Carolyn Maloney Loses to Nadler, Blames Misogyny

Carolyn Maloney Loses to Nadler, Blames Misogyny

Carolyn Maloney Loses to Nadler, Blames Misogyny

Yesterday, our Deanna told you about the drama surrounding the 12th District Of New York and pitting long time Representatives Jerry Nadler and Carolyn Maloney against each other. Well, it’s all over Nadler won and Maloney lost. Mrs. Maloney is not taking her loss well. She blames…wait for it…misogyny. Oof!

Carolyn Maloney and Jerrold Nadler are a year apart in age. She’s 76 and he’s 75. In reality, he’s a hella old 75. If you have never seen the video of Nadler pooping himself and trying to move out of Nancy Pelosi’s way, it is frightening. You can watch it here. The two former colleagues came to Congress in the same election cycle of 1992. Both parties need to retire to their stoops and yell at children. Suraj Patel was also running in the NY12 race, but he’s only 38 and doesn’t know how to bring home the grift for NYC, so the voters went with Nadler.

Both Nadler and Maloney are pretty nasty beings. What made the difference for voters? Nadler had the Chuck Schumer endorsement and women’s groups endorsed Maloney. Maybe it was Eastside (Maloney) versus Westside (Nadler) like the Jets versus the Sharks. According to Carolyn Maloney, it was sexism and misogyny. From the Daily Mail:

During her concession speech, Maloney congratulated Nadler even as she attributed his victory to sexism.

‘I’m really sad that we no longer have a woman representing Manhattan in Congress,’ Maloney said.

She invoked the examples of trailblazing female politicians like Geraldine Ferraro and Shirley Chisholm, adding that they ‘fought sexist systems and misogyny that continues today, as we know from my own campaign.’

‘We must move forward and build on their legacies, continue to open doors, end all forms of discrimination and smash glass ceilings. We must continue to be unbought and unbossed,’ Maloney said.

After all these years, your voters suddenly caught misogynistism? Is it spread by droplets or is it aerosolized like Covid? I despise these loser women. I am a girly girl. My favorite song is still “I enjoy being a girl”. When I lose at something, I lose. It’s not anyone else’s fault. I lost and I take it like a woman. I am no biologist, but I am 112% positive that I am an adult, human, female.

Making it in politics is a dirty, smashmouth business. Man or woman, very few get to grift serve and 30 years is a long ass time. After 30 years Carolyn Maloney, couldn’t be gracious and take it like a woman. She wined and embarrassed herself.

Let’s take a moment and remember the miracle that was the late former Prime Minister of Great Britain, Lady Margaret Thatcher:

Sister Toldjah at Red State was appalled at the whiny Maloney too:

This kind of BS defaulting to “sexism” as an excuse when women lose/get rejected/are not taken seriously sets back other women 50 years or more because it shows an inability to consider the possibility that their failures were rooted in their abilities and/or qualifications (and/or lack thereof) rather than simply people rejecting them because they are women.

If women – Democratic women specifically since you rarely see Republican women throw the woman card – want to be viewed as equals to men on the playing field, then they need to learn how to take it like a woman when rejection comes their way and then move on.

Let’s raise women who want a seat at the table to earn it and own it. No whining. No blaming misogyny. When you lose, and you will, own the loss too.

Maybe the Republicans can run a woman in two years and we’ll send old Poopy Pants Nadler to the the old folks home.

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  • Scott says:

    Ok, the video of Nadler shitting himself is priceless. and shows how worthless the voters of that district are, that they would vote for such an invalid.
    On a different tack, I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss her claims of misogyny.. While I agree, leftist women are way to quick to blame their failures on anything but themselves, we are talking about democrats, and we know that as much as they scream about racism, they ARE the racists, so is it that big a stretch to believe ( with many examples like Clintoon, Biden, et al) that they are also misogynists’?..

  • Politically Ambidextrous says:

    Hey, at least she didn’t claim voter suppression (or voter fraud).

  • From the first I found myself thinking, “What a pity both these fine candidates can’t lose.” Oh well, we can’t have everything.

  • Taylor says:

    Too bad they both could not lose.

  • Honestly, given the choice between only those two, I would pick Nadler. They’re both equally corrupt and Constitution hating – but Jerry looks a LOT less creepy in his photo. She’s scarier looking than Pelosi – and that’s saying something.

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