Democrats Are Back In Love With Executive Orders [VIDEO]

Democrats Are Back In Love With Executive Orders [VIDEO]

Democrats Are Back In Love With Executive Orders [VIDEO]

Remember the hue and cry on the left when President Trump issued an executive order to rescind President Obama’s executive order on DACA? Or when Trump issued an executive order that was dubbed “the travel ban” and Democrats repeatedly went to court to try and block it? Boy, the left sure hated executive orders! They were terrible! Trump was a dictator!

The Democrats are now pulling their best Emily Litella impersonation, and DEMANDING that Trump “fix” the separation of families at the border by executive fiat.

No, seriously.

Chuck Schumer must be going senile, because he decried Trump’s use of executive orders just months ago.

Really, can someone do and health-and-wellness check on the Democrat leadership?

The only reason that Schumer and the Democrat leadership is demanding that Trump make a fix by issuing an EO is because they want Trump to own whatever happens next. Congress would be the more lawful actor in this situation, as they could, oh, I dunno, PASS A NEW LAW that the courts would then have to take into consideration. But Schumer actually refused to consider legislation.

Senator Ted Cruz’s bill is the bill being discussed here, which is a clean bill that addresses this one issue. Schumer, despite saying “legislation was not the answer,” co-sponsored Dianne Feinstein’s incredibly badly written bill.

This craziness may just backfire on the Democrats.

But regardless, the attempt by the Democrats to make Trump own this mess by executive action, after decrying his previous EOs, and also abdicating their own Constitutional responsibility to fix the issue, is pretty shamtastic. It also speaks volumes as to how much THEY care about what is actually happening on the border.

If you want to fix this, Schumer and company, support Cruz’s bill. Do your jobs!

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  • Johnny says:

    I can’t decide.
    When Chuck wears his glasses like that, is he trying to appear myopic, cretinous or very, very drunk?

  • Scott says:

    Dems do their jobs??? surely you jest!

  • Dan says:

    I remember the hue and cry from Republicans when Obama was writing EOs. Where are they now?

  • Meanwich Stinkburger says:

    Who will take care of Chuck’s mansion? That large lawn won’t mow itself.
    Chuckie is too old now to mop and clean the mansion.
    Without a permanent underclass of third world turds who will never contribute anything how will the commiecrats ever win another election?

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