Flake’s Barf-Worthy Check to Doug Jones: Why Jones’ Radical Abortion Stance is Like a Devil Doughnut

Flake’s Barf-Worthy Check to Doug Jones: Why Jones’ Radical Abortion Stance is Like a Devil Doughnut

Flake’s Barf-Worthy Check to Doug Jones: Why Jones’ Radical Abortion Stance is Like a Devil Doughnut

Jeff Flake, a Republican senator, political exhibitionist, and vocal opponent of President Trump, committed another act of grandstanding on Tuesday: he tweeted a photo of a $100 check he wrote to Roy Moore’s (R) opposition, Doug Jones (D).

Look what’s written on the check’s “For” line:

“Country over party.”

Is “country over party” an ideal that Jeff Flake really adheres to? Does he actually make decisions as a senator according to that ideal?

Maybe he thinks he does. But really, he’s more aligned with a “Flake over party and country” ideal. And people definitely recognize that:

Flake wants Americans to believe that he’s brave, long-suffering, patriotic, and sacrificial. He wants people to think that he “does the right thing,” and that conservatives continuously ditch him for it. Don’t fall for this. He’s not reeling from any sacrifice. He simply exchanged the approval of conservatives for the approval of liberals.

I’m totally peeved at Flake over the check, but let me say this: I’m not peeved that he refused to support Roy Moore. The allegations are serious. Lots of Republicans have pulled their support for Moore and I still think of them as good Republicans, loyal to their party and its ideals.

But here’s the thing: no self-respecting Republican would give money to a candidate who is as pro-choice as Doug “it’s-okay-to-abort-a-nine-month-old-fetus-because-‘my-body-my-choice'” Jones, regardless of what Moore did. Jones makes Obama, Pelosi, and other unwavering abortion activists look like pro-lifers who picket abortion clinics. And when Flake used that check to publicize his support for Jones—when he could have instead advocated voting for neither Jones nor Moore—I felt like barfing. Flake has touted himself as a pro-lifer, and yet, has given money and positive media attention to a truly monstrous pro-choice cause. And he expects applause for it.

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You can’t just give money and support to someone because you like most of what they do, but then be innocent if they also regularly do something that is morally egregious. That is, if you promote a person who has good qualities but also does something morally egregious, you promote their morally egregious thing, too. There’s no way around it. Flake may have supported Jones because Jones seems like this stalwart force against Roy Moore, but in doing so, Flake has also supported Jones’ insane and inhumane abortion ideas.

I think of it like this: I really like doughnuts, right? There’s this west-coast based chain, Voodoo Doughnuts, that has a reputation for making delicious, amazing doughnuts. Seriously, everyone is obsessed with them. Their shops are popping up everywhere. And so, when I went to Portland last year with my husband (who is also a big fan of doughnuts), we were both so excited to finally try a freaking Voodoo doughnut.

And then my heart sank when I was standing in line and saw that they sold a doughnut, the “Diablos Rex,” that had a pentagram iced onto it.

Image source: Voodoo Doughnuts

Never mind that this company has managed to turn a thing as simple and innocent as a doughnut into something that idealizes satanism (God help us and our cultural trajectory). I was standing there in line and realizing that there was no way, in good conscience as a Christian, I could eat a Voodoo doughnut or give money to the company at all. I couldn’t knowingly support or celebrate the appearance of the pentagram as a cultural icon. It would be like patronizing a shop that iced the ISIS flag onto a doughnut… but somehow even worse.

Here’s what I’m saying: if you buy a doughnut with a pentagram on it, that means you’re sort of okay with there being a pentagram on your doughnut. It’s pretty simple.

And even if you don’t buy the pentagram doughnut specifically, if you buy other stuff, you still give money to Voodoo Doughnuts, who will then use your money to *drumroll* make more pentagram doughnuts. And when there’s more pentagram doughnuts, there’s more people who are okay with pentagrams because they see them more often and are more used to them. They become less disturbed by what pentagrams mean. They may even buy into celebrating the deviancy and self-comes-first state of mind that pentagrams are designed to represent. Patronizing Voodoo Doughnuts means helping to create a world where this kind of devilishness becomes normalized and part of our cultural aesthetic.

Can you tell I really don’t like Voodoo Doughnuts? Oh, and by the way, they also make a phallus doughnut. Because our culture is a toilet.

So let’s apply this Voodoo Doughnut concept to Flake’s support of Jones. Can Flake simultaneously support Jones while also being staunchly pro-life?

The answer: heck no.

Because if Jones gets elected, he will be one more liberal politician who’s rabidly pro-abortion. One more voice in Washington that normalizes the idea of butchering babies that would survive outside the womb.

Just like a pentagram doughnut is not just a confection but representative of an idea, Jones is not just an opponent to Roy Moore, but also representative of an idea. A truly awful idea. And I will 100% hold Flake responsible for normalizing and proliferating that idea, even if that wasn’t his intention. Supporting Jones means supporting what Jones stands for. If Flake gives Jones a powerful political voice by helping him win a senate seat, he will be accountable for the ways Jones will use that voice. Specifically, Flake will be accountable for the damage Jones’ rabid pro-abortion rhetoric does to the collective heart of society.

In exchange for attention and notoriety, Flake is willing to step on infants’ rights to exist. That’s not “country before party.”

That’s “Flake before everything.”

