Feminists Now Dictating How Your Children Should Be Educated

Feminists Now Dictating How Your Children Should Be Educated

One of the tenets of modern feminism is having absolute control over how women live their lives. Feminists claim to be pro-choice, but they don’t actually want women to make their own choices. A woman choosing to be pro-life, or a stay-at-home mom, for example, is labeled an anti-feminist and a tool for the patriarchy. So it isn’t surprising, then, that a family’s choice to homeschool their children is being ridiculed and demeaned as oppressive and wrong.

Jill’s first issue? The article is written by a man, and clearly, men should have no say whatsoever about any family issues, because men are evil and oppressive and therefore, should not do anything except bow down to women’s vast superiority. Any time a man makes a decision regarding his family, feminists howl. (Don’t dare point out that a man should be the head of his family, either.)

And because the wife is the one who chose to stay at home with her children, and the husband only teaches them math in the morning, this is clearly a situation of patriarchal oppression. The man couldn’t possibly be teaching math because he’s better at it, right? No, it’s got to be his way of keeping his woman down.

The comments are even better — there are actually claims that the husband, who taught graduate students at Columbia, isn’t qualified to teach his own children. And because homeschool equals “hyperindividualism”, which is “bad for the community”, it shouldn’t be done.

What a surprise. A feminist wants to dictate how parents choose to raise their families and educate their children, as well as decide who is or isn’t qualified to do so.

It is absolutely ridiculous that feminists claim to be pro-choice, and speaking for women. These feminazis are the most anti-choice people on the planet. Women aren’t actually allowed to make their own choices. Look at the wife that Jill mocked and attacked here: she chose to quit her job to stay at home with her children, and it’s being derided as some kind of patriarchal oppression. If the choice a woman makes isn’t one the feminazis approve of, then women shouldn’t be allowed to make that choice.

But hey, remember girls: they know what’s best for you and your family. You don’t. So when they’re deriding the decisions you’ve made and calling you a feminist traitor, just remember: they know better. And they’re just making sure you make the right choice, even if you don’t agree.

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