Bill Kristol Never Trumper Goes Full Drama Queen

Bill Kristol Never Trumper Goes Full Drama Queen

Bill Kristol Never Trumper Goes Full Drama Queen

The Never Trumpers are a sad lot of puling sourpusses. Bill Kristol, the king of puling sourpusses, has gone full drama queen in his latest denouncement of President Donald Trump. Because it looks like the President will be acquitted in the Senate sometime next week, Kristol has declared that “We are all Democrats now.” No, doll, “WE” are not. Maybe, you should climb down out of your ivory tower and talk to some real folk.

When last Victory Girls felt the need to give Bill Kristol a mighty thwap, he was declaring that the hero dog of the Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi removal was a Never Trumper and would decline an invitation to the White House because Orange Man Bad was Commander-in-Chief. Our Jodi wrote about it, and you can read her post here. Trump Derangment Syndrome seems to affect those at the top far more rabidly than any other demographic. And, Mr. Kristol has been breathing rarefied air since birth.

The son of Neoconservative leader Irving Kristol and Victorian scholar Gertrude Himmelfarb, and Harvard educated, Bill Kristol is wrong more often than he is right. Even his own father thought so:

“He would rather take an interesting wrong position than a dull correct one,” says a longtime neocon who did not want to be named because the two are friendly. Several people who know Kristol describe his Palin boosterism — his very public campaign to persuade John McCain to put her on the Republican ticket — as a schoolboy-like infatuation, sparked when a Weekly Standard cruise docked in Juneau. […] “Bill’s a very close friend of mine, but he does an awful lot of things just to get publicity,” says one prominent Republican who also did not want to be named for fear of offending Kristol. Even his father had his qualms. “My poor son has got it wrong again,” he sometimes lamented to an old family friend.

Ouch Dad!

And speaking of the Weekly Standard, Bill Kristol was one of the founders in 1995 of that magazine, which I used to love. The Weekly Standard died in 2018 of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Now, the looming acquittal of President Trump has got Kristol feeling his agita again. He Tweeted:

What part of Democrat? The murder of innocents in the womb? The anti-2A gun grabbers? The confiscation of wealth from the rich? The redistribution of that wealth? The demonization of law enforcement? The open borders? I am a hard pass on all of that, thank you very much.

Now, Bill Kristol is with The Bulwark. From his lofty perch on the masthead, Kristol whines like a thirteen year old girl about Trump voters. Worse, he thinks Trump and Bernie Sanders are alike:

Um, darling, I think Donald Trump has good reason to cast a wary eye on American intelligence officers given their history of being wrong and often against him. Not all intelligence officers, mind you. And, what totalitarian dictators? Trump is a pragmatist. He takes the world as he finds it. He hasn’t bowed to anyone and he hasn’t told anyone he would have more flexibility after the next election.

I say again, people who hate Trump, like Bill Kristol, really hate us, the average American because we don’t bow to their superiority. We are not ruled and don’t wish to be.

Bill Kristol needs to keep his puling maw shut. Thank you and buh-bye, Bill.

Bill Kristol“Bill Kristol” by Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

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  • Joe in PNG says:

    Even as the Soviets were surrounding Stalingrad or Berlin, there were some Russians who surrendered- an obviously stupid tactic which meant both starving under Germans who hated you, and being arrested as a traitor later.
    The thing the Never Trupmers don’t understand is that the old, comfortable life as the token opposition is over. Cancel culture and California style Uniparty states don’t allow for even a superficial divergence from the Party’s opinion. The next move by the Democrats is to ensure no Republican has a chance to ever win again, not matter how squishy he is.
    Happily, the President knows this, and it looks like the Senate is coming to that realization also.

  • The Lofty Perch Pundits Assn., of which Bill Kristol is a founding member, should have learned to “climb down” two years ago. By then President Trump had made plain by his actions that he meant every word of his campaign promises. Trump has compiled so spectacular a record in office that anyone not afflicted by envy-induced rage should be able to see it. (And that was with a largely uncooperative Congress, remember.) But Kristol and his fellow-travelers would rather remain venomously wrong. Their vanity will not allow any other posture.

  • Bucky says:

    Kristol has delusions of relevance.

  • 370H55V says:

    Actually, it’s pretty clear what motivates him: Democrat until 11/4/20, at which time if Bernie/Biden/Warren/Buttigieg/Klobuchar is elected, he will return to the fold and spend the next four years whining about the disastrous policy proposals of the leftwing Dems in power in order to raise big money for Conservatism, Inc. and sell seats on various cruises. I met him once and thought he was a poor successor to his father, who at least went to the School of Hard Knocks, growing up in a tough part of Brooklyn and attending CCNY.

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