EU Clobbered With Brexit Clue Bat

EU Clobbered With Brexit Clue Bat

EU Clobbered With Brexit Clue Bat

If the EU is paying even a smidgen of attention, they just got smacked with a clue bat called Brexit. On Friday January 31, 2020 at 11:59 PM, Brexit became official and Great Britain left the European Union. The EU is being taught a very big lesson here. Will they listen?

Brexit was voted on TWICE. The first time around was in 2016. The vote was definitively FOR leaving the EU. Yet that didn’t happen. Why? Because those in power in Parliament and at the EU determined that they knew better than British citizens. As evidenced in this video from last October, members of the EU capably demonstrated that they don’t care about the voices of British citizens.

Yes indeed, she was a patronizing snob. The fact is, she was echoing what many in the British Parliament in favor of remaining in the EU were saying. The voters were confused. The voters didn’t know what they were voting for. The British voters were stupid. What she and others including Theresa May failed to realize is insulting voters is a very stupid move.

Then, Boris Johnson was elected as Prime Minister. The gnashing of teeth in the EU and Parliament was very instructive. Then came the election. Folks like Jeremy Corbyn were absolutely positive they’d win the majority and Brexit would be tossed onto the ash heap of history for once and for all.

The election results, instead, showed that the elites from Great Britain to the EU completely and utterly misread and ignored the fact that the PEOPLE had had enough of having their voice/their votes stomped all over. The results for those wishing to REMAIN were devastating. Some are still wondering what happened.

Fast forward to Friday. Prime Minister Boris Johnson bypassed the media (who got their knickers in a massive twist about it) and posted a video about this historic event on his Facebook page. 

People all over Great Britain celebrated.

Bells rang, fireworks were set off, and even Big Ben’s chimes sounded.

Do you think that those in the EU and in Britain who wanted to stay in the EU understand the ramifications of this clue bat? Not a chance.

London’s mayor certainly doesn’t.

I’d say Sadiq Khan is tone deaf and clueless.

Over here, the New York Times plaintively asked “What if Brexit works?”

“Having taken back control of their affairs from the unelected bureaucrats in Brussels, the British people will be able to enact rules that suit them, not 27 other countries. They will be rule makers, not rule takers, in a popular phrase often used by Brexiteers. That, they said, is a stirring victory for sovereignty.”

Key phrase in that one paragraph

Unelected bureaucrats 

Yes, those unelected bureaucrats have caused a great deal of trouble for every country within the EU. Several times a country has passed laws. Several times the EU has come tromping in and informed them that their votes are invalid. And that’s not all.

“It plays favorites: The pro-EU Emmanuel Macron is allowed to temporarily blow through the budgeting and debt requirements imposed on member states, but those same requirements are enforced with fervor against populists such as Italy’s Matteo Salvini. And it has no qualms about interfering in the politics of its member states: During the Euro crisis, recalcitrant national governments in Italy and Greece were replaced by a combination of pressure from above in the form of the Commission and the European Central Bank, and from sideways in the form of captured native interests.”

Unelected bureaucrats setting rules and regulations that they favor without thinking about what is functionally workable for that individual country. Gosh, who does that remind you of? Paging the Democrats in VA and the impeachment circus dumpster fire led by Nancy Pelosi and the Schifty crew.

Is the EU listening? MEP Guy Verhofstad, whom you see in the video above, had this to say. 

“Brexit has underscored the need to “make it into a real Union, a Union without opt-in, without opt-outs, without rebates, without exceptions. Only then we can defend our interests and defend our values.””

WHOSE values? Britain’s values? Nope. The values of the unelected bureaucrats in the EU helped along by a willing media? YES. French President Macron whined that this is a “historic alarm signal.” He needs to fix his own country, which is imploding, instead of finger pointing at Britain.

Does the EU understand the wake up clue bat they’ve been smacked with?

Watch to the end. The EU rules say: Don’t stand for your own country. Don’t wave your country’s flag. You can’t do that because the EU is sovereign. That’s the implication here.

No wonder the citizens of Britain wanted Brexit.

Will the EU ever get a clue as to how and why they brought this upon themselves? Only time will tell.

Feature Photo Credit: George Hodan CCO Public Domain, cropped and modified

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  • Ralph R Jaeger says:

    The good people of the UK can sing “Rule Britannia” with pride !

  • Mike says:

    And yet, and yet….there are millions in North America who are completely convinced that a One World Government is a really peachy idea.

  • Bobo the Hobo says:

    There’s hope for Great Britain yet. Congratulations, GB, I’m thrilled y’all have thrown off the shackles of that God awful EU!

  • Whoopie says:

    Yes, the EU is listening. Already there are moves afoot to abolish the process by which member states can opt-out. Like the Hotel California where you can check in anytime you like, but you can never leave. The EU was never anything but a rehash of the former Soviet Union. Now if only they had an EU army to send in tanks to crush dissent.

  • Joe in PNG says:

    I’ve been saying that Nigel Farage should have left Brussels in a Lancaster bomber, escorted by a couple of wings of Spitfires & Hurricanes.

  • Charles N. Steele says:

    I absolutely loved those videos! Nigel Farage and co. are heroes. Those Union Jacks at the end, to the consternation of the Eurocrats – beautiful!

    And Farage is right, there is a long fight ahead; Onward!

  • njc says:

    I think the theme chant of the EUrocrats must be “You love me! You really love me!” It seems to be the cultural self-delusion of bureaucrats everywhere, and perhaps especially in places that are supposed to be meritocracies, since in a meritocracy you’re supposedly selected for your wisdom.

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