Cheers And Selfies With Kim Jong-Un Are Why We Can’t Have Nice Things [VIDEO]

Cheers And Selfies With Kim Jong-Un Are Why We Can’t Have Nice Things [VIDEO]

Cheers And Selfies With Kim Jong-Un Are Why We Can’t Have Nice Things [VIDEO]

You know there is something seriously out of whack in the world when one of the most tyrannical dictators to ever grace this planet is cheered like a rock star. Think I’m joking? 

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un received a superstar’s welcome in Singapore on Monday, where his arrival was greeted by cheers and shouts of “Mr. Kim! Mr. Kim!” The reception is particularly startling as Kim is heavily criticized by international bodies and human rights organizations for running “one of the most repressive authoritarian states in the world.”

No, that wasn’t particularly startling…that was SICKENING. And yes, that actually happened.

Another angle:

Not only that, but people such as Singapore’s Foreign and Education ministers (who should definitely know better!) took SELFIES with the evil little despot!

While some think that perhaps those cheering were some of the North Korean cheerleaders from the Olympics – remember them?

Another plausible explanation for a dictator’s rock star welcome is this.

As noted here, Kim Jong-Un is a dictator who has continued the work his father and grandfather started. That of beating down their citizens, throwing them into prisons if they step out of line, starving them, and cutting them off from the world.

North Koreans and people like Otto Warmbier have died because of North Korea’s brutality. 

Olivia Enos of the U.S.-based Heritage Foundation is urging Trump to not ignore rights concerns. She dismisses Kim’s late-night activities in Singapore as part of a months-long “charm offensive” aimed at cultivating good international press.

“It’s important to remember who we are dealing with. The same guy enjoying late night lights on the waterfront at Marina Bay is the same guy who murdered his brother in Malaysia, killed his uncle Jang Song-thaek, and imprisons between 80,000 and 120,000 people in brutal prison camps,” Enos says. “No amount of normal activities can undo that truth.”

Exactly. But the media doesn’t care about that. All they care about is going all fanboy/girl over a dictator and his evil sister, thus playing right into their hands.

I’m pretty sure the gambit here is that Kim just wants to play nice in the sandbox and Trump is the bully.

The narrative has been set. The media has decided that one of the most brutal dictators in the world is the Cool Kid on the Block. North Korea is cleaning up in the propaganda sweepstakes this week. Which is exactly why we can’t have nice things.

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  • CraterMaker says:

    I’m sure some of it is from people enamored of power, but surely most of it is a “charm offensive” – part of the carrot, so to speak. Any tool to bring some measure of dignity to the people of North Korea, some measure of relief, is a useful tool.

    If we aren’t going to militarily correct the situation, or ignore it, well… We will see if it brings results. It’s certainly stranger than fiction.

  • geek49203 says:

    Khrushchev comes to the USA, 1959. Ring a bell? Nothing new here.

  • lehnne says:

    maintaining the militant status quo rather than buying the guy off with celebrity will be much better for the North Korean people ?

  • Ib1netmon says:

    I agree with the first three posts – a little approbation is cheaper than bullets and blood. Lets see if it works.

  • Eskyman says:

    I’m disappointed. This is exactly what the people at Huffpo, the NYT, WaPo, CNN and “the usual suspects” have been saying: Trump’s a fool, Kim’s playing him, it’d be far better to just drop a nuke on the Norks, and anything’s better than giving Kim a way out of war. The angle isn’t “Kim’s a rockstar,” but “Trump’s a fool, and he’ selling us out.” Some even wonder if Trump expects to build a hotel as soon as the peace treaty is signed; that’s said in deadly earnest, because Trump is an evil madman, in it for money; he’s even more dangerous than Kim. Everybody knows that, right?

    Yes, Kim’s a murderous dictator. I guess we should just let him continue to be one, and glare at him while his people starve, China laughs, and the South Koreans live in fear of devastation. Can’t let Trump get any credit, nor Kim!

    We just loves the Status Quo! Keep that 38th Parallel shiny, and shoot ’em all if they try anything! After all, it’s worked just fine for the last 70 years, hasn’t it? Let’s keep it up forever!

    Sorry, I expected better from VictoryGirls. This isn’t up to your standards.

    Here’s another theory: (Someone) took out N. Korea’s nuclear testing facility, (Rods from God?) leaving a huge deep smoking hole; over 200 nuke technicians and an unknown number of military generals got killed when this happened; Kim the dicator was actually Kim the puppet, doing what those military generals wanted him to do, under threat of death- and who saw what happened to his half-brother, and was even made to take the “credit” for that murder. Kim saw an opportunity to break the shackles he’d been held in because he saw that Trump could be trusted. Dennis Rodman, of all people, told him that; and Kim trusted Rodman, who was the only friend he’d ever had without some ulterior purpose. Not one of the many past presidents we’ve had in many decades could be trusted, especially not Obama (and I shudder to think of what President Hillary would have done- remember her cackling, “We came, we saw, he died,” about Gadaffi?)

    I reckon Kim Jong Un wants to be a world leader with the opportunity to see people besides his brainwashed subjects; to eat at fancy restaurants; to travel (he was educated in Switzerland, remember;) to enjoy being a rich, influential man. Hard to show off in a country where everyone is starving and has nothing! This is his chance to be recognized as a Great Man (“Kim Jong Un made peace, and stopped the Korean War!”) and Trump is wise enough to allow him to save face! Face is all-important!

    There are lots of things to be worked out, this is only just begun. Still, there’s now a better chance for a peaceful outcome of the Korean War than there has been since the cease-fire was signed, and I’m delighted about that!

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