Did Bill Clinton Admit He Abused Women “Against Their Will?” [VIDEO]

Did Bill Clinton Admit He Abused Women “Against Their Will?” [VIDEO]

Did Bill Clinton Admit He Abused Women “Against Their Will?” [VIDEO]

And you thought James Comey’s book tour was an epic Charlie-Foxtrot. Cue Bill Clinton, who’s thus far been unable to shake the tough questions dogging him as his travels the country hawking his new, self-authored novel.

You may recall a few days ago when an NBC reporter dared to ask Mr. Clinton about the infamous Lewinsky Affair™.  And His Highness was not amused:

Well, in case that wasn’t cringe-worthy enough, Clinton answered this way when asked about former U.S. Senator, Al Franken, who was scape-goated by virtue-signaling Congressional hypocrites forced out of office on sexual harassment accusations:

Oh, I see. The NORMS have changed. Like sexual assault and abuse of power were ever OK in the Book of Norms.

Well, unless my hearing is as aged as Billy’s grotesquely hyperactive libido, I’d say that’s as close to an admission to the decades-long accusations of sexual harassment, assault, and rape against the former president as we’ll ever get.

And funny how not a one of these “woke” reporters has uttered words like “Juanita Broaddrick.” Or invited her, or any of Clinton’s other accusers, on to their talking-head shows 147 times to chat about how they were sexually assaulted by a powerful man.

And thus far…they have.

In your face, Bill Clinton: invited by then-candidate Donald Trump, Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey, and Juanita Broaddrick attended the second 2016 presidential debate. (Photo Credit: The Times)

And lest you think the media has somehow found its bravery in the wake of the #MeToo movement, think again. Because there’s a reason for their newfound, and faux, concern for those whom the former White House occupant abused. It’s called “impotence.” Pun intended.

Does anyone really believe 1) this movement would even exist had Hillary won the Oval Office? And 2) that the media would dare ask the, ahem, First Gentleman about his randy past if she had? No. Flippin’. Way. The ONLY reason they’re wading into those waters now is because the Clintons are utterly without power, influence, or attack dogs to silence their detractors. They’ve no quid pro quo to offer anyone, and they’re without the power to punish those who dare to ask the questions they should have asked back before said misogynist pig ever became president.

So, no, “courageous” media, I’m not buying what you’re selling. It’s too little, too late. It’s nothing but grandstanding for an audience who has no historical memory of what the Clintons were, and still are. And we have you all, and the feminists who excused the Clintons’ abhorrent behavior all those years ago—and still do—to thank for that ignorance, too.

But one thing is certain: going forward, the Clinton name should be as shunned as the name “Harvey Weinstein.” And hopefully Bill’s own words will wake some of those still sloshed on the Clinton Myth out of their drunken stupor. Because there’s a reason the lot of them were BFFs, and it has nothing to do with fiction.

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