Elizabeth Warren Blames Turkeys For Inflation Woes

Elizabeth Warren Blames Turkeys For Inflation Woes

Elizabeth Warren Blames Turkeys For Inflation Woes

Turkeys are too expensive says Elizabeth Warren. However, instead of focusing on WHY the cost of a turkey and all the trimmings has gone up, she wants to go after the turkey producers.

U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren on Monday called on the Justice Department to open a broad investigation on the impact of price- fixing and consolidation in the poultry sector on consumers and farmers.

The former Democratic presidential candidate also urged the department’s Antitrust Division to review “with suspicion” any large mergers in the industry, after Cargill Inc and Continental Grain said in August they would buy chicken company Sanderson Farms (SAFM.O) for $4.53 billion.

Warren said in a letter that consumers are paying higher prices because of excessive consolidation, price-fixing and “plain-old corporate greed.”

Remember when Joe Biden told us that our 4th of July food was only going to cost us about $.16? What a bargain! But now, suddenly the Democrats are kind of sort of worried about inflation. And food costs have risen pretty much across the board. In fact, a Thanksgiving meal this year will cost 14% MORE than it did last year. 

But never fear! Elizabeth ‘not an Indian’ Warren is on the case!

Except that blaming the turkey for inflation is stupid and incredibly short-sighted. Dollar Tree had to raise their prices. Oh sure, they put out a good PR message about the issue, but the fact of the matter is, whether it’s Dollar Tree or any other company, in order to keep ANY kind of profit margin prices go up. All thanks to the Bidenflation the Administration has created.

But wait! Jobless claims are the lowest in years, which means companies are hiring, right? Oh they’d LOVE to hire, but no one is coming through the door. There are multiple retail businesses that I know who desperately need two – five more employees (or more), and it’s like pulling teeth to get anyone to apply.

Never mind those pesky facts. Elizabeth Warren is telling us to blame the turkeys!  In addition to the above, there’s more than a few sticky issues standing in the way of blaming that poor fowl. 

Inflation, worker shortages and supply chain problems are causing an increase in turkey prices, a turkey-farming couple told Fox News.

“You name it, equipment, fuel, labor, everything,” Kyle Scott, who co-owns Old Glory Farm in Wisconsin with his wife, Deanna, told Fox News. “There’s just inflation. Everywhere we look, every direction we turn, everything seems to be more expensive.”

 Deanna Scott said: “The price of the poults has gone up. The price of the feed has gone up, the price of shipping has gone up, the price of labor has gone up. And unfortunately, to be turning any kind of profit, the price of the turkey has to go up.”

This is what good ole Lizzie and the rest of he Democrats are completely ignoring. They tout the hideously expensive Build Back Better bill as THE KEY to easing inflation woes. They continue to blame Donald Trump for every problem that they are creating. Plus, we are supposed to be HAPPY about all of this inflation. It’s just a blip, a minor bug. 

Tell that to the families and seniors who are looking at rising grocery and fuel prices, and having to make tough choices. 

Darn those greedy corporations for daring to raise prices! 

Lizzie is not reading the room, at all. The blame big corporations for everyone’s economic woes and rising prices got old when she was spouting the same drivel during the Trump Administration. It’s even worse now. What are Lizzie and the rest of the Democrats ignoring while they bitch about turkey prices? This. 

Voters REALLY don’t like the direction the U.S. is headed and are ticked that the DNC isn’t listening to them

Democrat voters definitively indicated they are extremely concerned about the dismal state of the economy

Voters want focus on economy, not woke social justice issues

Focusing on Trump pissed a lot of people off

Terry McAuliffe was a terrible candidate

DNC ignored the overall education issues and dismissed very real concerns about school closures

Elizabeth Warren would rather beat that dead turkey than understand that the mood among Democrat voters has shifted, dramatically.

She blames turkeys while completely ignoring the supply chain issues and the immense labor shortage all over the country. 

Biden tells us that all 291,000 electric vehicle owners don’t have to worry about inflation because they saved on gas. 

Never mind that, CNN jumped in to try and save the day. Don’t blame Biden for this inflation mess. Blame everyone else! Including turkeys. 

In going after big corporations and trying to get the DOJ to investigate turkey price-gouging, Elizabeth Warren once again demonstrates how economically illiterate she is. 

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  • Howy says:

    Better idea. Let’s investigate where Senators acquired their wealth. If they want to see Trump’s tax returns, pony up theirs, first.

  • Micha Elyi says:

    Didn’t Elizabeth “Pow Wow Chow” Warren make big money by flipping houses around the time of the Great Real Estate Market Crash?

    I believe Elizabeth “Lizzie Borden” Warren is a fraud. She has a grabby covet-thy-neighbor’s-goods problem. (But why should she be the Democrat pol who is different from all the rest?)

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