 Ronin, the setting is unstated, but a lot of shots of Constantinople. The diversity of the cast actually makes sense in that setting (and a fantasy setting even more so). I will warn the affront at the beginning of the movie that sets up the plot is under-supported. Once you move past that it’s pretty good action and intrigue.

      Ragnarok – Norwegian film (subtitles) about searching for what happened with a Viking queen and her funeral barge. It’s a combination widower-with-kids, monster-horror, adventuring-archaeologist, bad-vacation movie. But I enjoyed it. The only thing missing was a line at the end of “Next year we’re DEFINITELY vacationing in Spain.”

  • Dietrich says:

    How soon with the Rapey-town (Hollywood, of course) crowd get behind renaming the John Wayne Airport? We should start a pool of potential new names.

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  • Scott says:

    No surprise that they didn’t mention Bryan Singer, he was raping little boys, and since that interferes with the narrative that gays are to be looked up to, they’ll just brush it under the rug, and pretend it didn’t happen…

    • Well, someday they won’t be the designated victim group, and he’ll get his.

      Remember, Harvey really didn’t fall afoul of the feminists – he fell afoul of BDS. Planning a movie about the 1948 Israeli War of Independence that was even close to historically accurate? He should have realized…

  • Johnny Lumber says:

    I enjoyed Green Book and since it was basically a true story, I don’t think you can say it was written as Oscar bait. However, I cannot understand the accolades given to The Black Panther. It was the only Marvel movie that i didn’t finish watching. Boring. Plus I couldn’t help wondering why this one little place in the whole of Africa was the only place on the continent that was interested in developing technology. Yeah, they had a leg up on the advanced stuff due to the special mountain of metal they were sitting on but even so, the rest of the continent had no interest in advancing at all. I couldn’t get my head around that and I can suspend belief in a lot of stuff when watching a movie.

    • SDN says:

      More to the point, why didn’t they share it with their dark skinned brethren? Can you imagine what the Zulu could have made with it? Instead, they made a movie that is a perfect example of how nationalism / tribalism is a basic impulse.

    • Bandit says:

      The only place where they discovered the wheel

    • Gretz says:

      I saw it as much a combination of Spike Lee’s “Magic Negro” (actually a whole nation of them), and an overwrought cargo-cult mentality. Blessings fall from the gods, and the evil ones are keeping the little people from getting their fair share of it. Except in this case, the people kept the evil whites from getting the magic cargo.

  • Hate_me says:

    Any mention of Gunny Ermey in the program? There should have been some memorial for his contribution to film – he pretty much established the DI trope.

    • Scott says:

      I doubt it, he was a pretty unapologetic conservative.. definitely guilty of “wrong-think”

    • Kodos the Excutioner says:

      In fact, several significant names were left out of the “in memoriam” section; Carol Channing and Vern Troyer among others.

  • Jodi Giddings says:

    I just handed all the awards to Bohemian Rhapsody and called it a night without even watching. You can catch the Queen guitar solo on YouTube from the start of the show. Aaaaa-mazing!

  • Deborah Durkee says:

    Actually, I loved Green Book, and I thought both men should be nominated and the movie after I saw it. It was a good movie. It told of a little known story about the Green Book — something few of us whites now living ever knew anything about. It showed the good and bad of white people at that time. It’s too bad that Spike Lee didn’t want to see any white people doing anything good for black people, but too bad. I loved Bohemian Rhapsody, and I was glad Malek won — such an all around great film. Maybe this one deserved the Oscar for Best Picture — I certainly was thrilled with the whole thing!

  • Bill Peschel says:

    Twitter is the home of the crazies who talk to themselves on the subway, joined by those who don’t live near mass transit.

  • emdfl says:

    Actually one of the main characters in green book(the white guy “driver” IIRC) pretty much said the movie was a pile of made-up crap… aren’t we all surprised – N. O. T.

  • BonHagar says:

    It’s easier and about as time consuming to just watch 1959’s Ben Hur or The Godfather and enjoy both.

  • Bob B says:

    Black Panther was not even the best comic book movie. Spider-Man and the the Spiderverse was well written, clever, visually interesting and downright hilarious. Congratulations to them on their best animated movie win and breaking the Disney stronghold on that category.

  • Strelnikov says:

    All good arguments.

    To abolish Twitter.

  • Lovekraft says:

    Behind all the glitter, there is a strong sense that this is some type of satanic ritual.

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