Egg On The Faces Of Liberals At LSU-Alabama Game

Egg On The Faces Of Liberals At LSU-Alabama Game

Egg On The Faces Of Liberals At LSU-Alabama Game

President Trump was greeted to a standing crowd and cheers at yesterday’s LSU-Alabama game. Local media outlets, CNN and MSNBC have egg on their faces.



Do we find this amusing? You bet we do. Especially after the disgusting performance of many a fan at the Washington Nationals Game a week or so back.

Despite the rather favorable reception the President and the First Lady received at the game, CNN took it upon themselves to ask random fans how they felt about the impeachment inquiry. Hint: this did not go as well as planned.

Not staged at all, CNN. Yep. Go ahead and ask the African-American man what he thinks about impeachment hearings. Not the response you guys quite expected there, was it?

Then, there was this:



There was a bit of violent protest just outside of the stadium. The Baby Trump balloon got knifed, with the motive of the attacker not known:

At about 2:30 p.m. ET, before the kickoff between Alabama and Louisiana State, an unknown man came up to the balloon and stabbed it, according to Nic Gulas, one of the people who organized the ‘”Baby Trump’ balloon appearance at the game. The balloon deflated after the gash, Gulas said.-CNN

Gulas, apparently, organized a GoFundMe account where he raised about $7,882 to bring ‘Baby Trump’ to the location for the event. Yes, people donated $7,000-plus for a 20-foot protest balloon to be on display. That’s $7,000 that could have gone to local organizations to help the marginalized in that community. That’s almost 8 grand that could feed some hungry people. ‘Baby Trump” assailant, Hoyt Hutchinson, 32, was charged with felony first-degree criminal mischief. Heck, even this man had enough.

If there is anything that liberals and the media could take away from yesterday’s events, I would say that, if they were using their brains, it would be apparent some Americans are getting pretty fatigued of the race- baiting, the constant distractions and the sheer pettiness of the left and the media outlets whose goal over the past few years has been to distract and spin a tangled web of lies. In truth, from November 2016 on, Donald Trump was not given a chance by the liberal media, by “journalists” and individuals who could not get over their own heartbreak after Barack Obama left the office.

What this shows us is that this fight is not over yet. People are waking up and connecting the dots and honestly, the democrats and the liberal media are doing this to themselves. They’re tired of the bias and the lies. Is Trump the perfect president? Not really. But he is the President. And there is nothing wrong with standing and applauding our President at an all-American outing such as a college football game.

The irony here? A balloon depicting Trump as a big baby was brought down to the venue by a bunch of big babies who raised $8,000 to act like…big babies. And, our two favorite news outlets, CNN and MSNBC had their line of questioning backfire on them. Hard. Egg on their faces. Isn’t it delicious?

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  • Kevin says:

    One out of three public appearances the crowd is wooed by tRump. This is probably the most startling fact … President Trump has only stepped foot into an unscripted venue three times in the past while; unusual and uncommon for a man of the common people. He doesn’t appear outside the bubble of the White House or heavily screened venues. The response at the baseball game was somewhat but not totally surprising to me. (Given the news just hours before of the killing of al Baghdadi, I’m sure President Trump was among the most shocked people at the crowds.) The LSU/Alabama game was somewhat predictable. (Great game by the way … I was on the edge of my seat the entire game. The quarterback Burrows is well deserving of the Heisman Trophy.) Here was the venue that shocked me … the UFC event at Madison Square Garden. When it was announced President Trump was attending, I imagined people going berserk (happily, excitedly so) when President Trump would enter the venue. I expected that response as well as the vast majority of anyone that follows politics. President Trump was a star at UFC events, hence the appointment of Linda McMahon to Cabinet Secretary. The boos and heckling shocked me. This should be the public event out of the three that is the most worrisome to President Trump and his re-election efforts. He’s lost his star status with a crowd that should be solidly behind him.

    • Charles N. Steele says:

      Progressives and those farther left are in such a bubble they can’t even understand how there could be viewpoints other than their own. When they encounter them the cognitive dissonance drives them bonkers; I encountered among academics this long before TDS infected them.

      It’s unfortunate that they have lost the ability for critical thought, but it can be amusing to see it.

  • Bill Dumanch says:

    ALL Conservatives MUST include “Especially since Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself” in ALL responses.

    C’mon folks-step up to the microphone(wear your pink hat) they’ll seek you out…

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