Fauci Gushes About Pfizer, Gaffes—Reminds Us “Fauci-Fatigue” is Real

Fauci Gushes About Pfizer, Gaffes—Reminds Us “Fauci-Fatigue” is Real

Fauci Gushes About Pfizer, Gaffes—Reminds Us “Fauci-Fatigue” is Real

After the FDA approved the Pfizer vaccine for COVID Monday, Dr. Anthony Fauci went on the news rounds to discuss the gloom and doom of not getting vaccinated to all who would listen, reminding us how painful “Fauci-Fatigue” is.

We know how this goes; we’ve reported on it multiple times—he’ll say something that sounds factual, then completely contradict it later, thinking no one notices. While the FDA approval of Pfizer’s was remarkable, Fauci speaking a untruth then backstepping his statement within a few hours was interesting to say the least.

Early Monday, Fauci went on NPR gushing over Pfizer’s vaccine approval stating

“If all things go the way we want them to … and we get really the overwhelming majority of the people vaccinated, I think as we get into the fall and the winter, we could start to really get some good control over this as we get into 2022.”

To which every parent, employer, and business owner in the United States could be heard collectively saying “What the hell? A year? This isn’t over for a year?!”

I know you heard it. For sure Anthony Fauci heard it, because unlike all his other misinformation regarding COVID, within hours he backpedaled on his NPR interview. Meeting up with Anderson Cooper on his next media stop, he apologized,

“… Anderson, I have to apologize…When I listened to the tape, I meant to say the spring of 2022, so I did misspeak…I hope we could start to get some good control in the spring of 2022. I didn’t mean the fall. I misspoke, my bad.”

He did say “my bad”. That doesn’t make it okay when my teenager says it, it certainly isn’t when the guy who put himself in charge of civil liberties says it.

I wish this guy could look at a calendar before and after he declares his edicts. Let’s not forget, he did say masks were to be worn until Mother’s Day next year. Then he switched to fall to NPR, then switched to Spring 2022 again.

It’s more difficult to keep up with his recommendations, mandates and civil liberty tromping as much as it is to keep up with his opposing recommendations. It is fatiguing. Yes, I said it. I have Fauci-Fatigue and the pain is real. You might have it too.

Symptoms include ignoring him when he speaks, not heeding his latest recommendation, or freaking out when he picks another arbitrary date when this COVID craziness will end, like what happened today.

What we’re really hoping for is a date when we know he will go away once and for all and never insert himself in our lives again.

Let’s make a list of a few of the ways Dr. Fauci has exacerbated Fauci-Fatigue in all of us:

Rand Paul has referred Dr. Anthony Fauci to the DOJ for a criminal investigation into the funding of gain of function research and lying to Congress.

Speaking of Rand Paul, he also torched Dr. Anthony Fauci for his idiotic recommendation to wear two masks.

Oh but who can forget, especially after Monday’s switcher-oo from Fauci, the whole “Fifteen Days to Flatten The Curve” messaging that Fauci foisted on us in May 2020. Count the months, oh looky, that clever marketing turned into “Fifteen Months to Flatten the Curve”. Notice, Fauci moved that date again today.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Fauci shouldn’t oversee a group of toddlers, let along a pandemic.

Facts we do know, according to the CDC, 171 million Americans are considered fully vaccinated. That is slightly over 50%.

The CDC also estimates that about 1 out of 3 Americans have had COVID. Let’s do some math. One third of 331 million people is roughly a 130 million. One thing Fauci needs to speak on but he won’t because it doesn’t fit his narrative—natural immunity from having COVID.

Taking the 171 million vaccinated and adding it to the 130 million who have had it—and have natural immunity—we have reached approximately 300 million immune Americans. That is herd immunity in rough numbers. Even accounting for those who have had COVID and then taken the vaccine.

There is no reason we should be talking about “spring 2022” to get rid of Fauci-Fatigue. The time is now. We are red-blooded Americans with rights given to us by God–not an un-elected, power-hungry doctor who has little success to show for the amount of damage he has done to Americans in the last fifteen months.

Featured image: NIAID/flickr/cropped/altered/CC BY 2.0.

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  • Kelly says:

    Sick of ALLL things Fauci and covid.. he has no credibility with me. And organizations that spread his lies I don’t trust- i’m discontinuing my membership with the national Italian-American foundation. They gave him some prestigious award… nope!

  • ted says:

    Strange, if the gummint gives hospitals extra money for China Bat Flu treatment, the incidence of WuFlu treatment rises, and pediatric ‘flu’ deaths tend toward zero.

  • Jack says:

    As soon as flu season hits we will have 30 million new covid cases. The average number of cases for the flu. Why? Because the flu is being mistaken for covid. Just like last year.

  • Fauci isn’t even as useful as some regime apparatchiks are. At least when Jen Psaki says something, you know it is definitely NOT the truth.

  • ROP says:

    It wasnt approved the FDA on page 12 kept the emergency use in place
    Not that I am going to take it anyway

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