Feminists: Papayas and Makeshift Illegal Abortion Kits Are “Remarkable”

Feminists: Papayas and Makeshift Illegal Abortion Kits Are “Remarkable”

Feminists: Papayas and Makeshift Illegal Abortion Kits Are “Remarkable”

Behold! As some of us prepare to celebrate Christmas-a holiday that celebrates the birth of Jesus and therefore, the gift of LIFE, feminists continue to celebrate-you guessed it-death.

Of course, they don’t see it this way. Just days before a celebration of life, feminists like Jessica Valenti call ingenious ideas of makeshift abortion kits (you know, in case abortion should become illegal) “remarkable”. We kid you not:

The article Valenti references is one that describes a “discreet procedure’ a group performed on a papaya assimilating an abortion.

“…And it so happens that the papaya, with its little fruity neck and a central cavity full of seeds and pulp, is a serviceable approximation of a woman’s cervix and womb for the purposes of basic initiation for a medic in training.”

And the opposition hit hard:

Jessica’s response?

Astoundingly stupid?! Nope. What is stupid? Performing an assimilated abortion on a fruit and likening it to a “serviceable approximation of a woman’s cervix and womb”. That’s just dumb. And “training” medical students to take a long instrument to a papaya for the purposes of “pretending” to perform an (illegal) abortion is sheer idiocy.

And Valenti’s response to parenting? (Why yes, she is a parent).

So, why did she choose to have a child? Was she giving in to the patriarchy by doing so? And what happens when he daughter is old enough to question what the procedure known as abortion entails? Will she explain the procedure in detail? Will she tell her daughter why others oppose this procedure? Will she talk about reports or organ harvesting? Will she tell her daughter that she cheered on her celebrity friend for bragging about her abortion? Will she tell her daughter that it is okay to do something or obtain something illegally because this is what she just called “remarkable”.

I remember having to explain the concept of abortion to my son last year. We were in the car and he asked if the baby’s heart is beating at the time of the procedure. I answered honestly. He paused. He looked out the window and then he said, “That’s a person. A person that could be the next president. A person that could cure cancer. A person that could do great things. What a waste.”

Out of the mouths of babes. But by all means, “educated” feminists. Continue to mock those who oppose your views as being inferior to the likes of your ilk. After all, a cervix and a womb are just like a papaya.

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  • LosAngelesKing says:

    Another question to ponder is will Valenti explain to her daughter why she had a “serviceable approximation of her cervix and womb” TWICE (at least what she
    s willing to admit to) before she was born. Will she tell her that those pregnancies that she “terminated” were by known losers she knew for a fact wouldn’t make good fathers, but she still tingled for anyways. Will she tell her daughter those babies were mere “clumps of tissues” not worthy of life?

    I think because she is such a malignant narcissist she will go the route of the martyr and saint, and say “Honey, abortion is legal so women can have babies when they’re truly ready to be mothers. I did that because I loved you, and wanted you to have a good life.”

    She won’t tell her the truth that she was a filthy, flea-bitten trash bag ho that tingled for aloof, uncaring jackasses who happened to be either A) really muscular, blond haired, blue eyed, or B) really well endowed and had her previous babies dismembered piece by piece to evade the consequences of her actions. Valenti certainly won’t tell her daughter that she is a certifiable moron and didn’t seem to understand that having sex is how babies are made.

    In her woe-is-me, bitch fest Sex Object, she detailed how one of her previous manginas, sorry “boyfriends” broke up with her (allegedly at his mother’s behest) because it was believed by his mother that Valenti didn’t like kids. LOL. What the hell would give them that idea?

  • Timmy says:

    Abortion is no longer a medical procedure, it is a cult.

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