Doug Jones or Roy Moore: Who Will Emerge the Victor in the #Alabama Special Election?

Doug Jones or Roy Moore: Who Will Emerge the Victor in the #Alabama Special Election?

Doug Jones or Roy Moore: Who Will Emerge the Victor in the #Alabama Special Election?

The Democrats, hand in hand with their sycophants in the media, have consistently painted the South—most recently, Alabama, and before that, Virginia—with every “ism” in their increasingly small playbook. And along with Alabama, they’re chomping at the bit to paint the entirety of the GOP as supporters of pedophilia. Yet they want these same people…to cast their votes for Doug Jones.

Doug Jones (D), Roy Moore (R): Voters will choose their next senator today in Alabama’s Special Election (Photo Credit: NY Daily News)

It’s the crux of what the Alabama Special Election hinges on: will voters elect former judge, Roy Moore, despite the allegations against him? Or will they allow the seat to flip to the Democrats in uber-red Alabama? Remember, Doug Jones believes healthcare is a RIGHT, and supports unrestricted abortion, up until the moments before birth (but Mr. Moore is the “extremist.” Uh huh). So will enough Republican voters, the majority of whom support President Trump, show up to reject Jones? Or will they keep their ammo dry to fight another day?

These are questions we’ll finally have an answer to tonight. And the Democrats are going all-in in their Get Out the Vote efforts. Including race-baiting as its most grotesque. It’s the fall-back position of the Democrat party and it’s what they do in Every. Single. Election. in order to scare voters of color into voting Democrat.

Remember this?

And this?

Yep. That’s Establishment/Swamp Hack-slash-Crazy Uncle Joe—he’d like people of color in Alabama to vote Democrat—who not only has his own problems with wandering hands, but with gaffes about race that underscore the racist roots of the Democrat Party. He’s a specimen of a man who’d make Sigmund Freud proud.

And even Sen. Cory Booker has found his “black dialect,” in the tradition of Hillary Clinton, to help black voters find their way to his 2020 presidential campaign the light:

“I’m here to try and help some folk get woke!” New Jersey Democratic Sen. Cory Booker told a crowd of roughly 200 at a rally in Montgomery at Alabama State University.

Get woke to what? The failed status quo, where liberal policies continue to harm the very voters you so desperately want?

…while Charles Barkley attended a Jones rally last evening in an effort to gin up the black vote. He’s the same guy, mind you, who said this as recently as two years ago:

“Ah, well, I vote Democratic most of the time,” Barkley said. “But the democrats don’t have a candidate I really like. Neither one of the parties is doing anything for poor people. They’re both full of it. Black people have been voting for Democrats their whole life, and they’re still poor. [emphasis added] Republicans don’t do anything for poor people, either…”

But this time—THIS time—Democrats will fight for the black community, or something. With open borders. And destructive regulations. And increased taxation. Woot! Woot!

Up. Chuck.

Meanwhile, less than 48 hours before the election, yet another woman has come forward accusing Roy Moore of….something that she says included the words “pretty young thing…”

…and a command from the Worst POTUS in American history:

Yeah, that could blow up in your face, dude.

…and this wacky poll:

It’s an outlier, to say the least, though I do think it indicates that the race is tighter than some other polling suggests. It’s anyone’s guess who will wind up the victor.

Nor is this race a political windsock for the upcoming midterms. Alabama is a conservative state, and even if Doug Jones were to pull off an upset—and he just might—he won’t hold the seat for long. Nor will he be, as he insists, a voice for all in deep-red Alabama. (Quick! Someone point to an independent-minded Democrat Senator. Anyone? Bueller? See Sen. Bob Menendez as Exhibit A for what happens when Democrats dare to buck group-think.) And, really, a Democrat win could blunt the Pedophile Bludgeon with which the Democrats are poised to hammer the entire GOP leading into next years’ midterms. How’s that for hypocrisy?

But really, all this prognostication is meaningless. As Deanna pointed out here, it’s up to Alabama voters to choose. Whatever the outcome this evening, I’m certain everyone in America will be relieved to finally put a giant lid on the Alabama Special Election.

The key question is: what will be the inevitable consequences?

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  • MikeyParks says:

    I believe the allegations against Moore are false and fraudulent. But even if they were true, they were timed and presented as an obvious, malevolent manipulation of the voters. For that reason alone I wouldn’t vote for Jones.

    • Jodi Giddings says:

      Fair points, MikeyParks. I wouldn’t vote for Jones simply because he’s a Far-Left Liberal.

      • CSS says:

        Yes and yes MikeyParks and Jodi Giddings. Oh, and I happen to be an Alabama voter too :>}

        • CSS says:

          Oh, and a subtle distinction but, I didn’t just “not vote for Jones” but I did vote for Moore. Just “not voting for Jones” is only half the answer to keep him out of the Senate. At least that is what I tell all my Alabama friends who might be thinking of sitting out or “writing in” some other candidate [coughShelbycough] as some sort of virtue signal. When turnout is important, conservatives not turning out can give the election to the Far-Left Liberal and Highway 31 will have accomplished their mission.

          • Jodi Giddings says:

            Exactly right, CSS. Good luck tonight. 😉

            • CSS says:

              Good luck to us all! If the “shadow money” operatives are successful in this assassination attempt in a deep red state like Alabama it could be coming to a neighborhood near you soon ;>}

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