SC Senator Lindsey Graham Voted For Evan McMullin

SC Senator Lindsey Graham Voted For Evan McMullin

SC Senator Lindsey Graham Voted For Evan McMullin

Republican Senator from South Carolina Lindsey Graham tweeted that he voted for Independent candidate and former CIA operations officer and the Washington Post headlined it. Senator Graham voted for McMullin for President in the 2016 election rather than vote for his former colleague in the Senate, Hillary Clinton, or Republican candidate, Donald Trump.


Once upon a time, Senator Lindsey Graham, Rino, South Carolina, was looked upon favorably. During the Impeachment of President Bill Clinton, Lindsey Graham did some fine work. Lindsey Graham is a lawyer in the Air Force, in addition to occupying a seat in the Senate. Just take a look at Lindsey Graham in this clip from the Impeachment.

Doggone boy, what happened to you. Yeah, the Republicans totally rejected you as Presidential timber pretty quickly, but then you morph into a total turncoat.

And, South Carolina. You know I really, really love your entire state, but why do you keep returning this spaghetti-spined doofus to office. Y’all fired the first shots in the War of Northern Aggression (The Civil War) and now you cannot find a better candidate than Lindsey Graham?

At least Lindsey Graham voted for his colleague and fellow South Carolina Senator Tim Scott. That’s a mercy anyway.

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  • VALman says:

    It’s being reported that George and Laura Bush both left the top of the ticket blank, did not vote for POTUS. Sour grapes? As I recall, they were not fans of Ronald Reagan either.

    Whatever the case, it’s poor form as far as I’m concerned.

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