Democrats: The True Bullies In The Election Equation

Democrats: The True Bullies In The Election Equation

Democrats: The True Bullies In The Election Equation

Some of you may have already seen some videos of a few unhinged Democrats over the years. The following is one of the more recent viral videos of one of ’em in Virginia coming at a Republican poll greeter in (very blue) Northern Virginia.

If you haven’t seen it, here it is for your viewing pleasure:

How much do we want to wager the white guy in the tortoise-shell glasses hopped in that Prius?

One may think that these folks, folx, f–ks-whatever-(I know, I used folks, call me a racist), get dog-tired of repeating their irrational ramblings at the opposing side but, as always, Democrats stay true to their mascot, who is, appropriately, a jackass. Here is what this moron had to say. Let’s start with this:

You f–kng people tried to overthrow the election.”

But, sir, (if you prefer to be called a “sir”), did we? By the “you f-king people”, I am guessing you mean anyone who did not vote blue down-ballot in 2020. No, man (you are a man, right?), I did not try to throw any election. I sat in my home and carefully and prayerfully cast my ballot. And, if we want to really talk about overthrowing elections, let’s harken back to the events leading up to January 6th. There were petty impeachment attempts that cost American taxpayers how much? Then, there was COVID. Then, came the shutdowns which brought our economy to a screeching halt and kicked our kids out of school. Then, came the summer riots. All perfect elements in a cocktail that stirred up more hate and division in our nation and polarized people to extreme sides of this division.

So, who started it? It was not us f-cking people.

But, white man-child who voted Blue was not done, here:

You expect me not to take that f–king personally? You f–king try to overthrow elections with violence and then you’re out here among decent people? What do you have to say to that?”

What’s on your f–king … policy prescriptions? F–king rapists’ rights. Involving yourself in people’s f–king families and their f–king bedrooms. You f–king animal.”

Let’s Jen Psaki this back around, dude. Rapists rights? If we really want to talk “rapists rights”, why don’t you go and visit the main school district office of Loudoun county and ask some questions? And, as far as involving ourselves in people’s (f-king) families, the Democrats did a fine job of this when they stirred up hysteria and told us not to “gather” over the COVID holidays because “we might kill grandma“. When it comes to “involving ourselves in people’s (f-king) bedrooms”? Which party has really made a fair amount of their platform about sex and sexualizing everyone on the face of this earth? Which party proudly fondled their physically altered bodies in front of The White House this past June?

And, who are the true animals here?

In truth,animals are better. Don’t liken any of us humans to animals. My cats and my puppy are better than this foul-mouthed chucklehead, who took a picture of the poll greeter and called him a “sh-tbird”.

Try not to be buddy-buddy with these people because they put on the face of a good neighbor, but they support lynch mobs and the KKK, or they’re f–king Bible-beating bigots and freaks.”

Yep. A bunch of Bible-thumping freaks, we are. And y’all are so educated with your vernacular of various and sundry f-bombs. The more intelligent party. The party of science.

Despite being saddled with history’s oldest, feeblest, most incompetent, dishonest, venal and unpopular president, Dems have managed to derange their voters into submission by bombarding them with hate propaganda branding Republicans ‘white supremacists,’ ‘insurrectionists,’ ‘domestic violence extremists’ or ‘ultra-MAGA’ and ‘semi-fascists,’ as Joe Biden likes to call them.”-Miranda Devine, The New York Post

Blue voters have been bullied into submission by a man who cannot string words together to form a coherent sentence most of the time. They shout platitudes on repeat and think these empty talking points actually make them sound like educated intellectuals. And, yes, Democrats do indeed love to engage in their name-calling. They do it every single time someone tries to come at their talking points with logic and an alternative opinion. Hell, they do this even if you don’t challenge their opinions or provoke them.

Sounds like bullying to me.

As a kid who was bullied for some time in my younger years and who watched my son get bullied for a spell, the one thing I hate is a bully. Democrats, the ones who spread the kindness like damn confetti, the ones who say “love is love” and want “stop the genocide” and who say “All Are Welcome Here”, will gladly throw a few unkind, sometimes unprovoked f-bombs at you. They will sever all relationships with family members and longtime friends who are not Democrats. They will argue for killing children upon conception and for terrorists beheading innocent children across the ocean. They will gladly “unfriend” you or “uninvite” you to eat at their table at the slightest provocation but invite sexual deviancy into their homes and in front of your children. They can dish it all out but cannot take it when one fires back.

We’re not victims here. The best way to stand up to a bully is to fight back. And it’s time we examine who the real bully is in the here and now. Gloves off.

Photo Credit: Original Artwork by VG, Darleen Click

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  • GWB says:

    Woops! Your “Continue Reading” didn’t cut the text off on the front page.

  • GWB says:

    Blue voters have been bullied into submission by a man who cannot string words together to form a coherent sentence most of the time.
    Honestly, when these folks go unhinged and can’t even see the most obvious points of reality, I find that I sometimes have a temporary inability to string together a coherent sentence, too. The willful ignorance and childish argumentation astounds one to the point of disbelief.

    BTW, if you are going anywhere that you might encounter these sorts of people, might I suggest you wear a body cam? For safety, and so you can post this sort of thing for all the world to see.

    And, if evolution brings us to Progressivism as the pinnacle of human achievement… can we stop the train before we reach the end, maybe? ‘Cause I wanna get off.

  • Cameron says:

    These people fantasize about using violence but don’t realize that we can and will fight back.

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