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  • CaptDMO says:

    So where do Hot Cross Buns, and Croissants, fit into this?
    Snark aside, and no, the point’s not lost,
    Sometimes, a donut is just a donut. Or cupcake, or slice of pizza, or “Soup to Go”, or puff pastry.
    It USED to be that “Made in Japan” was the signal for less expensive, and astonishingly inferior product.
    Now, that’s been replaced with “Made in China”, with the added caution of potentially harmful.
    And that’s BEFORE Political Science, thinly veiled as “economics” (or vice versa) entered into the logic.
    Did you try at least ONE of the demonic donuts, and decide if they were indeed worthy (dubious) of exceptional acclaim, worthy (dubious) of a higher price, and “going out of one’s way” over others?
    “The Emperor’s New Clothes”

  • CaptDMO says:

    OTOH, now we know what the Jeff Flake brand REALLY is. He attached his (and by implication/association, his wife’s) signature to it.
    So did John Hancock (among others) . There WILL be consequences.

  • GWB says:

    He simply exchanged the approval of conservatives constituents for the approval of liberals the powerful .


  • GWB says:

    no way, in good conscience as a Christian, I could eat a Voodoo doughnut
    What part of the name “Voodoo” did you not get?

    • Ding says:

      Voodoo is not satanic. It is syncretic.

      • Button says:

        Pentagrams are Satanic.

      • GWB says:

        And how are those two things mutually exclusive?
        The syncretism in voodoo is among pagan religions. There is some accretion of Roman Catholic imagery and language to the pagan practices among some practitioners. But, it is not really syncretic with Roman Catholicism.

        Voodoo is most certainly a practice of witchcraft – in accordance with the pentagram Kendall encountered – and therefore anathema to a Christian (and a Jew, btw). She used an unfortunate shorthand referring to “satanism”, instead of “paganism” or “witchcraft”. My statement stands.

    • sdb says:

      Yeah. It would be like a first century Christian buying meat from a pagan temple that had sacrificed the animal to an idol. No way any Christian could do that…

      • GWB says:

        No, not the same. At least in the historical sense. Nor in the philosophical sense.
        In the historical sense, there was not really an option for “pagan-sacrifice-free” meat. Whereas there are likely dozens of decent donut shops in town, mostly pagan/witchcraft-free.
        In the philosophical sense, the argument was about contributing money – when there’s a choice involved – to someone willing to promote paganism/witchcraft. My comment was that the name of the shop gives an indication (submandave’s comment notwithstanding) of its cant, even without encountering a “satanic donut”.

    • submandave says:

      “Voodoo” can refer to the religion, or can be used colloquially as meaning the exertion of an almost unnatural force. When one is entreated to “do that voodoo that you do so well,” no one is speaking of actual supernatural or occult influence.

  • Micha Elyi says:

    Sen. Flake and Mrs. Flake only put out a hundred bucks? If the Flakes really wanted to make a statement, they’d have written a check for the maximum allowed donation amount. Otherwise, their check is a pose not a commitment.

    Both Jeff Flake and Roy Moore illustrate that people in a a political coalition such as the Republican Party don’t often get to choose their fellow coalition members, the members choose them.

    Remember, however distasteful people might find Roy Moore, he’s being painted as a child molester by Democrat media operatives with bylines on thin to no evidence. In contrast, his opponent Doug Jones is OK with molesting little girls, very little girls, girls still in their mother’s womb. Tiny boys too. And Doug Jones on public record. This isn’t a rumor started by someone who’s been silent for decades. Jones is on record as eager to see that molestation of tiny children escalate into sexual activity that ends in snuff-killings–by the millions. Ok, so Doug Jones prefers not to put it that way. He’s got euphemisms. But that’s what he advocates and intends to use the apparatus of the State to pursue his ugly ends.

    Sigh. We truly live in a fallen world. Yet God was able to work his will through even a pagan Persian king. Let us hope the voters of Alabama choose well.

    By the way, this media uproar is an excellent opportunity for folks to take up their walking lists and canvass a few hundred of their closest neighbors. Never let a crisis go to waste. (I heard that somewhere.)

    • SDN says:

      And Vichy Mitchy McConnell is widely seen by AL voters (like my family) as being equally guilty in the smear. He has no concept of the damage he’s done to himself.

  • Ken says:

    I looked at Flake’s donation history. He has only donated to 4 other campaigns before, all Arizonan Repub politicians.

    Flake did what he did because the RNC started supporting Moore again in Alabama.

  • Bandit says:

    $100 donation for sanctimony – lame

    He could at least pony up $500

  • Alexander says:

    So tell us what you think about baking a cake for a gay wedding.

    On second thought, not us, but those reporters outside the Supreme Court Building in D.C. . . .

  • ImPraetor says:

    To be fair, It looked like it could be a white pentagram. If the point is upwards, it is supposed to represent Christ’s 5 wounds, rather than Satan. Just like St. Pauls cross, or the Leviathan Cross, it is just a symbol that has been adopted by Satanists.

  • Optimus Maximus says:

    Moore will win the Senate race.

    Maybe he’s guilty, maybe he’s not.

    However, you’re supposed to be “innocent until proven guilty” in this country, and if he IS guilty, these women should bring suit, and Moore can be dealt with after the election (and another election held, another conservative elected).

    Giving the seat to a liberal for the next 2 years that is opposed to a wall, is in favor of abortion right up until birth, that is in favor of amnesty for illegals, i.e., the entire Trump agenda, makes no sense whatsoever.

    The voters of Alabama see through the charade of Liberal Progressives throwing accusations against the wall right before an election to see what will stick.

    And the charade of the RINOs that join them in their efforts to prevent a true conservative from being elected as well.

    • Scott says:

      Well said

    • GWB says:

      The progs have almost always done this with Moore. The man is not the best spokesperson for conservatism or Christianity (and no one is perfect). But the progs go and push with their outrage and their culture war, and Moore looks SO much better by comparison.

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