Friday Fiction: 100 Word Challenge Christmas Edition

Friday Fiction: 100 Word Challenge Christmas Edition

Friday Fiction: 100 Word Challenge Christmas Edition

The inspiration and story …


He takes a last look around, feeling the pang of leaving; of all the books he cannot take. She smiles in sympathy.

“We need to travel light and fast. At least you have all your work.”

His hands travel lightly over the coat he wears, all his years of research and careful calculations sewn into the lining.

“It will get us where we need to go. After that, well, we’ll see what happens.”

They step out on the porch, no need to lock the door. She laughs, “Do you know how hard it was to locate frankincense and myrrh?”


Now, it’s your turn. Write a 100 word story and post it in the comments.

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  • Brian Brandt says:

    “Give me a vector.”

    “Ah . . . zero degrees, Hound Dog, due North. Range thirty miles. Angels 7.”


    “Hound Dog, you are cleared to fire. Copy.”

    “Roger. Cleared to fire. Engaging fire control radar.”

    “Hound Dog engage.”


    . . . . .

    “Hound Dog, status.”

    . . . . .

    “Hound Dog, state your status.”

    . . . . .

    “It’s so beautiful.”

    . . . . .

    “Say again, Hound Dog.”

    . . . . .

    “Hound Dog, do you copy?”

    . . . . .

    “Hound Dog, do you copy?”

    . . . . .

    “Hound Dog?”

  • Steven Fletcher says:

    Can’t remember when I first saw the star, two years ago – or maybe three – whenever I looked up. Began thinking of it as my guiding light. Never expected it to lead anywhere.

    December 12 – suddenly it was gone. December 14 back again. Then gone again, back again. Like it was trying to catch my attention.

    It stopped over a Salvation Army display – a Nativity in the park. A plaque nearby read, “If I be lifted up I will draw all men to me.” That was my star, drawing my attention. I guess that’s what stars do, they point to freedom.

  • Bob Rich says:

    What do make of that, Melch?

    Dunno, Balth, but I’ve got a gut feeling we should follow it. Looks like somethin’ big goin’ down.

    I’m in. Wadda you say Gaspar?
    Gaspar? GASPAR!?

    What? What? Oh. Wow. Holy heavenly host! Yeah.
    Looks like they may be partying. Should we pick up something to take – bring? Is it bring or take?

    Either. But good thinking, Gasp. There’s a Frankinscence ‘R Us at the next oasis.

    Well, boys, what are we waiting for? We have full camels, half a pack of cigarettes, it’s dark, and we’re wearing sunglasses. Let’s hit it.

  • Tom says:

    Dude, where’s our car?

    Uh, it’s dark out. We need some light, yeah. I mean, we are Blitzed… And it’s funny to see you Prancing…

    Whoa… Look at that star! It shines so bright. I think we’ll find our car tonight!

    Okay, what do we do now? I mean, what were we doing again? Just kiddin’…

    It’s cool bro, I got the keys. I can see the car. God help me, please!

    Dude, what does THAT mean?!?

    Well, if God helped us find the car, maybe we can gift Him some gifts.

    What do we got, dude?

    Beer, Doritos, ourselves…

  • Wyldkat says:

    Standing in a cold barren field, I looked up at the Light; a beautiful, glorious Light. A light that hung in the sky, just slightly north of due west, day and night, calling me.

    I followed it for months, maybe years, at first driving until I ran out of gas and money, then I walked, stopping only to rest, working at odd jobs for meals. Always it beckoned me onward. I knew that wherever it was leading me, I was going home.

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