Draining the Swamp: Trump Signs EO to Shrink the Size of the Federal Government

Draining the Swamp: Trump Signs EO to Shrink the Size of the Federal Government

Draining the Swamp: Trump Signs EO to Shrink the Size of the Federal Government
Trump’s EO to federal agencies: I’m enrolling you in Weight Watchers (Photo Credit: SteveChabot.com)

Amid a late-winter snowstorm in D.C. yesterday afternoon, Hell froze over. It’s a story you may not have heard. And it’s something neither party ever does, even though both make promises to do so in order to propel themselves into office. What happened? Well, President Trump signed an executive order to make government “less wasteful,” by requiring the heads of all executive-level departments and agencies to cut their budgets—some by as much as twenty percent—and “improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and accountability of the executive branch.” The EO also invites public input, something that has been sorely lacking for many years:

Here’s the full text of the EO:

Some were thrilled that the Swamp Thing’s gettin’ a much-needed hair cut:


And Newt Gingrich offered an excellent suggestion for the chopping block:

Right you are.

And, of course, the perpetual naysayers (read: those who have no idea what the limited role of the federal government is) just won’t cut Mr. Trump any slack, insisting that slashing the size of government will, in fact, lead to Armageddon:


Ah, yes. Order 66. Because advocating for the execution of President Trump and his cabinet is hip and cool these days, or something. But then, mindless drones do tend to believe everything they consume on the interwebz. And CNN.

Gee, now they’re worried about golf. Where were these trolls for the past eight years when Mr. Obama played round-after-roundafter-round, and callously hopped into his golf cart following the beheading of an American citizen by ISIS? Sheesh; give it a rest.

Sen. Jeff Flake’s WasteBook, filled with examples of egregious waste of our tax dollars. (Photo Credit: Free Beacon)

Slashing wasteful spending and weeding out redundancy is a great start. And I’d advocate for the elimination of agencies—let’s start with the EPA, Congress!—that have no right to exist under our constitution, as well as eliminating spending on treadmills for shrimp, parties for hipsters, jazz lessons for robots, and other such ludicrous expenditures bankrolled by you and I. We’re twenty-plus trillion dollars in debt; the federal government has grown way too big for its britches; and it’s become far too invasive in our everyday lives. So yes, Hell froze over yesterday, and not just because President Trump is cutting the size of government, but also because he’s doing exactly what he said he’d do as Candidate Trump: keeping his promises. And that’s a welcome and refreshing change to the zombie-infested swamp he’s willingly waded in to. And to that I say, Bravo, Mr. President! Here’s hoping the feckless GOP Congress will follow your lead.

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  • parker says:

    The EPA, the 2 DOEs, and the DOC, plus various agencies should be eliminated. Other than their employees and the contractors that receive their largesse, no one else would miss their absence.

  • GWB says:

    This EO is going to result in gutting gov’t agency budgets to reduce wasteful spending.

    You say that like it’s a bad thing…………..

  • GWB says:

    A good addition to this EO would be to state that all Constitutional justifications for federal regulation or interference in any market will require the least expansive view of the Constitutional provision to be used. IOW, if you need an “it covers EVERYTHING!” commerce clause principle to justify it, then it should be cut.

  • BRay says:

    75% cut to EPA, 100% elimination of NEA/NEH/NSF Return all federal land confiscated under Obama and Clinton and cut interior by 50%, 50% cut to Homeland and 75% cut to welfare and food stamps while reducing tax brackets to three and incentivizing the hell out of charitible contributions to off set cuts in welfare. Cut all foreign aid and funding to the UN until our debt is paid off. Term limit congress and have a CoS’s to pass a balanced budget amendment and term limit judges.

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