Election Night Open Thread

Election Night Open Thread


It’s election night, and for most of the country, the polls are now closed. Tune in here tonight for results as they come in. Will the GOP take the Senate? Will Floridians continue to prove that they’re crazy by re-electing a flip-flopping Oompa Loompa wannabe? Check back for breaking news and commentary for Election Night 2014.

7:05: Fox News has called the race for Mitch McConnell.

7:15: Fox News is projecting that Lindsey Graham and Tim Scott will both win in South Carolina.

7:20: Nikki Haley is the predicted winner for the gubernatorial race in South Carolina.

7:30: Governor John Kasich of Ohio will win reelection, and Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia wins her Senate race, making her West Virginia’s first female senator. And she happens to be Republican.

7:50: Exit polls say 72% of Americans are worried about another terrorist attack in the U.S. That’s what a weak foreign policy brings.

8:00: Fox News calls races for Republicans Thad Cochran of Mississippi, Lamar Alexander of Tennessee, Susan Collins of Maine, Jeff Sessions of Alabama (unopposed), and Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma, as well as James Lankford, also of Oklahoma, in a special election to serve out the remaining two years of Tom Coburn’s term. Democrat Cory Booker holds for New Jersey. Democrat Tom Wolf unseats Republican Tom Corbett in the Pennsylvania gubernatorial race.

8:30:  Fox News and Townhall call US Senate Races in Rhode Island and Massachusetts.  Jack Reed in RI keeps his seat as incumbent Democrat..  Ed Markey holds seat for Democrat Party.  Delaware keeps US Senate for Democrat by re-electing incumbent Christopher Coons.  AND with 57% of the vote thus far, Fox predicts that Republican Tom Cotten will defeat incumbent Senator Mark Pryor (D) for the US Senate seat in Arkansas.

9:00:  Fox News and CNN call Greg Abbott as projected winner in TX over Wendy Davis.  With Fox News showing Abbott’s lead over Davis at 58%-41%.  CNN calls former SD Governor Mike Rounds (R) as the winner for SD’s US Senate seat over Wieland.

9:15:  Fox News and CNN call Gubernatorial races.  Mark Dayton (D) of MN, Andrew Cuomo (D) of NY, and Maggie Hassan (D) keep their seats.  Asa Hutchinson (R) wins Governor’s seat for Arkansas.

9:30:  Clay Aiken loses US House race to Renee Ellmers at margin of 57%-43% in North Carolina. Pete Ricketts (R) for Governor and Ben Sasse (R) for Senate in Nebraska. Al Franken (D) MN keeps seat. Gary Peters (D) MI over Terri Lynd Land

9:40: Mary Fallin (R) OK and Matt Mead (R) for Wyoming projected by Fox News to win

9:45: Fox News projects Shaheen (D) to beat Scott Brown (R) in NH, and Louisiana Senate race will go to a runoff on December 6th.

9:50: Rick Scott beats Charlie Crist, wins second term as Florida governor.

9:55: Fox News projects Cory Gardner (R) beats Democrat Incumbent Mark Udall in Colorado.

10:00 Fox News call New Mexico governor’s race for Republican Incumbent Susana Martinez, Mead (R) wins reelection in Wyoming, Franken (D) wins in Minnesota, Branstead (R) wins reelection in Iowa governorship, and Steve Daines (R) is projected to beat Amanda Curtis (D) in Montana bringing the Republicans gain in the Senate to 5.

10:15: Fox News projects Republicans retain control of House of Representatives gaining 10 more seats.

10:20: Fox News projects Republican Incumbent Scott Walker beats Mary Burke in race for the governorship in Wisconsin.

10:38: It’s OFFICIAL! Joni Ernst wins Iowa Senate seat, and that makes a pickup of SIX seats and GOP control of the Senate! Ernst is the first woman to represent Iowa in the US Senate.

10:41: MI Governor Snyder (R) has been projected by Fox News to win reelection, and in AZ, Doug Duecy has been projected as the winner, which keeps that governor’s seat GOP.

10:47: Pat Roberts manages to hold off Greg Orman and win reelection in Kansas to the US Senate! That’s a hold for the GOP.

10:51: Scott Brown announces that he is challenging the results of the NH Senate vote. The current vote has them tied by percentage.

10:59: No runoff in Georgia!!! Republican David Perdue wins over 50% of the vote and takes the seat! This was already a GOP seat.

11:02: Gubernatorial race updates:
Deal (R) beats Carter (D) in Georgia
Brown (D) gets a record 4th term in California

11:05: Senate race updates with the closing of the polls on the West Coast…
Merkley (D) projected to beat Wehby (R) in Oregon
Risch (R) wins reelection in Idaho
Schatz (D) wins election to the seat he was appointed to (after the death of Senator Daniel Inouye) in Hawaii

11:28: Tillis WINS in North Carolina!!! Fox News officially calls the race for him! This is a pickup of SEVEN SEATS!

11:30: Runoff predicted in Louisiana between Landrieu (D) and Cassidy (R) for the Senate seat that Landrieu currently holds.
BREAKING – AP reports that Bruce Rauner (R) has defeated incumbent Pat Quinn (D) for governor of Illinois!!!

11:55:  Fox News has called the MA Governor’s race for Charlie Baker (R) over Martha Coakley (D) for Democrat Gov Deval Patrick’s seat. Meanwhile the CO Governor’s race is still to close to call

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  • Jodi says:

    The Illinois and Massachusetts upsets are huge!

  • Appalled By The World says:

    Now that the Republicans have captured Congress they had better not blow it-they need to get out there and be a real opposition party now and stand up to Emperor Ebola. I don’t expect a rollback of all the damage done in the last 5 years nor do I expect impeachment (both WOULD be nice though) but I do expect some backbone and at least honest attempts to undo at least some of the damage.
    And I also expect the Left to be more devious and shrill than ever before. I hope the Republicans will be on guard against that.

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